We are now living under Mandalorian Rules.

  • Never touch your face.
  • Avoid large crowds –  if you encounter more than three people in one place, they are likely there to try and kill you.
  • If you have to be near others, keep your distance.

May the farce be with you.


    • If you wore a Mandalorian helmet, that would handle #1. And when you are out serving eviction paperwork, it would make a big impression on the people you are dealing with. Bottom line – you need a Mandalorian helmet for general purposes.

    • China is on the clock. Today, it is formidable, with a sophisticated and capable military. The Chinese may be able to win a confrontation, even a war, with the United States. Under Obama’s policy of surrender, China had a chance of overtaking us economically while growing its military until its primacy was a fait accompli. But Trump killed that dream with his trade war, exposing the inherent weaknesses of the Chinese economy. And should the aftermath of the pandemic play out without interference, China’s position in the world will be irreparably damaged.

      What does China have to lose?

      Time is not on China’s side. Unless the Chinese destroy us on the field of battle soon, the clock will run out, and the dream of the coming “Chinese century” will be just that: a dream.

      Everything they are doing points to them preparing to do so.

      Fact: 2019 was China’s worst financial year in 47 years, and 2020 was looking to be worse.
      Fact: The Chinese Plague was a PR nightmare for China, portending worsening relations with the rest of the world.

      Are you (not “you”, Steve-in-Texas) suggesting that a nuclear exchange would be better for China than what they have now? Maybe an invasion of Taiwan as a prelude to war with the US? Whatever face the Chinese have left would be lost if they invaded Taiwan. China is surrounded by enemies. India doesn’t like them (they are an ally of Pakistan), Japan hates them, South Korea mistrusts them, Vietnam despises them and they don’t have full control of the high ground in Space (yet).

      Ask yourself what China would stand to gain by starting a war with the USA – and her allies?

      They could invade the Philippines, but the P. I. revoked the visiting forces agreement with the US, cutting ties partially. Ok, they get the P. I., which gives them more of a defensive barrier. Would the US respond? Likely not. So why start shooting at the USA? A naval battle where? In Chinese waters, off the coast of Oahu (been tried before) or will they land in California, which they sort of own anyway? They don’t have the stroke to project military power to the US unless they launch nuclear missiles and the US Trident missile fleet would flatten every major city in China. It’s a zero sum game.

      • If my understanding empires tyrants power and legitimacy is close, they are a paper dragon. Not because they don’t have physical capabilities, they do, but because the nature of such power as the Chinese Soviet. The nature of such power when it begins to fold it happens so quickly if your not looking right at it you miss it, nobody saw the Russian Soviet and it’s Nomenklatura’s collapse, and those guys OWNED Russia in fee simple.
        It’s not unlike the same in the West in this respect, where ever more energy and resources must be employed to maintain the illusion of legitimacy of that power, that State, those with their grips on the levers of power.
        Withdrawal of peoples consent is a powerful one. It’s said it is the most powerful weapon ever devised. I Won’t! MYOB! NO. BFYTW.
        Tacit consent is fragile where withdrawal of peoples consent possesses anti-fragile, creative destruction components. It’s grass roots, open source, insurgency.
        All there is is power. Mao said it himself, all political power grows from the barrel of the gun, yet, culture is upstream of politics. Whats culture if it is not open source, grass roots? Ideology? Cargo Cult? Social Engineering? Diversity? Progressivism? Marxism. All intellectual/ideological farces created to control people, create tacit consent for basically organized crime syndication dressed up in a suit of government legitimacy.
        The power of the Chinese Soviet is similar to the power of those running things here, regardless of the ruthless nature of it’s actors, they must maintain at least the fig leaf of being legitimate. All they really have is the power to hurt. The threat of use of force, to coerce tacit consent, and ultimately the application of violence to destroy withdrawal of consent. Once a plurality are not afraid, that illusion is Kaput. 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords who showed up is a plurality all it’s own. And those are the ones that did, could, show up. That power too.
        It seems patently obvious to me, can’t speak for any of this to others than my own perceptions. Certainly a crisis of legitimacy manifesting itself is a paramount factor in our neck of the woods. The present state of Pulitzer and Rhode’s Yellow Media complex is proof of that.
        Millions of Tea Party people didn’t disappear after 2010 and the efforts to stop that gentle polite peaceful withdrawal of consent.
        1 Million Bikers on DC was all of that & more.
        64 Million Deplorable’s are not wrong.
        Revolution is evolutionary before it changes into less benign forms of redress.
        Tyranny is but a tiny pebble in the shoe of Freedom.
        Tyrant’s can not countenance even one Freeman.
        The Chinese running things have a lot on their plate.
        It’s not the virus they are fighting. But the antidote to their virus of totalitarian rule over the dirt people. The virus is a feature of the unintended consequences of simply being tyrants.
        Inevitable the law of unintended consequences, a cold ruthless bitch she is.

        Or maybe I’m a really cynical old crusty fart who has watched what he loves savaged by a class of depraved vultures and swamp scum creatures. Vandals.

        Not that I’m saying, not the tiniest, resistance is futile. Quite the contrary, Resistance Is Fertile.

        “In the event of an apocalypse, if you aren’t armed, you are just collecting supplies for somebody who is.
        America’s abundance was created not by public sacrifices to the common good, but by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own private fortunes. They did not starve the people to pay for America’s industrialization. They gave the people better jobs, higher wages, and cheaper goods with every new machine they invented…” – LL

        • It sounds as though MAYBE LL knew what he was talking about. It might be a first. You could ask my kids…they have more experience with my advice.

        • Steve, I went into greater detail in a blog post that will hit in about two hours here on Virtual Mirage. “The Coming War with China”. My question is “why is war in China’s best interest?” It’s a legitimate question. War between great nuclear powers is an exceptionally BAD idea in my frame of reference. The Chinese know this, the Russians know this, the US knows this, the British know this, and on and on.

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