The Mark of the Beast?

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RFID Chips (Wikipedia)

The RFID chip is basically a tiny two-way radio, roughly the size of a grain of rice, capable of containing various types of information. It is inserted under the skin and when scanned, the chip can provide information such as a person’s ID number linking to a database with more detailed information about the wearer. (The Atlantic, a liberal rag, touts the idea of human chipping here, two years ago.

Tech – more convenient than a bar code

Despite the massive issues and state of emergency in Michigan the state’s House of Representatives found the time to pass a bill that creates framework for microchipping humans. The bill is highly questionable as it naturally touches on many issues of civil liberties and privacy. The bill verbiage blocks employers from requiring microchips, but also creates a legitimacy for employers considering using the technology in the first place. Defining limitations of its use grants open turf for employers to begin experimenting with microchipping.

The highly controversial bill is called the “Microchip Protection Act” and it’s sponsored by Representative Bronna Kahle. The Act is House Bill 5672 and now that it’s passed the State House it will move to the State Senate. If the Senate passes the bill, Governor Whitmer is expected to sign it into law.

There are a number of potential uses for RFID chips. The most pernicious of which is “permission”. The government would use social scoring (of the type in use in Communist China) to grant various rights and privileges to chipped persons.  Have you noticed that there is now a “money crisis” that is causing businesses to require that you use electronic money? (yes, in addition to the Chinese Plague, the need to impeach, riots and arson, murder hornets, etc.) Your option is exact change. What generated that crisis?

  • Buying or selling. (Chip and permission required)
  • Starting or driving an automobile (Smart Car)
  • Operating a firearm (Smart guns)
  • Crossing government boundaries (no papers, just the chip, please)
  • Entering a business.
  • Traveling
  • Contain private and privileged information about you, which may be shared without your permission.
  • Contain your personal money – which can vanish electronically as quickly as it was placed on the chip based on your social score.
  • Have you been vaccinated against the Chinese Plague (or possibly next year’s new plague)? If they chip doesn’t show you were, you are a leper.

And if you think that can’t happen, consider where the society was 12/31/2019 and the mandatory masking and other things that have happened since then. The fact that the Michigan Legislature has taken up the matter (even though I don’t think that it will pass) should bother you. {will our fellow blogger Ed B., who lives in MI, be chipped?}

RFID Use Today

Livestock are often chipped, and it’s available for pets. Proponents argue that they are widely used and that the chip technology, in use for two decades, is safe. Progressives tout its value.

Electronic Money

There is a HUGE PUSH to end paper money and it’s a very small step from only being able to use a card, to only being able to use an RFID chip.

Facial Recognition in Sports Venues (Wall Street Journal)

No it’s not an RFID Chip. Just something else to think about.

(WSJ) When sports fans return to watch their teams play live again, many of them may not need a ticket.

Several pro sports teams, including the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Football Club, are testing facial-recognition technology in stadiums. The idea is to admit fans for entry by authenticating their faces, to make the process as touchless as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic… 50% of those who died were in nursing homes. Average of 78 for all deaths… I’m not saying that people didn’t die. It’s about as bad as the flu with some older people and people with respiratory illness being hit hard. But the Chinese Plague is being used for other purposes as well. NEVER let a good crisis go to waste.

33 thoughts on “The Mark of the Beast?

  1. If you read the last part of the book first, you’ll know that’s where it’s going.

  2. If this is the supposed mark of the beast then the beast is government run by Satan himself (with many heads, like Pelosi, etc.).

    Moons ago I did RFID development work for pets and cattle (for identification as well as cattle feeding stations but mostly theft worldwide.) Your opening statement is true; the antenna field energizes the chip and reads the ID#. However, despite what most people think (tracking from satellites) read distance is roughly a meter (may be more now as tech develops). Maybe they are installing “readers” everywhere now..wouldn’t surprise me.

    We have a lot of COVID data, .01-.05% death rate (depending on source)…so with further restrictions on our freedoms it is clear all this is a charade to find out who’s compliant and who’s not. Masks are stupid (someone posited the masks are a way for enhanced facial recognition software development), a vaccine (with markers) is so wrong on all levels…and yet here we are. Bottom line for me is: “Over my dead body!” But the 80% COVID compliant will absolutely allow themselves to be vaccinated and chipped, then offer their moral superiority to the remaining 20%.

    What the hell is going on with people? It’s like they wake up, stick their brain in a jar by the bed, then go about their day.

    1. It’s a close range use, which is why “permission” is the primary use. Not to track you from orbit, but to track you as you move from place to place (and from checkpoint to checkpoint) and to authorize you to buy gasoline, or food or to enter a building.

      1. Tracking is already happening thru cellphones, plus POS banking apps. I have every Google switch on my Android OFF…makes me the exception.

        All this “getting more stupid by the day social holier than thou” crap…I simply do not engage (until it shows up at my door). (“crap”, such a good wide-use word)

        The question for me is will this stop once Trump is re-elected or will the losers further their America hamstringing efforts?

        1. They really don’t need to “track you” if they can shut you down with a chip — which is why the chip. Governments have been tracking cell phones since there were cellphones. Triggerfish, and so forth. Cell phones are nice, but not essential. Buying food, or if you’re sick, getting medicine, is a bigger problem.

          As others have suggested, not everyone will submit, but look at the masks…sheep.

          1. Got a mypatriotsupply resupply on order…good for a while if things go south. Plus there’s plenty of healthy mulee’s running around if push comes to shove.

  3. Several years ago a Saudi national applied for a patent for a brain implanted RDID chip with a poison capsule. The idea was to be able to switch someone off remotely. AFAIK, It was not granted.
    Pretty good size compliance lever there.

