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Jewish voters remain the most steadfast of Obama’s support base. I don’t get it, I will never understand it, but that’s the way it is. When he’s dragging the sack for money to build a monument to himself (Presidential Library), he continually returns to Hollywood Jews and New York Jews, who write very large checks.
Jews feel the same way about Hillary Clinton that they do about Obama, and yet the US under Obama/Clinton has a very untrustworthy track record.

George Soros (a Jew and a former Nazi) and a few like him are more like the capos in the prison camp than they are the people being gassed, and in that case, I get it. There are rotten apples in every culture. But as a people? How are they so gullible? You’d think that a people so caught up in the holocaust in Europe in the 1940’s and the establishment of a homeland in Israel would feel differently. But they don’t. They firmly back the Obama Administration no matter what whacky decisions it makes, and no matter how much its policies add to the threat against the State of Israel.

American liberals are all pro-Muslim, as apparently are American Jews, almost all of whom are liberal. Go figure. I didn’t think that steers made treaties with meat packers, but I may be wrong.

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  1. In the case of a muslim take over, the liberal ding-dings would be the first taken apart, maimed, etc.

  2. According to a very good, fairly "Orthodox" Jewish friend, most American Jews aren't really Jewish…..

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