Scandal and Corpses

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We all know that Attorney General Eric Holder is shielding President Barack Obama from the accountability and ultimate reckoning that will come if he provides Congress with the documents in his possession regarding Operation Fast and Furious. If it became public, Holder might end up doing a stretch in Federal Prison – while Obama can claim immunity in the US. If the Mexicans got a hold of Holder, they could throw him in Amoloya Prison* near Mexico City where he’d spend the rest of his life.

* Almoloya de Ju├írez”, was renamed the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1, but it’s still called “Amoloya Prison” locally in Mexico.

Mexico is not happy about Operation Fast and Furious where the Obama Administration facilitated the sale of firearms from the US to Mexican drug cartels so as to promote their gun control agenda in the US. It backfired. Sort of like ObamaCare, but with more dead bodies laying around.
Now Holder wants to be let off the hook, because he’s still in Contempt of Congress. He is hoping that a federal judge will release him from accountability. (READ MORE HERE)
There has been a nagging question. How can a US Attorney General be effective leading the nation’s law enforcement efforts when he has been held in contempt of Congress for “lying”** and failing to provide documents under subpoena? 

** The “new normal” doctrine in the Executive Branch of government holds that if “you can keep your doctor, your health plan and your hospital” is not a lie, neither are all the whoppers that Holder told to Congress while under oath.

I wonder if there is a double standard at DOJ? What if FBI or DEA agents lied to Congress? What would Holder do to them?

12 thoughts on “Scandal and Corpses

  1. What if an FBI or DEA Special Agent lied or deceived a Assistant United States Attorney? They are never used again in an investigative capacity. What if an Assistant United States Attorney lied or deceived an FBI or DEA Special Agent. Obviously the agent didn't understand…

    I can only imagine what those ATF "whistle blowers" feel like every day.

  2. Personally, I can't figure out either WHY or HOW he's still in office… Upholding ONLY the laws you agree with runs counter to umm… EVERYTHING this country stands for!

  3. It isn't just Obama and Holder. It is the entire Dem-controlled Senate. If you want Holder out of office, they tell us, Molon Labe. By failing to uphold the laws of the land, they are lawless and begging We The People to take action.

  4. Imagine how happy it would make us to extradite Holder to Mexico, and then watch him live there on the dime of the Mexican taxpayer for the rest of his life. Justice would be served ice cold in that situation.

    How likely is it that Obama pardons him on his last day in office?

  5. If we can't do it in 2014 with this string of scandals, topped with ObamaCare like the cherry on top of a rotten cake, I fear that we never can.

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