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Sometimes home is where your butt is.
USS Mount Whitney, flagship, Sixth Fleet – and a Russian “trawler”.
Still, they are homes away from home for both sides of the equation.
Cramped bunks in a submarine. That’s all the privacy you’re going to
get…and if you’re junior, you’re going to have somebody else sleeping
in it (and passing gas) while you’re on watch.
Sleeping in Afghanistan – A soldier from 1st Battalion Welsh Guards
(1WG) rests following intense fighting with Taliban insurgents
in Helmand, Afghanistan during Operation Panchai Palang 2
(Op Panthers Claw).
When you’re in a hammock, it’s not as easy for the camel spiders and death stalker scorpions to get to you.
Copping a few Z’s in the aircraft
Not much to look at …. but they call it home (for now)

Think about home…

17 thoughts on “Home Away from Home

  1. I remember a video from a few years ago. Showed how a guy is a decent home was sold on a vision of getting a larger home. He mortgaged his lifestyle and paid for it dearly, until he could no longer pay and lost his house. That old starter home looked pretty good after all that. Greed and yuppy-ism is not all it has cracked up to be. Living falsely on borrowed money is "so LA".

  2. So glad my girl is out of that living in a tent gig. She just rented a house in Fayetteville and got a dog.

  3. Ummm, not being picky, but that sub pic is the O-4 billet, they and the CO are the only ones with a private toilet… I still prefer the fwd torpedo room, at least there you can sit up without banging your head… And home is where the hell ever the suitcase is… sigh…

  4. I like the heads on a sub because they're complex. At least through the 688's. I don't know about the Seawolf or the Virginia Class.

  5. I never seem to be happy with the house I 'currently' live in. While I have never found myself not being able to afford the house that I purchase, I can never afford the house I REALLY want. However, when I find myself in the tent…or just a bivy sack…I'm pretty content…

    Its all relative…

  6. I don't know why that is – but I have the same problem. The place that I really want always seems to be just beyond my grasp. Having said that, an adequate garage (defining adequate expands as the toys multiply) started with a two car unit, moved to a three car unit and today if you were to ask me, it would be a four car garage with 12' high ceilings (and a grease pit in one bay) with an adjoining LARGE metal and wood work shop.

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