The Donald

He’s running for the Republican nomination and it is his to lose. I don’t think that anyone doubted that he’d run, but the wind beneath his wings is thinner this time. He’ll need to flap harder (and some would say smarter) if he plans to keep his altitude.

Former VP Pence announced that he’s running as well. Pence is about as exciting as warm green Jell-O. He did well in Indiana as a politician but his success outside of his state was due to Pres. Trump.


Bullet Points

* Polish Missile Strikes – What goes up must come down.

* I’ve watched the home videos of the Dallas Airshow Crash and it still looks as if that B-17 was deliberately rammed. I could be wrong, but it’s tough to chalk that one up to “pilot error”.

* “Xi humiliates Trudeau as he is caught on camera tearing strips off Canadian PM that their conversation at G20 ‘has been leaked to the papers…it’s not appropriate.”  Trudeau,  called “that miserable queer” in Chinese circles, is not well respected in the East. Of course, neither is FJB.

* State Farm Insurance – We all witnessed the purge of the white actor who played “Jake, from State Farm” on TV commercials and his replacement by an inner-city person. Any bets on how long it takes State Farm to eliminate the inner-city male and replace “him” with a transitioning person?

* The order “strike sail” means to lower or take down yards. During disagreements with the captain, disgruntled sailors would sometimes strike or remove the sails until their demands were met, giving us the phrase “to go on strike”.

* In Brazil – This is how it’s done: Over 3 million Brazilians filled the streets on Republic Day yesterday, Nov. 15, to protest the stolen elections. The party of President Jair Bolsonaro presented its report and announced it will apply to have the election annulled since the results could not be validated.

* In Arizona – Note that the machines worked fine the night before. Immediate failure the next day (Election Day) and only in high Republican areas. Voters were given only bad options for their ballots. And the technician didn’t arrive till 3-4 pm to address this urgent problem.  It’s time for a do-over in Maricopa County – paper ballots, no mail-in voting on December 6.

* Democrats and FTX – Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill who sits on the House Financial Services Committee hired the brother of the head of the bankrupt cryptocurrency company FTX, potentially raising ethical questions.

Gabe Bankman-Fried, the younger brother of  FTX CEO Samuel Bankman-Fried, went to work in January 2019 for Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill. Rep. Casten was named that same month to the House Financial Services Committee, which oversees the regulation of cryptocurrency and hedge funds, among other matters. Gabe Bankman-Fried remained employed for two years on the House staff, according to his LinkedIn profile. The website Legistorm, which tracks members of Congress and their staffers, says he worked for Casten.  The Los Angeles TimesNBC NewsPolitico, and other news organizations have reported that Sam Bankman-Fried, 30, is Gabe Bankman-Fried’s older brother.


  1. I’d forgotten that original Jake is white. (Apparently his name is actually Jake Stone and he really worked for State Farm.) Patty Morris, Asst VP for Marketing and Brand for State Farm, explains that white Jake is gone because they had to get a “real actor” since the role is so demanding. Plus,
    “The Jake character embodies all of us at State Farm,” she added. “Jake isn’t a call center rep or an agent or claims rep. He transcends job titles. He represents who we are as a company—a helpful humanization of what a good neighbor should be. He can be any race or gender.”

    So if he can be any race then how did he end up Black? You’d think the odds of Jake being Black would be about 13% (and 5% chance Jake is Asian/Pacific Islander, 2% Jewish, you get the picture). Guess we just got lucky to hit that one-in-eight chance. Besides, Jake is “coded white”. He dresses in a sweater (of all things), has a meek office job, and speaks standard American English. His name ain’t Jake, it’s “Tom”! Jake needs to speak AAVE and shed his slave name.

    • State Farm is too big to stay off the SAG-AFTRA radar, so it was likely very much in its interest to use a union pro, lest they be blacklisted by all signatories, which includes the US networks. That the replacements are diverse is but a bonus.

      • An inner-city totem reminds me that State Farm is not for me. I changed banks once because of their new, woke, totem. I use USAA for insurance needs. If for some reason, I wanted to switch, I wouldn’t choose State Farm.

