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Captioned Photo: Some construction experience could be helpful when you make your break from civilization.


For those of you who want to make your mark on the blogosphere, this is your big moment. Vent your anger, blame everyone but me, and start eating your used chewing gum collection to absorb your angst. Everything is on the table, but be respectful.


It’s April 1 – congratulations if you’ve made the year so far.


Bullet Points:

** Let’s cancel April Fool’s Day because there’s no prank out there that can top what USGOV is doing to each of us.

** In the US, we are more likely to be incarcerated by pointing out election fraud than by engaging in election fraud.

** If Pres. Trump is guilty of overvaluing his property for twenty years; doesn’t New York City owe him a property tax rebate?

** (h/t WWW) – A news report made waves Friday in the US capital with its humorous — but detailed — investigation into rampant theft from the press section of Air Force One, the president’s official plane.

“For years, scores of journalists — and others — have quietly stuffed everything from engraved whiskey tumblers to wine glasses to pretty much anything with the Air Force One insignia on it into their bag before stepping off the plane,” Politico reported.

Last month, the White House Correspondents’ Association emailed its members, issuing a stern notice that missing items from the press cabin — kept by reporters as memorabilia — had not gone unnoticed.

** The Daily Caller reported, “White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to storm out of a local radio interview in North Carolina after the host asked her if President Joe Biden has dementia, according to a clip of an interview shared by the station.”

What kind of question was that? The interviewer insulted KJP’s intelligence. Of course, he has dementia. Why do you think Obama made him president?



In Arizona

I hear people complain about the price of homes, the low inventory of homes for sale, the high cost of rent, and, at the same time, the need to get away from it all.  There are many previously used but presently unoccupied locations in Arizona. Some of them are archaeologically sensitive, but there is a bright side. They won’t be anymore once you’ve moved all of your crap in. Set up some solar panels and start distilling water from the air.

Given that many of these locations are unknown to modern society, it’s an opportunity to start over. When the big reset is finished it won’t have touched you. The big EMP? Laugh at it, you won’t know that it happened. You’ll be on your way to establishing your own civilization. Food is not a problem for somebody with a taste for rattlesnake meat. Indian corn grows in places such as this. SATCOM means that you can reach your stock broker or your mom from these remote locations.  Surprise your wife with your ingenuity, amaze your friends, and sublet the basement!


Dead Man’s Fingers – Ick

Xylaria polymorpha, commonly known as dead man’s fingers, is a saprobic fungus growing from the bases of rotting tree stumps and decaying wood. It has elongated upright stromata poking up through the ground, much like fingers. If you locate the fungus, there is not (necessarily) a rotting corpse under the fallen tree.


Identify the Tank


Parting Shots


Don’t take your guns to town?

Maybe you’d best take them, bring extra loaded magazines.

51 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. Happy Atheist Day.
    To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, They have done abominable works, There is none who does good.

    1. Pick anything on the Left – Climate, Renewables/Green Energy,Covid…or a massive pile of the latest Chicken Little fears – these are all false religions they wish all to bend a knee. The weakness of half the Christian’s out there (spit-balled number but gotta be near that) proves people will believe anything without actually thinking…out of fear.

  2. I hear Joe Biden has repented and asked Pope Francis for forgiveness and penance.
    So President Trump will now have a means to go after all the Fake News agents for theft. I sure hope those guys/gals/xers get good lawyers who know what the meaning of is, is; so that they don’t spend J6 time in jail for stealing those “classified” note pads and microchipped pens. Oh, they aren’t micro-chipped now? Who’d you give those super duper secret chips to? Fun times in 2025.

    1. “…asked Pope Francis for forgiveness and penance.” How about asking God directly, Joe? No need for an intermediary unless you are trying (and believing one can) hide from God.

      1. It’s a PR thing. If the Pope grants Pedo Joe absolution, he can use it to broadcast his piety and purity in the upcoming election.

  3. “…and start eating your used chewing gum collection to absorb your angst.” Now there’s a creative line with a particular visual….might just borrow that.
    Opening Salvo- Yup, and how many in 2020-2022 exited suburbia for the hinterland but didn’t know which end of a hammer to use? We need to teach the yungin’s not everything can be done with an App. (now I sound like an Old Guy…wait…I are one, sorta).
    Trump v. NY Scum (aka. Junkyard Dog v. Yippy Ankle Biter)- Wouldn’t be surprised if The Donald didn’t send an Invoice for Repayment of back taxes just to mess with them. Money/Mouth, pay up Letitia.
    In Arizona- I WOULD live there…very cool. Altho…the Code Ninny’s would say that stair railing is “is unsafe and not up to code”, to which I ask, “Yeah, but does it work?” (Building Codes are fine and necessary…right up until the Trades Unions got involved to push their agenda to increase revenues, now they are bloated and ridiculous, adding expense to everything that We The People get to pay.)

