It’s a legitimate question.

Saipan is a territory of the United States of America but the question of whether it’s under the CONTROL of Communist China or not isn’t much of a question these days.  It is.

As this blog continually reminds its readers, the funding mechanisms for the People’s Liberation Army and weapons development programs in specific comes from many holdings that generate income. Often held by nominees to disguise the true ownership, if you dig more deeply, you find that hotels, casinos, prostitution, and other entertainment-based businesses are simply fronts for the Communist Chinese military or in more localized cases, for the Security Police.

Case in Point

Imperial Pacific’s overnight domination of Saipan has generated deep unease among the island’s citizens, many of whom are convinced that their home has been bought. (it has) The company, they believe, set out to take over a little piece of America, politicians and all. Given the billions of dollars at stake, the Communist Chinese urgent need to launder narco-dollars, etc. it’s not surprising that China would make their move.

(Background on Saipan)

(Bloomberg) Per capita, there’s almost certainly more Chinese money moving through Saipan than anywhere else in the world. The unprecedented flow of capital has allowed Imperial Pacific to operate in ways that would be unthinkable within the 50 states. When laws have become inconvenient to the company, they’ve been flouted; when the requirements of its contract with the government have become onerous, they’ve been removed; when legislators have tried to interfere, they’ve been ignored. Imperial Pacific has made millions of dollars in payments to family members of the territory’s governor, Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres. Remarkably, the company has also enjoyed the support of a gold-plated roster of American politicos. Its advisers and board of directors have included former directors of the CIA and FBI and former governors of Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Best Sunshine, a subsidiary of Imperial Pacific International Holdings, develops and operates casinos, hotels, and restaurants in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). As of June 2016, it is reportedly the largest taxpayer in the CNMI, paying US$27.8 million in business gross revenue tax.

In August 2014, Imperial Pacific International was granted a 25-year license to build and operate a casino on Saipan with an option to extend the license for another 15 years. Best Sunshine originally planned to spend US$3.14 billion and operate 2,229 hotel room. It increased the budget to US$7.1 billion the following month to accommodate plans to operate more than 4,200 hotel rooms and 1,600 gaming tables. Imperial Pacific raised US$99.8 million in December 2014 to fund these projects.

How much of Imperial Pacific International is owned by the Chinese Communist Party? What percentage of the company is owned (secretly) by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army? Where did the hundred billion dollars that has been poured into tiny Saipan come from? Did anyone try to find out or did the corrupt government of Saipan just take the money?

Is Tinian the next Domino to Fall?

(Money Laundering on Tinian) (Tinian) Based on an anonymous source at FINCen, Chinese gambling interests on Saipan and Tinian are merely thinly disguised fronts for laundering illegal narcotics and other proceeds of criminal activities. The impoverished US Islands have been the perfect spot for the Chinese to exert off-shore control over those criminal financial enterprises.


  1. I can’t read anymore, LL. I can’t read or write or think straight. Tiny things are overwhelming me. I feel like I have been doing the same thing forever. Whilst reading this wonderful blog post, all I can focus on is that beach and the beautiful colour of the sea and occasional words that jump out of your sentences like, restaurants, hotels and best sunshine. I’m having a bead lockdown day today.

    I think we can safely say that the corrupt took the money.

    • Besides visiting this spectacular blog, you need to get out of the house to a warm sandy beach, with blue tropical water and a little hut that sells umbrella drinks. There is nothing that cleanses your soul like the ocean and the sand, and a five star hotel. For me, it’s a cabin in the mountains. But it’s not all charm here. I’ve been doing spring cleaning and I will be hauling a trailer full of ‘junk’ to the Gila County landfill later this morning. How’s that for “living the dream?”

    • A lot of blood and treasure went into taking it from the Japanese, and it’s been a drain on the US economy since then. Time for the Chinese government to pack their gear and go back behind the Bamboo Curtain.

  2. The problem is that Saipan is allowed to operate in a semi-autonomous way as part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas. The United States took a very stupid hands-off approach to a lot of our Pacific Territories a long time ago, and since they have their own “governments”, it is very easy for Big ChiCom Money to buy the places outright.


    • We have courts there. We have BATFE agents there. We have FBI agents there, and they’re subject to Congress. Time to change the rules.

      • “We have courts there. We have BATFE agents there. We have FBI agents there, and they’re subject to Congress. Time to change the rules.”

        I read that as we have corrupt judges there, corrupt BATFE agents and corrupt FBI agents there. As the last few years have thoroughly demonstrated that’s the case all over this great land.

        I frankly don’t see any way this gets cleaned up. Any way that any of thisgets cleaned up.

        • I have the solution. Put the US Marine Corps in charge, declare martial law while the Chinese are cleared out. The FBI and ATF may be completely corrupted and on the pay of the Chinese Communist Party, but I expect that the Marine Corps is not. Assign a general officer as provost until sovereignty can be restored. Sent Marine MP’s to enforce martial law, backed up by a few infantry companies. That will fix it. The Provost will overrule the FBI/law enforcement.

          • I would love to see this implemented, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

            Pretty sure most Americans never heard of the place, and are unaware of most US territories. The Pinkos have done a great job of eliminating history, geography, and civics from our schools.

  3. Makes Trump’s offer to purchase Greenland look like a deal…altho their “beaches” are frozen so not exactly enticing for Speedo-wearing. (I echo Jules’ comment…threw my whole day off as it was 39 here this morning…Spring in the Rockies is always predictably unpredictable.)

    Never knew the US owned Saipan…thanks for the insight. As for the cash, Occam’s Razor comes into play.

    • We have far less trouble with Guam because of the US military presence there. Maybe we should send a battalion of Marines to Saipan as we eject the Chinese.

      • A presence of forces on our own turf seems to always do the trick in keeping the petty evil-doers in check.

        I say eject them to their sea-bobbers off the Samali coast…make some environmentally friendly reefs out of them. (Can you tell my tone has changed, the more things get stupider the less tolerance I have for idiocy – even as an unabashed Christian.)

        • A Christian is authorized to defend himself against the infidels.

          During the Crusades it was said that killing an infidel was noble and was the path to heaven…

  4. The new and re-imagined USMC calls for smaller, battalion sized units with anti-ship missiles engaging in sea denial warfare from Pacific Islands. The target is, of course, the Chinese. What better first place to put the New Corps than Saipan. They can be billeted in those Chinese hotels.

    It would put the People’s Liberation Army out of the money laundering business (what a shame, bless their hearts) and could be used by Marines.

      • Nothing is too good for our boys. Additionally, they’d be a chick magnet for single women who want to go on vacation. The Marnies wouldn’t mind that either.

        Of course, as a Navy man, I’m above such frivolity.

        • With such exceptional restraint we nominate you for King of Saipan…I hear the hotel meals are amazing.

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