Islamic Terrorist – A Pardon in the Works?

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Yes, of course, the bomber was a Muslim. Trump was right, Clinton was wrong – – as usual. Who else sets off pressure cooker IED’s? It’s a cottage industry. It’s what the savages do, etc. Nobody is surprised with the exception of Hillary and Barack.
Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man sought in connection with weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey, was taken into custody after a shootout with police on this morning.

(Fox News) An eyewitness to Rahami’s capture in Linden, NJ told Fox News that he saw a man walking down a street with a gun in his hand. A police car pulled up next to him and the man fired at cops 4-6 times. The shooter then began running down the street with several police cars trailing him.

Why didn’t the police kill him? Are they completely incompetent?
It’s not as though in cases of obvious terrorism that enhanced interrogation can be used. He will invoke the Fifth Amendment, get a lawyer and in a few years there will be a trial, which is his right. 
OR the police could have saved the taxpayers the trouble. To me it speaks to a lack of adequate training.
A terrorist bomber opens fire on the police and they shoot to wound? These are the police, not the FBI. They should have ended him. Since the FBI are taking marching orders from Hillary these days, I don’t know how they would have handled it.
Will Barack pardon Ahmad Khan Rahami on his way out of office? Who knows? He’s been pardoning a lot of black crack dealers, he’s pushing to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay (and wants to hand the base back to the Cuban government, an enemy of the USA). Why not pardon a terrorist that lights off one bomb and plans to detonate several others? Mosts of the terrorists/enemy combatants who Barack released from Gitmo returned to the fight. There’s a pattern here, and a precedent for Ahmad that might work in his favor since the New Jersey police spared him.

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  1. Two officers were shot by the terrorist.

    But they winged him and left it at that. The police officers in San Bernardino CA were less forgiving of the Muslims who shot at them after slaughtering 30 innocent people at a Christmas party.

  2. I don't think they are allowed to shoot to kill any more, right? Muslim lives matter, don't they?

    Quite frankly, they all need to go back to the firing range. We said the same thing after watching a cop show of some sort tonight where nine or so officers were firing and they only hit the perp once with a flesh wound.

    Be safe and God bless, all.

  3. A progressive person would respond by calling you a racist, islamophobic and deplorable…without acknowledging the lack of victim families in the "forgive the killers" crowd.

  4. I think that the blame has shifted during the election to Trump. Hillary blames Trump for everything that went wrong while she was Secretary of State and responsible for Obama's foreign policy (disasters).

  5. BUT-BUT-BUT doesn't everyone fear his red lines?

    I always considered them terrifying. When he started drawing them on the map, I fled to a safe space and poured a cup of cocoa, and melted some marshmallows in it.

  6. It's not as though in cases of obvious terrorism that enhanced interrogation can be used. He will invoke the Fifth Amendment, get a lawyer and in a few years there will be a trial, which is his right. OR the police could have saved the taxpayers the trouble. To me it speaks to a lack of adequate training.

    For France, I have a certain preference for what you call "incompetent".

    Tax payers over here seem to be under the impression that Young Earth Creationism, when not coupled to Evangelical Protestantism which is Pacifist, is a contributing factor to Terrorism.

    In Norway police at first moment incompetently announced that Breivik was a Christian Fundie. No, he is a Christendom identitarian, but wants YEC outlawed in school, for instance. Not a believing Christian.

    But what about Coulibaly, Mohammed Merah, the brothers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, then?

    They were all shot dead, so it can't be verified what they thought about the question.

    If they had been taken alive, as with Breivik, there might have been some kind of correction to the kind of YEC-suspecting quasi paranoïa which tries to link terrorism to YEC and Fundie positions.

    All of them had for instance gone to French schools. Which are heavily Evolutionist, on top of being religiously mixed.

  7. I would think that after two officers were shot that the rest would take better aim. Apparently not.

    Remediation is definitely called for.

  8. In this case, the police had a solid understanding of the cell, of its membership and possibly of their intentions pre-blast. Taking this one member out of the gene pool wouldn't necessarily change what information was available or could be readily obtained. Breivik was more of an unknown quantity to the Norwegians. Apples/Oranges in this instance.

  9. "They need to put more veterans on the force who are accustomed to killing those people for a living."

    There are plenty out there who would be happy to kill them for a hobby.

  10. I posted, and then I read your blog. It is lack of training.

    The terrorist was seeking some shut-eye in the doorway of a closed bar because the FBI was kicking in every door he had ever been associated with (…some not so recent, but the taxpayers will pay for new doors…) and he likely had been awake since he sent his Afghan wife and child out of the country days before the bombings. But, as I was just about to catch some shut-eye myself, I heard on Fox News the reports that he had been located…and had been shot in the leg. It is training. Nothing has amazed me more in the last 10 years than seeing the lack of training of police officers. I am not talking about intent, I am sure those cops intended to stop the threat, to kill him, to save their own lives and the lives of others – but they did not have the skill set, because they do not spend the time training.

    It is so ironic, there were cops all over the place with M4s slung, head on a swivel. I thought for sure he was going to pop out of one of those rooms, cars, etc., and become a bullet trap. I have heard it several different ways, but I believe those guys thought they were responding to a vagrant, and only identified him as he got up. If that is true, it is my (and your) point exactly, training.

  11. the police had a solid understanding of the cell,

    Or thought so.

    I still recall how Norwegian police, due to Breivik's nostalgia for Templars (of all things!) considered him a Fundie.

    Judges and media may need some info police think they already understand or do not need.

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