Glenn Beck, Fox and the Nation

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I’m still not sure what the real back story is with Glenn Beck, but I know that the job he held with Fox was valued by many viewers who wanted to find out what the heck was happening with the country. He provided a fountain of wisdom and sometimes depressing prognostications. In the PICTURE ABOVE, we see the graphic depiction of the end of an iconic run that Beck had.
The red phone never rang, the Obama regime never disputed a word that Beck said. An army of angry attorneys never descended on Fox. Beck said it and it must have been true — all of it. Now we as a nation are faced with the reality of what he’s said and it’s up to us to either make a better nation, or not.

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  1. L.L.,

    Something I wrote a couple of years ago but I think dead on here. Glen tried to fight the good fight. for that if for no other reason, he will be sadly missed.

    Raise Your Voices! Glenn Beck is Correct!

    While I very rarely watch Glen Beck, I happened to see his repeat program yesterday. Please note, I rarely watch him because I do not have the time, not because I don't want to. Anyone who has seen anything I put out knows where I stand on issues and it would be fair to say that I do agree with Beck on most things. So why do I bring this up?

    As he laid out his chart comparing our founding fathers to the current radical administration and it's lackeys, my first thought was of course "Just what I've been saying all along!" But I also reflected on the fact that this goes so far beyond the usual politics as he has been saying. It does in fact go to the very core of our ideals and what this country stands for! As such, while I know I have mentioned our founding fathers and so on in the past, I found myself thinking I to needed to, for want of better words, refresh my ideals as per the founding fathers.

    So yesterday, I read! Common Sense (Tom Paine's) as well as Beck's book. The Constitution. The Declaration. I even started on the Federalist papers. I looked up quotes and musings from Jefferson, Washington, Adams and more. And not just what Beck was quoting! Then as Beck did in his own way, I compared them to the paper and tape trail left by the President and his advisers.

    NOTE: Glen always says not to just take him at face value.Never just take his word only. Educate yourselves on every angle of a subject. If you can prove him wrong he will admit as much. As such, I would tend to pay more attention to someone like him then the hate mongers and elitists out there who only want you to see their way of thinking.

    Now we all know I myself have absolutely no use for this administration and it's Socialist policies. I've stated before that these folks think they know more then the rest of us as well as they feel they are too smart to make the same mistakes that other failed Marxist countries have done.

    Well guess what folks. It's worse then even I have been ranting about! This is not just a fundamental change in American government as the President has stated. This is in fact a takeover of every facet of our civilization here. In other words, we are on a lock step march towards a hard line Soviet style dictatorship! We are allowing these people to stomp on our rights and deny us our heritage as a free people!

    I've said before the truth will win out if presented to the people and if the people are in fact paying attention! Of course, that would also mean all the people out there with their hands out would have to become responsible citizens, something any Marxist government frowns on.

    That is why it is so important to raise our voices, Throw the truth out, loudly and boldly! This administration is afraid of the truth, just as all dictators and for that matter lying politicians are!

    I beseech everyone out there. Please, step back and re-educate yourselves as to our country's founding ideals! Somehow we have managed to allow these bastards to brainwash the last few generations! It has to stop! Our very existence as a free country depends on it!

    In this technology age, it's easy to look up and see everything these idiots in DC are and have said and written. Take their own words and deeds! Compare them with what our founding fathers left us! And, if you are even remotely open minded and have even a shred of moral fiber, if you can stop long enough to remember what made this country the greatest ever, be prepared for the shock of your life! You'll see your country is being taken away from you! And if you sit back any longer, you will only have yourselves to blame!

  2. I think he is far from done. Fox is going down hill since the Saudi's money became involved.

  3. I've been a fairly faithful Beck watcher and follower. In fact, if I miss it during it's run at 3pm in my state, then it's DVR'd and I watch it later with Splenda Daddy. I find it so fascinating that no one could ever dispute him I get irritated at those that call him a fearmonger. Do I feel fear sometimes after a show or reading up on what he says? Yes. But then again, I allow that fear to drive me to do something. ANYTHING. Even if all I can do is to better prepare my own family.

    I hope he keeps his radio show because quite honesly, I enjoy that as entertainment so much more. I absolutleuy LOVE his sarcasm! He and Stu are my favorite parts of my morning commute!

  4. I know it's strange, but I'm not a Glenn Beck fan. Then again, I don't watch TV or listen to the radio, so I've never had a reason to watch his FOX show.

    I do agree, however, that there ought to be as many conservative voices out there as possible and Back seemed to be doing a fine job of holding his own against liberalism.

  5. Wo Fat – Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, owns 7% of Fox voting stock.

    Euripides/M-Cat – I didn't TVO Beck nor watch his show every day. Frankly to do so was to be depressed and I can only take so much of that. But I'm sad that he's off the air. We need all of the voices that we can get.

    Old NFO – Yes.

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