10 thoughts on “The Storm Bringer

  1. You can't argue with modern day weaponry! I'm sure she will rise again and in fact can think of many storm bringers. Good story.

  2. Yes, and the world would be much better off if Cecile was sent to a place long ago in a far-away galaxy where she could don a black helmet and cloak and do what she does best.

  3. There would definitely be two Sith lords in that far away galaxy. The only question is which one is the master and which one is the apprentice?

  4. A good start in a new world… kill everything that moves. Sounds human to me. It's funny that Obozo said today that the immigrants coming today is much like the new arrivals on the Mayflower. Let me see… what did the new arrivals do to the indigenous population. Kill them, take their land, rape and pillage their town and send the survivors to Oklahoma. Yep, it is happening again.

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