Bitcoin fell over 50% in value from its peak, and critics continue to question its intrinsic value. I don’t hate bitcoin, but, old man that I am, I prefer gold. Pay me in gold and I’ll decide what to do from there.


Bosch Legacy (TV Series)

This is a follow-on to the Bosch TV Series Crime Drama that stretched seven seasons and was a hit. I enjoyed the original series and watched the first four episodes of Bosch Legacy.

Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch has retired from LAPD and works as a private investigator. Defense attorney Honey “Money” Chandler, has him work on some cases for her. His daughter Maddie navigates her first days as a patrol officer with the LAPD, working from Hollywood Station, where her father used to be assigned.

The series took a couple of episodes to get its legs but I think that it will be as good as the original series. I did not work for LAPD but I worked a lot with LAPD-OCID (Organized Crime Intelligence Division) I got along well with the guys but LAPD has a vibe all its own and the series nailed it.

Some of the more beloved characters from the original series make appearances (Crate & Barrel, etc.) and there are new characters as well. It’s worth watching.



If you aren’t armed

the lion is comfortably one rung above you on the food chain…


Conspicuously Absent

Is the paint peeling off of Russia’s “Doomsday” Ilyushin Il-80? (Look at the communications dome)


Answering a Cupid Stunt Meme

– Yes, child support should start at 6 weeks. The challenge is proving paternity that early. As early as you can prove paternity safely, go for it!

– The Constitution does specifically list birth as the time at which citizenship (not personhood) is established. It would be reasonable to say that the preborn child is a citizen of whatever country his or her mother is a citizen of at least until the child is born. That says nothing about the child’s personhood because obviously, you don’t have to be a citizen to be a person.

– If an insurance company wants to sell policies insuring preborn children, I could see that. But the purpose of life insurance is to replace the income of the person who died. Usually, when you buy a life insurance policy for a child, the intent is that you are investing in that policy so the child can have it when they grow up. If you wanted to start that process at 6 weeks, that’s fine – but I would understand the company that says you can’t collect more than x amount before the child turns, say, 18. Perhaps before that point, you would collect a lower amount that would help with funeral costs and final medical expenses.

To me, this is a free market issue – if a company wants to offer a policy like this, I see no reason why not! Granted, you would also be inviting investigators to look into your miscarriage whose job would be to prove you caused it so the company wouldn’t have to pay out. I thought we didn’t want women who miscarry to be interrogated, but it’s not a problem to do that if that’s what liberals want.

There are real conversations to be had about what a society looks like when it values human life from conception, but rather than having that conversation the progs try to use it as a gotcha. It’s getting old.


On Dynasties

The ancient Egyptian god Set tried to prove his dominance by having sex with Horus. However, Horus threw Set’s semen into a river and spread his own on some lettuce (Set’s favorite food). After eating the lettuce, Horus used the fact that his semen was inside Set to become ruler of Egypt.

Yes, it’s the oldest trick in the book and was a rookie mistake on Set’s part.

The Bush Family might well have learned from the lesson from antiquity – there’s no way to know – but they still only managed three generations like the Kennedys. As I wrote (caption), you can believe it or not.


  1. i put an “i did that” biden sticker on the gas pump, then i went around to the other pumps and offered a sticker to the person there. they all took one with an evil grin. there is hope yet for America. that said, i’m still watching for the gestapo raid to arrive, “let the bodies hit the floor” cued up and ready.

    • I see those stickers everywhere. A relative works for Flying J and at her site they have given up removing them (Casper, WY). Too bad, depending on your point of view, most are made in China.

      • There is a certain unholy glee I get when I fill up to the pumps and see Creepy Joe and the Ho taking credit for overpriced fuel that is creating so much pain in America.

        Some of our problems as a nation are not the fault of the government, but most are. I look back fondly to the Trump years. Imagine what four more years of Trump with a Republican Congress (That wasn’t attacking and undermining him the way that Ryan and Bohner did).

  2. Child support starting at six weeks? Ignoring the paternity question, what’s the support that a fetus in utero requires? One percent of what a teenager would require?

    Certainly no support is needed for clothing or school expenses. Food? It’s like that old line they used to say, “you’re eating for two.” No, at six weeks, you’re eating for more like 1.01.

    Child support seems to be regarded as punishment of fathers by “the system”. Professor Chapman only reinforces that idea.

    • In the African American community, roughly 80% of children are born without a father in the home.

      • LL, isn’t that because our laws say that the father can’t live in the home if you want to collect bucks from Uncle Sugar Daddy?

          • Time to shut it down, cold turkey. Force the leaches to get off the couch and take responsibility and quit getting paid to have new Democrats.

            Today the bums added Ukraine to the Welfare roles, $40 Billion.

  3. Mental, that one. And she teaches law huh. Does she even realize her employer is named after a couple of white supremacists?

    If she’s what passes for intellect on that side of the chasm it’s no wonder The Left can justify ignoring the law when they choose while wielding it as a hammer to any opposition. Just another arrogant SJW moron who thinks she’s a genius.

    • An old biker chick who helped me do repos ran a cafeteria at that institution for many years. She kept her political views to herself. Good thing, she can do an educated political rant for an hour nonstop. Her opinion of academia, if published on Falsebook, would get her banned forever.

