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Trump v War Turtle (Mitch McConnell)

Absent one of them keeling over,  that’s how the mid-terms are shaping up. Both Trump and the Turtle are trying to re-shape the Republican Party. Trump has a lot of momentum and credibility for telling the truth. McConnell represents the Swamp, Military Industrial Complex, and has access to old money. There is no middle ground in 2022 if you’re an elephant and want to have a seat in Congress.

Branding yourself as anti-Trump and pro-Swamp is the kiss of death and almost all who are running for Congress as Republicans know it.

I don’t know that Trump is the best option for the presidency in 2024. I’d rather have somebody who espouses what Trump represents without it being Trump simply because of the baggage.

The democrat cable news business during the Trump Administration (2016-2020) had their daily hate rant down as they spewed 24/7. Today that credibility is gone as they feebly confront old great-grandpa Brandon and the whore. The lies of the past are coming home to roost. The push back against plague mandates that crippled the nation unnecessarily is universal – worldwide. The scorn that many hold for democrats who clawed for more power in the US is echoed in Canada even more demonstrably as the electorate denounces Castro’s bastard son.

Where will it go? You be the judge.


No Charges?

Canadian police refuse to press charges against a psycho vaccine pusher who used her vehicle to attack innocent people who were standing up for their freedoms. The belligerent woman was also recorded vandalizing personal property and threatening people alongside the road.





22 thoughts on “The Battle for the Future

  1. Here I go with something that will piss off a lot of people. Reagan towards the end of his second term was demented, as is #46. The Russians were concerned, even terrified, that Reagan would go to war. Are the Russians in a similar state of mind now with SloJo at the “alleged” helm?

    Sub section on Reagan. Many of our current restrictive firearms laws were first introduced in CA while Reagan was Governor in response to armed Black Panthers exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in Sacramento.

    1. Pres. Reagan also did a Wag-the-Dog in Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury).

      SEALs killed in Grenada, after parachuting into the ocean: Machinist Mate 1st Kenneth J. Butcher, Quartermaster 1st Kevin E. Lundberg, Hull Technician 1st Stephen L. Morris, and Senior Chief Engineman Robert R. Schamberger. Their bodies were never recovered.

      Today, Brandon doesn’t have the nuclear launch codes. Camela doesn’t have them either. I’m not sure who does. Everyone knows how demented Brandon is and at least they took those off his hands.

      1. My understanding is many countries in the Caribbean breathed great relief that a budding communist regime in Grenada wss put down.

        Re: Reagan
        I agree with WSF. Well I remember watching and reading about the hearings, et al concerning the malfeasance and skullduggery during his 2nd term. It is an understatement to say I was disappointed by Reagan’s responses, including obfuscation. Reagan took the doddering dementia tactic to avoid accountability. It was all BS.
        Besides the increase in anti-gun laws, there is also the hoodwinking of America by the promise of strengthening the border. Again, utter BS.
        If anyone is upset by calling out Reagan it is they who wilfully ignore the facts.

        Side note: the infamous Col. North appears to have redeemed himself. North attached himself with Victor Marx doing God’s work in Iraq. I remain unconvinced.

        1. Rick, I have no problem with killing Communist Cuban soldiers then or now, in Grenada or elsewhere. The Cubans acted as proxies for Soviet Skulduggery worldwide. The Soviet Russians said, “look, it was the Cubans not us, we can’t control THEM.” Sure.

          The timing of Urgent Fury qualified it as a Wag-the-Dog war. In reality, it was useful because the US Military found a LOT of things that they did, didn’t work as planned. It was a goat rodeo that we learned from.

          1. Reagan had tons of negatives; he was only a good thing in a few ways – primarily, like Trump, in comparison to the alternatives. Secondarily, like Trump, he was actually pro-America. Thirdly and most unbelievably, he actually kept a campaign promise, and destroyed the Soviet Union, and w/o even firing a shot.


  2. Agree with you, which is great since you are more informed than I am, that someone who hold President Trump’s values but without the baggage would be not only a better choice but also more electable.

    The clear front runner in the whole Ukraine mess so far is Putin. As long as everyone plays according to the script I expect we will not get into a war there but we will give every country in the area a boatload of weapons, sensors, etc. to keep the Military Industrial Complex (TM) happy and funding going into Senator McConnell’s coffers.

    As long as police selectively enforce the laws only against one group whether it be black, yellow, white, liberal or conservative the rule of law will be respected less and less as the years go by. It is a slippery slope and not enforcing the law in one region not only affects that region it affects everybody who hears about the selective enforcement.

    If the Canadian truckers do leave Ottawa I hope they go home for a well deserved rest for the next month or two. That should go a long way toward demonstrating what is important and what is not.
    Interesting times indeed.

    1. In the US it would be interesting if the truckers could get together and simply NOT deliver to DC or NY/NY. But when was there solidarity? Never.

      1. It would not have to be unanimous to tip the apple cart, not even a majority and the impact would be epic.

    2. Malignancy Piglosi (is my severe contempt evident?) spilled the beans recently when she stated (paraphrased), If Russia does not attack Ukraine it is because the policies (pudding cup) were successful.

      Golly, we should just reelect him already.

  3. I tend to agree that someone else run instead of Trump, not simply because of the baggage, age figures into it as well. After all he’ll be 78 and that means he’ll be 82 when he completeshis time in office. Currently I’m leaning towards De Santis. Perhaps there’s someone as good or better out there, but right now that’s where I am.

  4. In Congress we definitely need to enact a “past your warranty” sell by uselessness date, far too many between 75 and 85 who need to go home and sit in the lawn chair and feed the ducks.

    1. If you’d substitute “be nibbled to death by” for “feed the” then I’d be in full agreement with you where most of the Geriatric Ruling Class are concerned.

  5. “keep them busy gathering basic needs…” that works, right up until they can’t feed their family with their labor any more. then arab spring. or north american spring. dhs/doj are getting ready for it already….trumps time has passed. he failed to be a ruthless politician, not in his nature. i think desantis has it in him to slay the dragons remorselessly.

  6. If the truckers just went home and parked their rigs, that would get ‘sporty’ quickly, when food deliveries didn’t get done to the cities…

    1. If the the follow through of cancelling licenses, registration and insurance happens it achieves much the same doesn’t it? Difference is it creates people with less to lose.

      Sheer genius!

  7. For what it’s worth that woman has been boasting all over social media about standing up to the evil right wing nazi etc. etc. Police have given her a slap on the wrist.

    Her name and details have been spread far and wide, so there may well be consequences for her future. One can hope at least.

  8. I agree with you on Trump and the 2024 election completely.
    Trump’s time has passed. But we need a strong conservative, not a republican rhino.

  9. Dammit, LL, you beat me to the Justine/Greta photo. Huh.

    But this: “I’d rather have somebody who espouses what Trump represents without it being Trump simply because of the baggage.”

    Right on.

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