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** SHUT UP! It’s for your own good – Ominously, it is this 34% of Democrats that largely provides its activist base in government, academia, NGOs, the media and elsewhere. Thus, the Left’s most paranoid and rabid proponents of limiting the freedom of Americans are the most empowered to do it. From government mandated and coerced COVID vaccinations through the destruction of parental right to the imposition of the DIE cult and cancel culture, this segment of the Democratic party is making Americans’ lives miserable, and fraying the bonds of civil society.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. – C. S. Lewis

** You are the carbon they want to reduce.

** Horseshoe Canyon petroglyphs – Utah

“Take me to your leader.”

** Many authors make no effort to explain why a very small minority of Ukrainians lean towards Nazi-ism, such as Moscow’s domination and oppression of Ukrainians under the Tsars as well as under the communist years, as well as Ukraine’s (and most of Europe’s and Russia’s) traditional anti-semitism which was mildly reinforced by the fact that Jewish intellectuals were prominent in the rise of the Bolsheviks who were extremely antagonist to Ukrainian nationalism and independence. Coupled with the historical fact of the Moscow-directed Holodomor that culminated in the murder by starvation of millions of Ukrainians, the majority of Ukrainians are little inclined to give away any ground to the Russians today or to bend a knee to demands of Moscow.

Interestingly over two million Ukrainians fought in the Red Army to liberate Ukraine from the Nazis while only tens of thousands fought in pro-Nazi formations. That liberation is still celebrated today in Ukraine no less then it is in Moscow. (At the same time about 100,000 Russians fought in the Nazi-sponsored ROA during the war.)  Many in the West, are busy trying to tell Ukraine that it is in “their best interest” to cede significant territory to Russian aggression and that they are losing the war of attrition to Russia or that the sacrifice is not worth the struggle. Such arrogance reveals a misunderstanding of what this struggle is really about from the standpoint of either Ukraine or Russia or the world in general.

** When I die, I want a crank installed on the side of my coffin that plays the jack-in-the-box song when turned — just to see who has the guts to crank it. See below:


Precision Daytime Bombing…

The missions were flown by children, but nobody questions their bravery or determination. They became the Greatest Generation.



Identify the Aircraft

This one is rare but still fought in WW1.


Identify the Tanks



49 thoughts on “I Should have said That

          1. It’s not well known and when it came out, Pfalz and Fokker had similar aircraft, in large part, the Allies and Axis were studying each other’s aircraft for hints. They started looking a lot like each other.

          2. For some reason, there’s no reply link on LL’s comment below, so this gets stuck here a bit out of sequence. I think part of what’s going on is that there are certain constants in aerodynamics that these designers were discovering. Yes, they most definitely studying the opposition’s machines, but they are all governed by the same laws of physics. When something worked better, they incorporated it into their designs…and the machines start looking more and more alike.

          3. In some well-documented cases, the Germans, suffering from manufacturing shortages, started using the engines from shot-down French and British fighters in new German aircraft.

  1. I never really considered the air war from the German perspective. Day after day, wave after wave, unrelenting and continuous. No matter how many they shot down, more would come again and they got better and better, and then the fighters started coming with them. And the Germans got fewer and fewer. And our attitude, We will not stop, you cannot run, your end has come, pray to your maker, cause you’re going to meet him.
    And after the determined, merciless destruction of their war machine, a merciful conqueror who picked them up and put them back amongst the nations again.
    There has never been a people like our Greatest Generation. Merciless in war, merciful in victory.

  2. Sabaton – Like a pot of strong coffee…that’ll get you going. The visuals showcase the whimpyness of today’s society against that backdrop. Trying to imagine myself in either of those theaters with potential imminent death at any time…might as well give it your all up until the last second.

    Covid Lockdowns proved how weak and afraid people have become, it showed how little the citizenry knows of their Constitutional rights. The rogue government bear is in the house and rummaging through the fridge because someone left a window open. Removing it will be painful. Time For A Reset ™

        1. Slight adjustment, ‘Paul M:CBLF’ (I figured if Beans can have one…boy do I feel special.)

          Note: The ‘CBLF’ could be like “PhD” or “EdD” only without the added benefit of a Student Loan and Lefty Indoctrination. Others should feel free to use it.