      • The academic system has grown into a massive scam. I don’t think of education as a scam but the way that it’s run.

        John D (Norway) who comments here sometimes and I worked on a project at the University of North Texas (Denton). I hung with LSP at times during that period because he lived in the area. The project was marked by corruption and a full professor ended up getting bit because of it. My sense of things is that my experience was more the rule than the exception.

        • …while it produces our next fingers on a blackboard liar press secretary. This one checks all the Left’s boxes for “perfection”, the MSM and her pals fawning and lauding like she’s God’s gift to humanity and an American “milestone”. Can they get any more trite or low bar?

  4. Bitcoin (all crypto) was always an illegal scam. Scam bubbles inevitably burst. A lot of money is often made in the before the losing starts, though.

    I would suggest that the Il-80 might be a Doomsday Plane in several ways, the quality of Soviet airliners being what it is. Of course, since Boeing went Woke, ours aren’t what they used to be, either. At least we still have a lot of old ones.

    I’m glad the hear New Bosch is going well.
    I have some problems imagining the actress they picked for Maddie becoming an effective cop, but I have been able to pretend otherwise, so far.

    I also find it weird that IMDB TV changed their name, but I find lots of things odd.



    • The character, Maddie, unfortunately, is typical of the new breed in law enforcement. There is always a new breed and an old breed because of the nature of things, but spoiled children don’t make good police officers. Ask my son-in-law, or some of your children and in-laws in the trade. Everyone has stories based on real experiences.

  5. It wold be interesting to know if the Russians have ramped up maintenance on their nuke arsenal and delivery systems. Will those birds fly? With lend lease BS to Ukraine we are now war partners against the Russians.

    Probably none of the insane clown show running the US have ever been punched in the face- I mean that literally- they have never really suffered a consequence for their actions, regardless of how hard they shout “victim”!. Thus they may have unrealistic expectations about backing a bad dog into a corner.

    • I can’t speak to Russian Strategic Rocket Forces today. My experience with them dates back to the years following the disassembly of the USSR. While Russia starved and their military disintegrated, they spent what treasure they had taking good care of their relic nuclear arsenal.

      In Russia, nuclear weapons are managed by a separate branch of the service, they’re typically paid well and are not part of the corruption machine. Though Hollywood wrote of nukes being sold out the back door, they weren’t.

      Proliferation Division (PROD) at CIA used to watch those things as closely as one could. I worry that as the politically motivated (and lazy) lefties and sexual deviates replaced serious career officers at CIA what might be going on there. When things go from professional to ideological, all sorts of bullshit seeps in. People get jobs based on how butch they are or whether they are getting reassignment surgery or not rather than on the job itself. Facts become shaded by the preferences of the regime in power.

      Of course when you have a chowderhead like Brandon or a fool like the Ho at the top, maybe it doesn’t make a difference.

      My point is that the US used to have a solid take on Russian strategic missile readiness, but today, who knows? Maybe they all took two years off because of Covid?

      • Can’t speak to the reliability of the SRF delivery systems but as to your point of nuclear weapons being sold. The US spent a lott of money (for Elon Musk versions of lot) to improve the physical security of Russian weapons storage areas in the years right after the Soviet Union dissolved. Other than the necessary graft portion I think it was money well spent.

        • Agreed.

          In exchange, we downloaded all of the KGB’s files, the Stasi’s files, and their research information. It was quite a haul.

          We could have embarked on true rapprochement with Russia, but much if not all was ruined by bureaucrats in DC.

  6. Bosh Legacy….Torqued that in this season, and probably for the rest of the series, will have to endure ads regardless of being subscribed to Amazon Prime and able to avoid ’em in the Bosch series.

  7. I see and enjoy the occasional “I did that” gas station sticker. Just one little bit of being held responsible for something that the liberal policies forced on Americans.

    Free market with small limitations is the way to go for any number of things/services. insurance being one of them.

    Doomsday plane: We are in the same boat in a lot of cases, it is getting to be very hard to meet all the environmental constraints while painting a plane. painting the plane takes specialized hangars and they are booked years in advance. The days when Airman Snuffy could just grab a spray gun and do touch up are pretty much gone.

    • This surprises me. An internationally know machine builder near here invested in a state of the art spray booth that could accommodate their huge machines with water based pant to meet environmental concerns. The paint would literally peel of the machines as they were trucked down the interstate.
      Yet it turned out that their production was so low that they did not fall under the umbrella of law covering painting restrictions on VOCs.

  8. Crypto has always been a weird scam. It has value because… exactly why? Almost as bad as fiat currency, and I won’t go on a rant about that.

    As to gold, LL and all the rest of you hoarders and horders out there (Praise the Horde! (seriously, a bunch of SCA ‘mongols’ used to shout that, funny. Even funnier is one of them is the 2nd best US source on all things medieval mongola…,) what makes you think your government won’t outlaw private ownership and transfer and use of gold and silver again? After all, Wilson wanted to do it, and FDR did do it.

    • It will still hold its value, even if trading it is illegal. I can smuggle it into Mexico.

    • Yeah, Beans… fiat currency is BS, but at least it’s backed by brute force. Crypto’s backed by unicorn farts.


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