Is it me or it has been like that forever: the Russian airlines Pobeda, Rossiya, S7 (and maybe more) are now registered in Bermuda?


Look for the Sweet Spots

If it’s down to throwing Molotov cocktails, you’re in a world of hurt. Consider that Russian artillery can just drop the building that you threw it from – with no remorse at all.


SOTU Address: My Reaction

Brandon referring to Ukrainians as Iranians was – pathetic.

Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years under the Brandon Regime.  But Joe has a plan — he’s going to cut prices by telling businesses to lower their prices.

These people really are this dumb. You know this because they all squealed their approval when Brandon made the dumbest SOTU history.

Brandon – “We have a choice, one way to fight inflation is to drive down wages and make Americans poorer. I think I have a better idea to fight inflation, lower your costs not your wages.”



  1. I can’t help thinking of the meme where aliens avoid earth because we’re the meth addled redneck trash of the universe.

    Everything I read so far about Biden’s presentation….I’m sorry your country has come to this. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

      • What happened to the statesmen? I know history tends to be kinder than living in the time, but wow, every leader appears to be playing petty politics instead of realpolitik. Not just in the US.

        • It’s up to all of us to vote them from office. They’re out representatives. We are not their subjects.

    • re — biden’s presentation
      * Presumes it was broadcast during the chat and not recorded weeks ago with editing.
      * Presumes it was recorded at the place it was advertised but not at the fake place across the street from the other place.
      * The impersonator needs coaching… he was too lucid.

  2. SOTU was not good. Better than I expected in terms of “performance” — but not good. The Timcast people + Lauren Southern were hate-watching the SOTU live and had some custom bingo cards made up based on expected gaffes and platitudes. It was also some sort of drinking game. Sigh.

    Here at the airport, on 20 minutes of sleep, waiting to board a flight to ORD. I should be in JUST the right frame of mind to attend my medical conference which has gone from scientifically sound (though I have always been leery of imputation methods) to a woke mess in the space of five years. Missed it last year. Going this year largely to see just how bad a dumpster fire it’s become. Also to support someone from our group who has a presentation tomorrow.

    • I hope that the conference is better than you anticipate that it will be.

      I simply can’t work with the woke. I was engaged to facilitate the extraction of some “high value” (high value because they’re paying a lot) people from Ukraine. In my world of work, there are no trannies, bun-boys/pajama boys living in grandma’s basement or freaks. It’s gratifying to work with professional people who don’t ask for pronouns. Alas, I’m too old to get my feet wet. But knowing how to do things is still useful to some customers.

  3. I hope I’m still laughing at that meme a year from now.
    I watched three minutes of the SOTU, if that.
    I had forgotten I’d have to look at Harris and Pelosi and I just couldn’t take it.
    The TV survived, but not my “Christian Demeanor”.

      • That was where I bailed, when the drooling meat-puppet (p)Resident Poopy-Pants turned to hand The Hag of The House and The Ho copies of his speech. All I could think of was that despicable hag tearing up the copy of Trump’s last SOTU. I figured I’d rather change the channel to keep from vomiting up my supper. A re-run of the movie “Deadpool” on FX was much more worth my time than watching clapping seals applaud bullshit.

        • I watched the first episode of Viking Valhalla (Netflix). I couldn’t watch it long either.

  4. Nothing to tout so gave a political speech. I think he said “Uraniums”, but who can tell when the slurring/consonant skipping runs things together. Pained applause for a bar so low the worms are going under it.

    Thanks for the Sweet Spots instruction, will come in handy if Red Dawn does a reboot.

      • Gawd awful doesn’t begin… Meant to say worms go ‘over’ Joe’s low bar, but two aspects:

        1) Anyone who tuned in (not me) really weren’t listening, they were seeing if he would make it thru. Can we get any lower than that?

        2) For an American SOTU he supposedly spent the first 15 minutes on another country. Huh?

        The two “Death Becomes Her corpses behind him (one is running on fumes and weird denture movements, the other is simply brain dead), both doing odd gestures and faces throughout make us the laughing stock, emboldening our enemies.

        • American enemies and rivals have a window. That window will close and they know that too. It makes the days that we are living in concerning.

          • Well, taking from comments over at LSP, I give high marks to one person: The Signer. That woman had the hardest job on the planet. Imagine trying to sign:


    • I thought he said “Uranium’s” also. Which seems fitting for this administration. I have watched only a few clips from the speech and that was enough. I agree that the gin hag looks a bit lit but then she always does. I thought the Republican response from the Governor of Iowa was solid as far as those type of speeches goes though it wont change the mind of the 25-30% of the population that are fine with destruction of the country.

      • Could have extended the – clear sign of speak aphasia – brain short-circuit with “…from Uranus.”

        • Brandon’s brain functions, augmented with all the drugs that his ancient shell can handle, should be the focus of the watchdog media, but they love him.

  5. omg, did you see the cryptkeeper gin hag last night? she must have been plastered. from the look of kamelfaces neck, it must be getting a workout these days. joe got excited at the end and said let’s go get him. who? i bet we won’t see joe today n maybe tomorrow. the uppers are followed by the crash. they wanted trump tested, i say we test joe…..yeah, people think tanks are invinsible but the crew has to breath, as does the engine. the air intakes are usually on the back deck behind the turret. liquid flammables burn the air filters and choke the engine. crews won’t stay in a sitting duck….yeah, time for the train station, for a lot of them.

    • You see, if you raise wages you lower costs. It’s a bit like taxes. The more tax you pay, say to the Weather, the richer you’ll be.

      There’s some unsettling footage of a Molotov team near Kherson, I think. They took cover behind trees. It didn’t go well for them. I won’t share the link.

    • Thank you. I was not aware that the Beto 4.0 remake went that well for him. I know that he was running around saying, “If you like your AR-15, you can keep it.”

      • Indeed he is. I must admit to some surprise and more than a little concern that he has that much cred with anyone. Then again, I’m just another aging dinosaur.

        • Beto-the-beta male’s wife is rich and it gives him the edge in convincing the generally ignorant public that he’s the man of the hour (again). He spends the old lady’s cash in much the way John Kerry did after Teresa Hines’ husband died in a plane crash…

          All a creep in America needs to do to achieve high office is to have the gold.

  6. Since I haven’t owned a TV for several years, my only option to watch him was my computer. Got distracted by some off road rescue videos and missed it. Did I miss anything important?

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