The Value of Conservative Blogs

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I’m called on the carpet (by Brighid and others) from time to time for blogging instead of doing. While blogs are small individually, they do maintain a collective value in that they:
  1. Establish a permanent record that not all Americans were sheep, willingly led to the slaughter.
  2. Not all Americans drank Obama’s Kool Aid. There is another version of history and we are it.
  3. It’s an alternative to the Mainstream Media, which has become irrelevant.
  4. It’s an outreach so that we all know that we are not alone. And while Bill Clinton referred to blogging as a “vast right wing conspiracy”, there is no conspiracy to it. It’s a matter of exercising First Amendment Rights while we still have them.

16 thoughts on “The Value of Conservative Blogs

  1. We're out there.

    The USGOV is spending a lot of effort monitoring the Internet. Blogs such as yours do end up on the radar both in Washington DC and in hometowns.

    It's important not to be a bystander.

  2. For many, blogging is the only way they can "DO". with family priorities, jobs, etc., in other words trying to survive many have scant time for anything else. At least in blogging, there is a chance this way they are possibly heard and in turn someone might listen to those who are usually ignored.

  3. and it is also wonderfully cheap therapy for those of being driven mad by the current socioeconomicpolitical climate in America

  4. I blog to get it off my chest. 4 or 5 people read, and 3 of those live in my house. No matter. That misses the point. I could do more for my blog…but I am "do"ing other things.

  5. LOL…Oh My, must have hit a nerve to be singled out among others…

    Regards, from The Twit on the planet of quit bitch'n & getter' done!
    PS: With permission – So borrowing that Awesome poster.

  6. I was under the impression that you already are quite a "do-er". I don't understand what it is that they want you to do? Also, if something were to happen to you or your health, would not other step in and "do"? Why are THEY not doing just that right now?

  7. Being different and thinking within what one feels right is a better thing to do than following something that's hard to believe.

  8. There are more important things that one can do than to blog…but it's nice to have a place to vent.

  9. Thank you, Sir. I hold you in high esteem and never intended to overly offend.
    Being articulate is not my strength, misconstrued is a frequent happening, and I'm no wiser in the process.

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