I Don’t Blame Bush

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George W. Bush and family don’t deserve the credit/blame for dismantling Barack’s legacy. To be fair, they weren’t invited to the party. 

Jeb! tried to crash the party, but he left before the booze started to flow and returned to his home in Florida where he remains a malevolent hector, downing martinis at the country club, lamenting his loss to all who will lend an ear.
The Bush family are in large part responsible for the presidency of Barack…which is their legacy as well. And they can take a victory lap for the presidency of Donald Trump because in the end they didn’t have any more credibility with the voters than Barack did.
“Legacy candidates” Jeb! and Hillary, who felt that the nation owed them the presidency will go down in the history books as a dim corner, soon forgotten. Though Michelle Obama may be remembered by historians as one of the ugliest and least gracious of first ladies in modern time. I guess it’s something to make the history books if only as a footnote.

19 thoughts on “I Don’t Blame Bush

  1. I don't personally dislike them – but to some extent they helped create Obama. And more recently they didn't do much to defeat his clone, Hillary.

  2. The "read my lips" and "new world order" of the Bush clan chief never did much for me except raise my hackles. And Bush 43's Medicare Part D debacle is also a deal breaker.

  3. The whole "new world order", a mantra that Hillary swallowed whole, never went over well with me. AND – It's time that we stop paying money into the UN.

  4. It's time we throw the UN out of the US. Let them go to Brussels, where they'll be right at home.

    And perhaps we can turn the former UN buildings into something useful….say public housing?

  5. The Bush clan were (and are) nothing more than Liberal-lite impostors. Dog whistle liberal nostrums such as Daddy W's 'voodoo economics' (which conservatives call market forces), and Dubya's 'compassionate conservatism' (euphemism for big government spending) should have tipped all of us off as to their intentions for the country. We were duped. Bamboozled. Hornswoggled.

    Yes, they absolutely paved the way for Obama to lay waste to our country. The entire blue blood clan deserve their little corner in the 'Hall of Failure.'

  6. George HW Bush provided the internationalists with some measure of comfort with Ronald Reagan in the White House. His legacy and that of his son was repudiated by America with the election of Donald Trump. In a very real sense, Barack was a type of big government extension of the Bush plan.

  7. Yes, both Barry and Dubya deficit spent like drunken sailors, with Barry racking up about twice what Dubya did. But Dubya spent a BUTT LOAD of money we didn't have, no doubt about it, and he was on 'OUR' side. Humph. Now, Barry, we knew he would tax and spend like there was no tomorrow, as he is a liberal Democrat. Like the GEICO commericals, 'it's what they do.'

  8. Moochelle may be the ugliest and least gracious of first ladies in modern time, but she did wear the pants in the family. I mean, only the true leader of the family could spend as much money as she did on her mom and daughters, while boosting the economy of several countries and places while on numerous vacations. A true man of the family would have put his foot down and told her to chill.

  9. George Bush and Barack spent like crazy – and to be fair, some of Barack's expenditure came from the financial collapse, whose seeds were sowed during the second Clinton term.

    We need to shrink the size of government. That has to be an overarching theme.

  10. Ponderous and lumbering Jeb, the retarded Bush brother, tried to rely on his mom to bring him support. It only made him look pathetic.

  11. They're both grand ideas. The UN presence in the US provides diplomatic cover for hundreds of spies on American soil, and the membership does not pay its dues. Relocation to Brugge and repurposing to luxury Trump condos makes sense to me.

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