        • I actually have State Farm insurance. Had a good agent, and when she retired, got transferred to another good agent. Not messing with local success. Now if New Jake had him some pimp thredz and talk like a real brotha then I might have to switch. But “Uncle” Jake is, as I said, “coded white”.

          On the subject of totems, REI (which had already strayed into annoying) is now heavily pushing “Outdoor Afro” which is some sort of social engineering (and grift) promoting outdoorsy negroes. That said, REI is on the lagging end of the trend. “Outdoorsy Lifestyle” brands ranging from Lands End to Orvis have been featuring wildly disproportionate numbers of negro models (hiking, fly fishing, free climbing) in their clothing catalogs for quite a few years now. Because those are totally activities that negroes, especially urban negroes, frequently partake in. It’s as goofy as depicting Chinamen as rappers and NASCAR drivers.

          • Companies are free to select totems that represent their clientele. I am likewise free to look at those clients and resolve that they are nothing like “me” and to take my business elsewhere.

            Yes, they Uncle Tom’d the new Jake. State Farm is too woke for me. I’m sure that they wouldn’t accept my money, so I’ll stay with USAA.

          • It’s a winning move for REI, going to a demographic with a high tendency to be freezing at 65 degrees, who will then want to buy a parka and some ski pants to survive. Maybe some layers too. Everyone knows layers are important. Where else would we get eggs?

            I wear shorts all Winter, so am not really a good target market for their Antarctic Exploration Wear, which people inexplicably buy to drive to the mall in. I have also never found that I require a pair of titanium, inconel and carbon fiber telescoping sticks to walk up a mild incline, or a 3 gallon electrolyte hydration system backpack to survive wandering into the back yard on the way to my car. I do sometimes buy gloves there, now that Eastern Mountain Sports has gone the way of most stores that I liked.


          • I have bought various items at REI – carabiners, the odd article of clothing, climbing rope, etc. over the years. They took an extreme position on the plague and made shopping there miserable and I stopped even going in and window shopping. Locally there is an REI located next to a restaurant where I get a sandwich from time and I’d do a pass-through because of the location. Not any more.

          • With a pile of online options for gear there’s no need to wheel thru REI in town, paying full retail. This race push in all of life’s arena’s in order to normalize all relational permutations belies the fact that young American’s are the most ever overweight and out of shape. Maybe they need to make a “black” or “rainbow” colored Xbox. Yeah…that’ll fix the problem.

          • Woman love a man in a Stetson. But for the soy latte’ crowd it’s about Instagram hits, not function…the extreme long oval would fly off in a slight breeze, they’d be chasing their expensive hat all day instead of working. (Never did figure why Hollywood had Bob Lee Swagger sport a pony tail in the Wyoming hills, don’t recall that in the book.)

  2. It is time to require in person voting where each voter as they vote has to dip their right thumb into a dye that that weeks to wear off. There are too many election irregularities that have sudden spikes in the numbers that always favor the democrats.

    • Every time I read about these voting oddities in the election I think of a picture I saw of an Iraqi woman who just voted and had her thumb dipped in purple ink, she was proud! With the thumb like that you won’t vote twice.

      • We can fix the voting problem easily. Bring ID, vote once, paper ballots, and fingerprint when you sign the register to get your ballot.

  3. State Farm.
    I’ve had them for years only because of an agent and his staff. Saving a few bucks a years isn’t worth it. When I contact the agency my needs are taken care of immediately with no excuses and no delays. In today’s world, that service is hard to find. State Farm itself? Pffft!

    President Trump? His age is a concern. RINOs and Democrats are just different faces on the same counterfeit coin. Of course they hate him.

  4. The media tried to say the B-17 struck the P-63 in its blind spot. Huh? The P-63 joined / impacted in a left turn from behind that would have filled its canopy with B-17, so yes, it seems like it might have been deliberate.

    Then again, it could also have been a vaxxident if the pilot lost useful consciousness while pulling a couple G’s in the maneuver.