    A dystopian view is that the world “elites” would like to have a planet playground to themselves with a small cadre of tech assistants to supply goods, a praetorian guard for protection, and population reduced to a few million from which to draw slaves for any perverted pleasure they want. All with instant total compliance to every sick whim.

    1. One scifi author had a society where that took place: the praetorian guard eventually turned on the so-called elites, making THEM the cattle the guards preyed upon at will.
      You can see that happening. The illusion of control is just that, an illusion.

      1. The plan is social control. Once you’re a social pariah, without a chip, you’re denied everything, and it can be enforced from DC or Jakarta. It may be an illusion, or maybe people will stand up. How are they standing up to the mask farce?

        1. How are they standing up to the mask farce?

          The other day I did the opposite of standing up. I took a knee. Two of them. I was in line at the market. In front of me a fat middle-aged white couple wheeled their cart to the register and started to unload it. The cashier barked, “Step BACK! Do NOT touch the contents. I will unload the cart. Step back to the tape on the floor and STAY there! I will TELL you when you may approach!” The fat couple did so, meekly.

          When it was my turn I presented my handbasket to the cashier at full arm extension, masked face averted. Then I hopped back to the tape mark, got on both knees and put my hands, fingers interlaced, on the back of my head. The cashier stared at me through her hipster glasses under her buzzcut pelt of unnaturally colored hair, speechless. A nearby male manager gave me The Look.
          Quoth I, “I got the impression I was supposed to adopt a compliance position.”
          “It hasn’t quite come to that yet,” said the manager in a decidedly unamused tone. “Oh, my mistake,” said I, getting up.
          From then on the cashier treated me the way with the sort of cautious courtesy like one would use with an unrestrained dangerous and crazy person.

          If they want drama, I can do drama.

          1. I have a pre-K grandson that rolls around on the ground fake coughing, screaming that he has the plague. I have no idea where he got the idea to do that, but it annoys his mother.

          2. Brilliantly done. This sort of move sets ’em on their heels, especially if they don’t understand the context because they aren’t teaching history.

  4. 1984, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451…these all feature people engaging in normal behaviors now considered as crimes of the highest order. Also consider that now our fedgov in coordination with Yale university has studied how to combat expected resistance to the Fauxci-Gates vaccines. You are to feel guilty for not taking the vaccine. Perhaps shaming will get you to comply. C’mon, be a good citizen. It’s for your own good.

  5. go into a hospital, see a doc, buy groceries, receive social security or pension, “upload your vaccine certificate now…. i’m sorry, you have exceeded your life expectancy table, termination sequence activated. good bye.”

    1. Things will have to be rationed. That goes without saying. If you’re no longer useful (as defined in the progressive sense), why allow you to consume things that can be used by more compliant and worthy members of the Party?

    2. Life termination of people past 75yoa except for the elite. That’s what both De Blasio and Cuomo were talking about before the Covidiocracy hit, because of the expense on the system of seniors. Both were talking about only limited palative care being applied to elders.

      So, well, the slaughterhouses and abbatoirs that the nursing homes turned into… Explanes a lot, doesn’t it?

      1. ObamaCare promised an end to medication of people over seventy…except for the elite.

  6. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Rahm Emanuel could not have been more right when he uttered those immortal words.

    Donald Trump’s 2019 economy insured, absolutely guaranteed his re-election. Then whammo – COVID-19 comes along and his chances are now 50/50. Democrats had nothing, but now this pandemic crisis is their golden ticket to the White House, the majority in the Senate and a lead pipe cinch to retain those gavels in the House.

  7. I believe you may have left out one major selling point the RFID chip enthusiasts keep harping on:
    “It’ll help us find ‘missing children’!”

  8. I am for using the RFID chips on cattle and pets. And for other tracking purposes that have commercial use.

    But to use one on me? No. I am nobody’s cattle, nobody’s pet. Let them beware who try to chain me, for my bite is far worse than any dog’s.

    Already we see, in Communist China, denial of services based upon one’s social standing, social grace, lack of Han ancestry, etc. Mouth off, even in the confines of one’s own home, and the authorities find out? Suddenly your phone doesn’t work, computer doesn’t work, you have no job, you have no access to your bank accounts (which, sadly, now belong to the state…) and…

    This, this is what the Donks and other leftists want for all of us.

  9. “Proponents argue that they are widely used and that the chip technology, in use for two decades, is safe. Progressives tout its value.”

    Well, if being chipped is so wonderful (and of course it is), then I propose we begin by helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Americans first. Obviously the (second) most victimized and marginalized persons in the US are Blacks. So we can begin long-overdue reparations by ensuring that all Blacks are microchipped before wasting this precious resource on whites, who have their privilege to protect them anyway.

    Let’s see how THAT proposal goes over.
    Implanted microchips, the yellow star of the 21st century. I stand with progress. And with Science!

    1. Maybe once chipped, the disadvantaged and marginalized could get a 666 tattoo on their foreheads to show how valued they are? I’m sure it would be very fashionable.

  10. The disturbing part of chipping is the gleeful desire by under – 30s to be chipped. “For convenience”.

    A college asked for volunteers for a test program with them a few years back and got 2+ orders of magnitude greater numbers than they wanted…

    I never though people wouldn’t desire privacy. I thought it was just in the blood.
    Shows how much I know.

    1. No, they don’t, which is why The Interwebz was designed without much security.

      The first cellphones were simply full-duplex, two-way FM radios, and could easily be received with a scanner that covered that frequency range.

      Now we have Dick Tracy/Star Trek “communicators” with 100X more computing power than the Apollo computers.

      And tracers still work both ways…..

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