          1. LL- Won’t happen, she’ll have to Carbon Reduce her/she -self to save Gaia, and we know that’ll never happen…well…willingly.

            rel- CBLF/AI…has a ring to it, and engineers like precision …AI is [mostly] carbon-based. Of course the Left will decry it as some sort of “intersectional” ridiculousness.

  3. I see a bunch of cannons stood up on their muzzles and a chess piece. Flunked the Rorschach test again, oh well.

        1. Jules already sells her wares on Etsy. You were just a little to slow with the offer.

  4. Precision Daytime Bombing. Children indeed. As a B-17 pilot, by dad was 22. He was the “old man” of his crew.

    1. RHT, as I sit and type (like a keyboard commando) I marvel at the whole scenario. Those who survived the ordeal came out at the Greatest Generation but there were a LOT who didn’t – on both sides.

      1. And for those enamored of the Navy, I *highly* recommend the entire Victory At Sea series. Readily available in DVD for a pittance, and the soundtrack is stirring.

        1. I sat on a round bottom carrier of WW2 vintage (transformed to carry rotors) during the Invasion of Panama (Just Cause), and it was “as seen on TV”.

          1. Every Sunday when Victory At Sea came on, my Dad would watch it in rapt attention. His eyes would get hazy, and he’d just get reeeeal quiet. After all this years, I finally understand…..he was back there.

  5. The Bomber picture. The book was “A Higher Call” I believe. One of those stories that at first is almost impossible to believe but then reminds you that there was once (and hopefully still there is) a sense of honor and humanity left when you least expect.

    If I remember the story correctly, the German pilot was an “old schooler” and he reminisced the fact that one of his old commanding officers would have keel hauled him for shooting that plane down in the condition it was in.

    Now I have to read the book again as it’s been years since I did, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it.

      1. Wow. I didn’t know that. Really reminds one of how well we actually built things when we wanted. Amazing how some planes stay in the air after damages

        1. A-10s are built like that as well and can sustain horrible damage and still return to base. Of course, the USAF hates them.

          1. They are all about fast burners that they can’t keep track of these days. We loved them. The Air Force won’t let them go to us though.

          2. The USAF should relegate all Army close air support to the Army. The Marines have the organics handled within the machine. However, I like the idea of a sea-launched A-10.

            Even the Marines were seduced by the F-35B. I know they wanted a VTOL, but it’s too much money and too much wire for what they need.

        2. The B-17 was overbuilt and it showed.

          The B-24 was built to the edge of possibilities, and though it could fly faster and carry heavier loads than the B-17, was much more susceptible to damage, especially noted for shedding the very narrow wings.

          And, yes, a naval version of the A-10 should have happened. Fill the roles of the A-1D and the A-7, and would have made an excellent anti-shipping platform.

          Of course, the Navy should never have gotten rid of the S-3 Hoover, and should have moved forward with the Super-Tomcat (basically a brand-new plane based upon the Tomcat, you know, like the Super Hornet was based upon the Hornet.)

          What went through Navy brains when they shortened the combat radius by getting rid of any long-range fighter/bomber.

          1. The Navy became woke and stopped thinking about warfighting. Ask Old NFO. There was a time when queers were mustered out. Today they’re celebrated.

    1. Yes, exactly. And here’s the OTHER Sabaton video about it.


      “there was once (and hopefully still there is) a sense of honor and humanity left when you least expect”

      Indeed. And there was the following from Sabaton’s write up about it: “Ye Old Pub [the Brit plane] makes it back to England, barely, and it is a small miracle that it manages a landing. The commanding officer is about to award them medals for their service, but High Command gets wind of the story and is furious. No one can know. The mission never happened. Everything is swept under the rug.” Of course. A story like that getting out would be a disaster. It would have made important men like Henry Morgenthau Jr angry.

      1. Only the B-17 could have survived such damage. That’s how overbuilt they were.

  6. Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
    I had a similar thought this morning.
    We do not want a benevolent government. They always tend toward malevolent government.
    Their experts know better than you about what is good for you.
    The gifts they give you have a price tag you cannot afford.

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