        • I retract the murder comment.
          I very recently was disciplined for an incident at work deemed careless by those who don’t know my job or how it’s done.
          My fellow engineers don’t feel I engaged in any carelessness or wrongdoing.
          But I caused a coil of steel to drop to the floor from an uncoiler.
          Stuff happens, and it happens so fast there is no turning back.
          A decision is made with unforeseen consequences.
          At least my activity did not endanger life. although my manager portrayed that I did.
          I doubt that p63 pilot intended to kill anyone.

          • Flight in crowded airspace and more so at an air show requires choreography. We’ll find out about the postmortem when the FAA completes its investigation.

  5. I would wonder what the reason for ramming the B-17 would be. Most of these guys fly because of their respect for the aircraft and their history. Hopefully the FAA will find a cause. If it is that the pilot of the P-63 lost consciousness the reason won’t be because of the COVID Vaccine: too politically incorrect.

    USAA is not the cheapest but they have always provided quick, excellent service regardless of what country I happened to be in.

    I’m truly hopeful that the Polish missile strikes will not be used as a fig leaf for invoking Article 5 and starting WWIII.

  6. If I were to vote for Trump(thought he did well the first time), it would be because all the wrong types of people are so against him. Have to wait and see if anything comes out of the wash between now and then.
    State Farm – when they started supporting the several-sigma-points-off-the-charts weirdos, we switched to a regional group and saved money while doing so. Checked the regional group out beforehand, and they had a good reputation.
    If the P-63 pilot did lose control because of the vax, all we’ll hear is that he died/blacked out suddenly. Read somewhere that one benefit of being a conspiracy theorist is that you are much less apt to die of Suddenly.

  7. The B-17 never saw the P-63, and the P-63 had lost SA on where the B-17 was, since it was a low wing airplane and no visibility down and forward. The impact was just aft of the main wing root, center fuselage…

    • My thoughts too. In a steep, tight, climbing turn the P-63 would’ve had an enormous blind spot under his nose.

      My Dad told me about watching two P-39’s in his squadron coming into land, one above and behind the other, and neither one of them could see the other. The second guy’s prop chewed through the canopy of the first guy, killing him.

      • i saw it from another angle and it was clear the b17 was crossing under the p63 so he was never able to see the bomber. just a tragic accident.

        • Getting the angle right in terms of viewing is critical. Who was controlling those aircraft in the tight Dallas flight control area? I’m sure that FAA and NTSB will sort all of it out. What a mess.

          • The planes participating in an air show are following choreographed flight tracks and certain local airport procedures. They are not controlled as such by an ATC radar or tower operator.

            The Air Boss is supposed to insure that the choreographed flights are flown as planned and to direct changes if required. As noted above by RHT 447, Juan Browne has the best unwrapping of the accident, but briefing items, altitude restrictions and such are still to be made public. Juan gets things correct without lots of emotion or guessing.

    • President Trump operates on in READY – FIRE – AIM mode a lot of the time, and at 80 years of age, I’m sure that his tolerance for BS is lower than maybe it should be when you consider that he has two years of hard campaigning ahead. The pattern of attacking “Little Marco” Rubio, “Mama’s Boy” (JEB!) Bush and other Republicans last time he ran was overlooked because of the circumstances of the primary. A lot of people in the USA want to return to normal life – without the government conspiring against them. They just want to live and let live. They are tired of woke. They don’t want to hate their neighbors.

      • I’m thinking he wanted to be first in to upset the apple cart, mess with everyone (Hey, turnabout is fair play…they relentlessly screwed with the guy before, during, and after.) I did not want him to run. Could be solely ego. Or…it could be that which drives one last attempt to right the heeled-over ship as he DOES love America, and by all accounts appears healthy and energetic. Plus, he’s been to the puppet show and seen the strings. But he’s not a young man and that gives credence to maintain the ancients in charge, like Mr. Kin-Tuck-ee MCConnell. Geez…that clown is like that piece of TP stuck to the bottom of your shoe leaving the men’s room.

        The DeSantis stuff is a smokescreen. Doubtful he will run in 2024, but I’d vote for him if he did.


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