Trump NH Victory, etc.

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President Trump enjoyed unprecedented success in yesterday’s New Hampshire Primary.

Incumbent voter turnout is a good indicator of where it’s headed in the general election. These numbers are likely spurred by the impeachment hoax and voter anger. They indicate a landslide in New Hampshire in November. The same was true with Iowa.

8 thoughts on “Trump NH Victory, etc.

  1. I read an article about a political consultant that claimed she had proved that there was no such thing as a "swing" voter.
    Only a question of whether they'll vote or not.
    I'm not sure I agree, but if it's all about turnout, then apparently she's wrong about a Dem landslide.

  2. It's about turnout most of the time. If the Bernie bros are screwed by the Democrats out of a fair shot, they'll stay home or vote for Trump. If black voters don't see something they like, they will traditionally stay home. The younger voters often can't be bothered to vote.

    Bloomberg will go corporate and buy air time and will try and persuade that way. He himself is obnoxious and is not likable. I don't think that he'll do well on the debate stage, but we will see. He can hire the best coaches money can buy.

  3. At least there's hope of another four years of positive leadership. I think that having a communist in the White House would be very bad.

  4. Those numbers must be deeply concerning to the inner Democrat circle. Likewise, the Never Trumpers who make their living as the "loyal opposition".

  5. I think that most of them have decided that they are likely to have four more years of Trump unless Bloomberg can buy the nation. And maybe he can? I don't think that anyone tried before.

  6. I know it's weird but campaigning on trans toilets, higher taxes and unlimited immigration doesn't seem as popular as they thought.

  7. "I think that having a communist in the White House would be very bad."

    You mean another one?


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