  4. This just over the transom from a brother, belying my “hammer” comment above:
    “Mike Rowe is having an impact!” (Good, most colleges should go out of business, which is a start to removing Lefty indoctrination centers from our landscape.)
    “How Gen Z Is Becoming the Toolbelt Generation- More young workers are going into trades as disenchantment with the college track continues, and rising pay and new technologies shine up plumbing and electrical jobs.” (paywalled)

  5. i read they’re firing up the large hadron collider at cern, on 08april24 no less. what could go wrong? Lord help us…. uncle sugar is up to something. why else tell us to prepare for 08april24?

    1. If they create a black hole, you won’t be around long enough to voice many concerns before you’re incorporated into the event horizon.

  6. I like both those houses. The second one seems to have unusually nice
    fields of fire. Also nice top cover from arty… although if the burglars have arty
    I’m pretty well fucked anyway.


    Tank looks like a T-55 or maybe a Type 59… weird skirts though.


    Don’t take your guns to town: Around here, I have some trouble making
    them admit I can take them to the range.

    The video is sort of weird – You’d think they could have come up with a better blocking
    force on the ground, than to just use a Blackhawk; seems like a helo is less than ideal
    for that. Also, why the stern chase? On top of that, if they were just gonna kill them all,
    why bother landing at all, before they were dead? Just light them up with door MGs
    for a while, then go get fingerprints, or whatever.
    – Kle.

    1. The stonehouses depicted were made by a group of native americans previously called Anasazi. The Anasazi were hunted down, killed and eaten by the current native american ancestors who were immagrants of the time; sometime around just prior to Europeans arriving in North America. Fixed defenses do not work.

      The movie was one of the “Sicario” movies.

      1. The second Sicario film: Day of the Soldato
        “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidy of man,” Gen. George S. Patton

        1. Fixed fortifications have their place, especially the lower the tech level of the attacker. You have to have a base camp of some sorts and supply caches (has anyone else noticed that the news media are now pronouncing ‘cache’ as ‘cash-ey’ rather than ‘cash’?) and to not fortify them (bases and cashes) is a moronically stupid thing to do.

          But, at the same time, one has to have movement elements to their fixed fortifications. Patrols, mounted troops (of whatever variety terrain and tech level will allow), airborne assets and maritime assets if possible. Airborne can be just aerostats or all the way to fixed wing, while maritime can be something as lowtech as a canoe or surfboard up to fully armed patrol boats and bigger.

          Of course, anything more complex than a person requires bases of some sorts, so back to fixed fortifications and caches…

          1. Fixed fortifications work if nobody knows that there are fixed fortifications.

          2. Fixed fortifications work if the attackers don’t have ways to breach walls or set fires. Against gangs and pAntifa and such, fixed fortifications work. Especially if you have your very own rooftop Koreans or the equivalent.

            Against a force that has ways to breach the wall and the will to seige it out? Yeah, no.

            But a good fixed fortification with sally ports and escape tunnels that aren’t known, yeah, that will hold against even good tactical teams.

  7. Since we have free reign…this just in from the Fine Dining Restaurant Group in Jackson Hole (7 well-known establishments)…brother knows the chef/owners so gotta be legit:
    “As the vibrant Summer season approaches, FDRG is gearing up for an innovative shift. In a move to embrace the rich biodiverstiy of Jackson Hole and its surroundings, the renowned restaurant group has announced plans to transition all its local establishments to feature exclusively vegan menus, allowing our chefs to experiment with new food preparations and ultra-local components, including making our iconic Friday night scallop dish at The Bistro out of a blend of tofu and plant ingredients, accompanied by sauteed baby bitterbrush, crispy western wheatgrass and balsamroot vinaigrette. Really, we were just ready to shake it up,” Kendal Elassanfro, Communications Executive, shared.”

    Some of the new dishes include morell mushroom and indian paintbrush soup, elk pellet crusted cauliflower steak and sagebrush “Caesar” salad.
    April Fools…except in this era of Demented Wokeness it was a funny play that fooled a lot of folks, enough that my brother called the owner. “elk pellet crusted cauliflower steak”…that’s hilarious!

    1. It’s witty, but you know that some woke freak would order the elk pellet crusted cauliflower steak drenched in wolf urine.

      1. …with a side of Goose Scat Sorbet to cleanse the palate between courses. (Hey, it’s green just like mint sorbet!)
        Hate to ask what would be the Gaia Sensitive ingredients for the whipped butter vegan replacement…gotta be fly larvae or other gross nonsense. But hey, they were locally sourced, free-range, and non-GMO…so must be good.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Stewart is a leftist and prattles in lefty talking points, so he’s safe.

