A Tale of Two Countries

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I rarely quote the New York Times, but I like what they did here. It’s worth reading the article and I won’t regurgitate that. 
Hillary Clinton’s America
The point has been made that the Democrats style themselves as the party of the ‘little man, the forgotten worker, etc.’ But that’s not how the country looks, is it? The Clinton archipelago only takes in fetid inner cities, a few Indian (feather) reservations and some liberal artsy enclaves, representing 15% of the country’s land mass. 
The answer Dems are formulating, if the press is to be believed, is that they must be more socialistic, more opposed to traditional American values and need a former Black Panther revolutionary running the DNC (if it’s possible to blend both an archest and a communist) to lead their march back from defeat. Maybe take Elizabeth (fake Indian) Warren as their figurehead?

That’s not what I read from the map.  But I’m not a prog.

My advice to the progs is that they need to go with their gut and they need to keep those children on the street smashing main street, breaking glass, stopping traffic, blocking ambulances, screaming and destroying to show support for the Party of Clinton. Soros, send more money to keep the revolution going.
Donald Trump’s America
Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s America has a different vision. If the progs are angry now, I can only imagine their unbridled fury at an improved economy as America rebuilds from the disastrous Obama years.

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  1. I've known for over 20 years that there is a huge chasm between city dwellers and "country" dwellers. I also believe that you will be shaped by the people with whom you surround yourself. For instance, a trip to St.Paul is like going to a foreign country. Since I never plan on stepping foot in MN ever again, I can skip learning the language.

    I often wonder if I had not left when I was 17 and migrated to Texas would I have, in time, morphed into a prog? The answer scares me.

  2. That's my take, as well. Keep filling the streets with thugs, Commies. See how long that works.

  3. Don't be scared. Some people are immune from birth. My first projectile vomiting, as an infant in the early 60s, was directed at the stupid hippies demonstrating against the war. My mom will verify. She'd walk in front of the TV, and they'd mention the war dead… nothing. Then, Jane Fonda would appear and *speeeeeewwwwwww*. True story. And the whole time my dad was kind of a liberal and wore a goatee, long hair and stripey pants just like Hillary's.

  4. The first time this red blue thing came to my attention was Dubya's first election. Looked similar, with the blue infested by the takers, and the red populated by the makers. And I am still irked that we got the red, and they got the blue. They are as commie pinko red as beets, politically speaking.

    Hasn't changed much. How was it possible for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to win California and New York? That is not possible now, did the liberals breed like rabbits in those two states since the good ol' days?

  5. One thing Trump can do for the inner city residents is to attack voter fraud in the years ahead and bring to trial those practicing it or allowing it to happen. I am thinking of a dedicated task force. Fair elections might encourage good people to run for office. Clean up the cities from the inside.

  6. In the 50's and 60's the men in my family wore crew cuts. When my generation rebelled, I rebelled against them and became more conservative. The term "baby killer" appealed to me during the Vietnam War because it was uttered by unwashed, long hair'd, drugged out hippies. They and the iconic Hanoi Jane and John Kerry were everything that I didn't want to be. I haven't changed much.

  7. Hireling communists will appeal to the progs in Clinton's America until they burn down other prog homes and destroy other prog businesses. You don't see progs rioting outside of their enclaves because people wouldn't stand for it. It's like blacks who riot and destroy the stores where they shop and do business — and then whine and complain because there are no stores in the neighborhood.

  8. They swapped red and blue on purpose.

    White elite liberals don't have more than one politically correct child that is sent East to some enclave like Tufts University where they pay $70K per year to make the urchin a clone of themselves. The immigrants typically expand the population base. Many blacks opt for abortions (80% in New York City at last report), which you'd think that the Dems would oppose simply for the sake of pulling in votes.

  9. The only way to deal with voter fraud is to copy Mexico and have government issued voting cards. The card is punched each time that you vote. You have to show up at the polling place to vote. No mail-in votes.

    The fix for the inner cities is jobs. At least that's how I see it. I don't know that you can handle it any other way. The dignity of work means that you tend to care about what you have because it's earned, not given.

    The Democrats created a "plantation" for slaves and it's called means-based benefits. People who swallow the hook become slaves to the system.

  10. The Dems want to be the party of the inner city slaves and their proglyte masters. I'd say that they succeeded in that by looking at the map. Global warming may end up pushing all of those islands underwater…

  11. Institutions of higher learning have gone from being places that should be described as ‘intellectual boot-camps,’ where [students] are challenged with a diversity of new ideas, to being places that might now be, more accurately, described as ‘kindergartens’ for adults where they are no longer challenged, but instead treated as fragile, intellectual children and coddled with a ‘safe place’ response to anything challenging or unsettling. Add that to the demand from minorities to segregation based solely on race, and you end up with a CIRCUS that people pay $50K+ per year for their spoiled children to attend.

  12. When I was on the job we used to say that people needed a "blue enema." It's a simple medical procedure utilizing an idiot, a night stick and a pissed off cop. It has occurred to me that a judicious application of this practice is entirely appropriate for a new generation of idiots.

  13. Okay – I feel better. I hated the hippies, the people who spit on the Vietnam vets, and Hanoi Jane. Both my mom and dad were diehard conservative Republicans. Maybe I was vaccinated against being a prog.

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