Iran Ups its Game

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The Iranian funded, Houthi-controlled news agency, Saba, reported that Houthi forces in Yemen launched a ballistic missile at a military base just west of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Saba posted that “the rocketry of the army and the popular committees” launched a ballistic missile at a military base in Al Muzahimiyah area, west of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The Houthi army said the operation was a success and that “the capital of the Saudi devil is now within the range of the Yemeni missiles.”
The Saudis have not confirmed that a ballistic missile hit any facilities near Riyadh. There are no reports of damage or casualties, but that is normal for any incident that embarrasses the Saudis.
If the missile attack is confirmed, it would be the longest range missile attack conducted by the Houthis. It also would be the first attack against Riyadh.
The Houthis continue to receive significant outside missile support or expertise (from Iran) because the pre-war inventory of the Yemen Army had no missiles that could travel the 600 or so miles between northwestern Yemen and Riyadh.
The American position in all of this is one of bystander without a significant horse in the race. However it does point (maybe just to me) to an Iranian timetable to recover Jeddah/Medina/Mecca for the Shiite Muslims. 
I hear your counter argument, “LL, it was just one poorly-aimed ballistic missile.” And that may be the case. But if they can put a missile in the air with the lift capacity, they can put a nuclear weapon on it and they won’t have to be all that accurate.
It’s one more persuasive argument for energy independence in the USA.

16 thoughts on “Iran Ups its Game

  1. Definitely not a good sign.
    We can hope that President Trump pushes hard and fast for energy independence.

  2. Energy independence is in reach. One good start is stopping the export of low sulphur diesel to Europe. That would save agriculture and the trucking industry billions when the price of diesel becomes less than gasoline once again.

  3. You'll note that the major channels haven't picked this up. Fox is 40% Saudi owned so I wouldn't expect them to report on it. As to the others, they are trying to argue that if Donald Trump was a Roman Soldier that he'd have been pounding nails in the Old Rugged Cross.

  4. I think that we need to start thinking seriously about a trans-Atlantic pipeline to Europe taking the Canada, Greenland, Iceland, UK route. Send natural gas, crude, etc.

  5. Interesting. Does anybody at our news networks ever mention that the Houthis are only in charge in Yemen because the Obama Administration sold out the old Yemeni gov't? No? Weird. I bet the Saudis care.

  6. I remember when that happened. Diesel had been low for so long, then we bought a diesel pickup and it shot to almost $5 a gallon. UGH.

    Now there is an interesting prospect, LL. Can you imagine the outcry of running such a line under the ocean?

  7. Yep, things are about to get 'interesting' over there… When the Saudis start having to dodge random missiles, they WILL respond in force, and THEY don't care about collateral damage…

  8. Maybe the Europeans need to run the pipeline to us rather than the other way around… this time, and let the hippies ride out storms in the North Atlantic in protest (barfing into the scuppers). There is a LOT of oil pipeline running under the Ocean at present and no significant problems.

  9. The world will be trying to fix the Obama/Clinton damage for the next century. Nobody will report on it.

    And WHERE is the Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump? He's the first non-political class person to become POTUS. That's more astounding than being the first mulatto isn't it? AND Trump is not trying to start a war or expand strife with an Arab Spring move. NOBEL COMMITTEE take notice.

  10. No, Iran will always be there trying to steal that meteorite, that I think the Saudis stole at some point when they took Medina and Mecca.

  11. The Saudis like HIRING people to do their fighting for them. They tried to hire Pakistan to fix Yemen and the Paks declined. The Kuwaitis hired the USA after (the late) Saddam Hussein (no alleged relation to Barack Hussein) invaded, and I think that they've been frustrated that their money isn't buying even a eighth rate army like Pakistan's.

  12. As there is a lot running all over,or rather, under the United States.
    However, I would LOVE to see the hippies in the North Atlantic to protest (along with Greenpeace, I expect). It makes me chuckle to think of them barfing from sea sickness. Haha!

  13. It's even more difficult to protest in the open ocean than it is in North Dakota in the middle of winter. The Sea Hippies usually do it during clement weather.

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