    1. April 1 is your day, WSF.
      No April Fool – as I prepare for time on the road to pay the bills, I am looking at news articles to comment on for the blog in the coming week and it’s a serious challenge to sift out what is an April Fool Joke and what is serious news. Things sank that far. Under normal circumstances, I’d think that POTUS declaring Sodomite Day on Easter would be a hoax in very bad taste. But it wasn’t a hoax. Like that.

      1. How do you define ‘news’? We read/hear information. An example is a ship hits a bridge support near Baltimore. What follows is endless speculation; speculation with what bias?

        As to the bridge mishap we shouldn’t rule out a clusterf**k of human error.

        Consider the Nord Stream pipelines. Some folks with knowledge of how pipelines work point out improper shut down and start up practices can cause an explosion. Not nearly as much fun as James Bond Special Ops missions.

        Not totally believe anything sure helps my mental health.

  8. The pilot of that helicopter deserves the title of “aviator” for that fine piece of flyin’. Kudos.

      1. Haven’t watched either, need to….and Brolin’s expression, stood in front of a mirror for a few hours to get that just right.Thinking we need some of that now to stop these bums being open-doored into our country by The Husk and his Handlers…judge just let out the illegal criminals who breached the wire last week.
        Speaking of outrage…what happened to FSK Bridge news? Fell of the map real quick. Have TPTB done any actual work to clear the wreckage and reopen the languishing port?

          1. Tiny presser today heard later…the mayor was all proud that crews removed (he had to say it of course) “a 200ft section” of wreckage to make a “temporary” (gov’t-speak for “permanent”) shipping channel. Have they already hired the engineering firm(s) to redesign the new mid-span (the transitions at each end were intact from what I can see in pictures), or are they waiting on “official grifters” to gin-up a graft-ridden contract for their union buddy’s?

            How many steelworkers and salvage crews are on site? One? Two? How about getting a dozen teams with crane barges etc….”Get it friggin’ moved along pal, quit farting around trying to hire the Didn’t Earn It cross-dressing crowd with weird hair and a drug problem” But there I go sounding like a productive private sector American because I’m clueless how government works, except to do the exact opposite of normal thinking at 1000x the cost and 10x the schedule.

          2. Yeah, there’s that…the EIS employs even more shops to grift from the largess…for something that already existed for 50 years and was just fine – environmentally that is – and simply needs rebuilt. But put one drip of diesel into the river (despite the ships coming and going) and yer toast. Yup, an enrichment game that we don’t get to play (nor would we).

      2. Yes, it is. Apparently, they’re still talking about making Sicario 3, with Brolin and del Toro and possibly Emily Blunt coming back, let’s hope they don’t talk it to death.

      1. The Arizona cries as her crew is full again.

        (the oil slicks from her are called ‘tears of the Arizona’ or ‘Arizona’s tears’ for those not in the know… One day, eventually, she’ll stop crying, eventually…)

  9. Is it okay (borrowing the title of an old movie) to call Haitian gangs, C.H.U.D.s (Cannibalistic Haitian Urban Dwellers)?

  10. I’ve got a copy of “Back to Basics” (a Readers’ Digest book on farming and rural life) and they cover stone walls, how to build them and how to repair them.

    I also watch the youtube channel “Les Jeromes” (two guys named Jerome) who are rehabilitating an old chateau in France. They deal a lot with unstacking and restacking stone walls. Along with “Escape to Rural France” (an Englishman who’s rehabilitating an old chateau) who also has lots of video about unstacking and repairing stone walls.

    It’s a useful skill. Especially if you’re in an area where stones are common and they come up from frost heaves.

    The same skills for building a wall or a building come into use building stone sangers for fortifying a fighting hole in dry and rocky terrain.

    1. This was unreal in skills (rebuilding a French Barn):

      Check out Martijn Doolaard’s YT channel, rebuilding stone cabins in Italian Alps. His neighbor is also terrific, Donjojohannes (Father Johannes, very cool). I also enjoy The Outsider YT (Canadian)….and Leo over at Sampson Boat is nearing the finish line in rebuilding the Tally Ho up in Port Townsend…more skills than I possess (and that’s admitting something as a typical male who believes I can do anything I put my mind to).
      —A lot of serious talent out there, which is refreshing.

  11. As to election fraud and crimes, it’s only a crime if a conservative does it. Tell me I’m wrong.

    1. So long as you allow woke operatives to count the votes, there will be no election fraud and vote tampering as they define it.

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