Nothing’s so sacred as honor, and nothing so loyal as Love” – From Wyatt & Josephine’s tombstone.


Good Morning

Every day above ground is a good day. The six foot drop with a mouth full of dirt will come soon enough.

So today….I volunteered for the vaccine trials for Covid-19 at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. It was apparently made by a Russian Pharmaceutical company. I received my first shot and wanted to let everyone know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.


Sharing is Caring


Tomorrow’s blogs (2) are space-related, but I couldn’t help but take an opening shot here.

Last month, NASA announced it would be changing the names of astronomical bodies that are deemed to be racially insensitive. Averring that since it has become clear that “certain cosmic nicknames are not only insensitive, but can be actively harmful,” NASA would be “examining its use of unofficial terminology for cosmic objects as part of its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.” So much for ad astra per aspera.

The planetary nebula NGC 2392 known as the “Eskimo Nebula”, a dying Sun-like star that is blowing off its outer layers. “Eskimo”, the agency said, “is widely viewed as a colonial term with a racist history, imposed on the indigenous people of Arctic regions.”

It will also cease to refer to a pair of spiral galaxies, NGC 4567 and NGC 4568, in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster referred to as the “Siamese Twins Galaxy”, as part of its effort to align cosmic objects with current thinking and conventions.

Cosmic objects, such as Barnard 33, nicknamed “the Horsehead Nebula” would be retain their names. I guess that the horses won’t be offended? Who knows for sure? Don’t horse feelings matter? What if the horses are born black? Obviously these progs are not horse adopters…


Two Kinds

There are only two kinds of ships. Submarines and targets.



The Air Force is test-flying a highly secretive prototype of a sixth-generation fighter jet years sooner than expected. , a top official revealed Tuesday, years sooner than expected.

The so-called Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) fighter would be a follow-on to Lockheed Martin’s F-22 stealth jet, which is a fifth-generation fighter. But instead of a single fighter, the Air Force envisions a “system of systems” that includes piloted and unpiloted aircraft.

“The NGAD has come so far that the full-scale flight demonstrator has already flown in the physical world. It’s broken a lot of records,” Air Force acquisition chief William Roper said during the Air Force Association’s annual Air, Space & Cyber Conference.

“A lot of the mission systems that we require for next-generation air dominance have been flown on test articles. So they are coming along very well, and digital engineering seems to accelerate everything.”

Both the Navy and Air Force are pursuing slightly different programs with the same basic sixth-generation fighter technology.


    • How long before the Chinks steal the technology, or have they already?

      Perhaps only Nancy Pelosi’s driver knows for sure.

      • They lost Sen. Feinstein’s driver – a real loss to the People’s Liberation Army. I’m sure that there are others embedded within the Democrat Caucus. And of course Senator Feinstein suffered no blow back – because she’s a donkey.

  1. I remember first day of class at sub school being told not to refer to your sub as a ship. It’s a boat and boats are black and targets(ships) are grey. It really made you want to go and buy one of those “death from below” t shirts they sold at the Exchange.

  2. Wyatt and Josie are buried in a Jewish cemetery located in the greater San Francisco area. I can only imagine what Wyatt would think of his current neighborhood.

    • ASW is a science and its an art and it’s a dying art (as Old NFO may agree). Much of it is being handed off to the submarine community .

  3. “Honor”…seems severely lacking in an ever-growing segment of our population.

    So what, you’re now a Russian collusionist? “Nazdrovia!” (or for the Scandinavian vax takers, “Skaal!”)

    That woman, a keeper on all aspects…I mean, seriously, who keeps a pet giraffe?

    Seeing one of those boats surface and charging…the visual alone may make me pull a Nadler and ruin my skivvies. We do possess some wicked cool military gear.

  4. True love is true love, and extends beyond this mortal existence. Some are lucky to have found it. Many are doomed to never know it’s touch.

    As to letting some critter drink or eat out of my stuff? Only if I’m done with it first. And, yes, I employ the puppy pre-wash method of dish cleaning.

    We best be hoping that we haven’t lost our touch with both our subs and our ASW capabilities, as it looks like tough times are a-coming.

    And the NGAD? Sounds like the Air Force learned from the Navy’s A-12 mistake.

    • I think that submarines are being relied on for the serious ASW work these days. There is a move for the British to start patrolling. I don’t know when their P-8 crews complete training and they take flight, but not long now. But the veterans who knew the business and trained succeeding generations are gone. The US does have patrol squadrons but the aircraft might not survive a high threat environment in the littorals.

      The real question is whether or not the Navy learned from the A-12. The Navy has bruised feelings (reported) because the USAF has withheld information from them. But I’m confident that it will all work out in the end.

  5. Disturbing photos today. On my phone I didn’t realize it’s Jesus tortilla. I was wondering what it was and thinking “loop of ischemic bowel?” The interior shot of the apartment (“flat” for Jules) is scary because of the shadow of the Man-Penguin. Shades of Dr Moreau. (Brrr.)

    I’m “attending” a School of Public Health seminar via Zoom right now. Someone is droning on about “COVID-19”, “mask”, “training”, and “ethics”. Needless to say, I’m 90% tuned out, seeing as I’ve found professional “medical ethicists” to usually have scary and unsupportable positions. (And don’t get me started on the NYT’s “The Ethicist” column where I’ve disagreed with each and every damn position their self-appointed ethicist as taken.) Also uploading data from a dozen CDs (did these people never hear of a flash drive?) and eating from a can of cold corned beef hash. Such a glamorous multitasking life. /eyeroll

    In the faintly-disturbing news category: I’ve corrupted the Pretty Korean Girl into calling it “China Flu”. She reports that her Korean Android phone autocorrects that phrase to “COVID-19”.

  6. The NGAD fighter is a marvel of getting out of the 10 year development cycle that was said to be the only way to develop a new military aircraft. Glad that the paradigm is now broken.

    I have known some people that worked on the A-12. It was a repeat of the F-111 boondoggle. What the Navy wanted was just beyond the technology of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The companies (McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics) awarded the program were too much into a cost plus attitude which attributed to extreme overruns. Additionally, I think the way Dick Cheney terminated the program was bad as about 15,000 General Dynamics employees in Fort Worth, Texas got their pink slips on the same day.

    • The RFP on the NGAD fighter is classified, but to be a full generation better than the F-22, it’s going to need to have an auto-suck installed in the cockpit. Apparently they’ve come up with something pretty amazing. Space Alien technology – it’s that Tic-Tak that the Navy Fighters observed.

        • I’m sure that I told you my one and only story. I was supercargo on a P-3C flying from a place where they picked me up, and we were on our way back to Pearl. I was aimlessly looking out the window and asked one of the guys, “what does a periscope and snorkel look like?”

          It turned out to be an Aussie boat on the way RIMPAC a million miles from anywhere, not expecting to have a constructive kill done on them by a P-3.

          I was happy that the P-3 picked me up and gave me a ride.

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