Boy Scouts of America

Yesterday, the BSA announced that girls who identify as boys will now be allowed to join the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts – marking a complete capitulation to the gender and sex revolutionaries, and to the ‘social justice warriors’.
From what I can gather, it would be better if they simply changed the name to the “Scouts of America” since it’s no longer going to be a “boy-run organization” at the troop level.
Having been a Boy Scout and having been a council commissioner over a very large council of 33,000 Boy Scouts in the California Inland Empire Council in the past, I do have the capacity to lens this situation. Somewhere around 90% of Boy Scout troops are sponsored by religious organizations in the US. That number may have changed a little since I was a commissioner over a decade ago, but I doubt that it’s changed by that much. Based on my experience, the bulk of those churches, which are predominantly Christian denominations, would have an issue with girls as part of those troops whether or not they identify as male. I’m sure that any “separate but equal” treatment of trannies within scout ranks would be met with lawsuits in ‘progressive’ jurisdictions with tranny judges. 
Scouts of America
The death nell of the BSA has been struck. It is time for Churches to withdraw from the scouting program and allow the organization to die a slow, progressive, death with 10% or less of its current membership. 
This change would allow the introduction of tranny and homosexual scoutmasters and there goes the program, sacrificed on the altar of social justice.


  1. I, too, was a Scout and loved it. My problem is, how does a kid at that age. especially the cub scouts, know they are tranny? I was still playing with girls, climbing trees, swimming in the river, etc and they were with me. Differenc in sex was noted, but not a problem. I believe much of this comes from the parents way of thinking. And on the other side, will they be admitted into the Girl Scouts? Now as a teen, I might have given that some thought. Camping with all girls????

  2. Frederick Russell Burnham would not be amused.

    So what happens with the Girl Scouts? Can a boy who believes he is a female join? If a Homosexual leader is OK in the Boy Scouts, is a straight male OK as a leader in the Girl Scouts?
    Like somebody said, the prog approach is to find a respected institution, take it over, kill it and wear it as a skin suit.

  3. The prog philosophy is that there is absolutely no difference between genders. It's simply a matter of 'identification'.

    And that may works until some prog tranny girl ends up pregnant and then the prog parents sue the BSA. I'm standing by and eating popcorn, waiting for that to happen — and it will.

  4. The courts need to be turned back and we need President Trump to start appointing honorable federal court judges to try and counteract the years of ObamaNation.

  5. Venture Scouts and Sea Scouts are both Coed (though you have to be 14 to join…ageism!!)and they do just as much fun stuff as the Boy scouts. This PC crap has to stop.

  6. I wonder if it will be possible to define a group of people that will have a qualified reason to be offended in a way that the law will protect them. I am thinking of people being concerned about a development in the neighborhood, the community or the country and if they express the concern based on their experience, what they see, read and hear, these people will be stigmatized as Nazis, fascists, xxfob, racists or any other category like deplorables. This group of concerned citizens reacting on crime, violence, theft, cheating, false information and fraud. Would it be possible to define them as a group in the society that will have legal protection against harassment.

  7. The end is near…

    BSA had such a strong legal position (even in this atmosphere) – there is an alternative, Girl Scouts. Further, there is no heterosexuality in scouting either – there is NO SEXUALITY period. What a joke – they have ruined one of the great institutions in America.

    There are other scouting groups for sure, and they can be great…but not the same. At the military academies, Eagle Scout is a box you can check. No other group has that.

  8. "The death nell of the BSA has been struck."

    Sadly, I completely agree. It's over. I used to lament Jimmy Carter's signature on my Eagle Scout paperwork, but now it seems fitting. And I've never been happier that my boys dropped out of BSA and went on to other better things, like the US Military and prison for drug smuggling. Ok, that last one was made up…

  9. Sea Scouts is a very different program from Boy Scouting, but it's an excellent program. The co-ed nature of Venture Scouts and Sea Scouts isn't a problem in my opinion – but it's apples and oranges with the BSA.

  10. No more Order of the Arrow ordeal, and who knows where Eagle will go with the progressive agenda upending the tradition of greatness that program had. I can't see sponsoring organizations including girls who identify as boys. The problems that attend that inclusion create such a web of problems that cutting through it would make it all unworkable.

  11. John, things here are normal on the surface, but you can only be legally offended if you're a freak. Norway maintains a Lutheran core of values from what I experienced that the years of ObamaNation has very strongly eroded here.

    Social justice does not extend to heterosexual Christians who want to run a Boy Scout Troop the way they've been run for 100 years.

    As Race points out below, the BSA has no sexuality in the organization at all. It's colorblind and all religions participate, but it's an organization for boys. "Gender identity" does not turn a girl into a boy, but the progs maintain that it does.

  12. Marine Corps Bootcamp is a great "scouting exercise" for the gruntlet. I hope that he's enjoying his service in the USMC.

  13. I realize that many consider me old fashioned, but to some extent, its the same problem as the argument that the scouts include openly homosexual men as scoutmasters — like putting a chickenhawk right in the coop.

    Parents trust(ed) the BSA program. Boys have benefited greatly from the program. But none of that matters now.

  14. Eliminating scouting has been a long term goal of pacifists. They says scouting is preparation and indoctrination for military training.

  15. PC crap? Why is it called BOY SCOUTS and GIRL SCOUTS?

    The sad part is that the churches have caved. They believe they have to allow all hundred or so variations of sex in order to stop the deathly flow of believers from their physical churches; which if they would stop and think, might be the actual reason people are leaving.

    I think it is indeed the death knell of the Boy Scouts. I was so sad when I heard it last night.

  16. I know, but it's not. The Sea Scouts are closer to that because it's a Navy program, but the BSA does not focus in that direction. There is patriotism in the BSA, you learn to handle the flag, and there is some camping, but it's about as far away as a boot camp atmosphere as you can get.

    Progs would be more content if scouts just got loaded on mushrooms or something and looked for a safe space – while professing to be social justice warriors.

  17. I suspect that there will be a phoenix rise from the ashes and a new organization will form, but things won't be the same as we knew it.

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

  18. Could be worse, my son has Obama. Several in the troop crossed their fingers and waited, they get a Trump signature…but, could have been Hillary. Now THAT was a gamble.

  19. Yes.

    It helped to define me – and many of the young men who I grew up with in ways that we couldn't have had in any other setting. Obviously you had the same reaction.

    The BSA was one of those institutions which helped young men become men. Sadly, I don't think that it will survive this one.

  20. You always had to accept the office, not the person in the big chair.

    The same is true in the Service where you salute the rank, not the person.

  21. Appleseed for Kids, maybe?. Make warrior skills front and center and rub the progs nose in it. Boys love to shoot.

  22. My nephew's son marches as an Eagle Scout representative in Trump's Inaugural Parade. We watched him proudly on television on the 20th (right behind the Univ. of Tennessee marching band). His mother just got on Facebook today and said they are all done with the Boy Scouts.

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