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It looks wrong (captioned photo)

An F-35A, flying with its weapons bay doors open. It’s too exposed. I want to put a drape on it or something. It’s like — Air Force porn. Avert your eyes. Ed B., who reads this blog defined porn recently as something you can’t have… and this fits because I can’t have my own F-35A.


Communist Take-Over?

Epoch Times reports a communist party take-over in America according to Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock. But is that what’s going on? China is a capitalist country ruled by a one-party system with eleven oligarchs at the top, calling the shots. The Chinese government has investments in business, it’s true, but profit and loss in on the mind of the Chinese, not communism as Marx and Mao understood it. “From each according to his ability to each according to his need” is not on the mind of the average Chinese. Each man for himself is far more like it.

We know now that America functions on the pretense of a two-party system with oligarchs who make all the real decisions and call the shots. Congress gets its marching orders from them. They own the companies that own the media giants and blast out propaganda as if it was news on the 24 hour cycle. The voting system in America has been compromised at the state level to insure that the national candidate they want will win. No more messy 2016’s elections again. The down ticket people like the local sheriff or your mayor are not their concern. We saw this in 2020 and we’ll see it going forward. Amazon and AT&T are not communists. They do what they do for self-serving reasons. The same is true of Google. Oligarchs, sure, but not “communists”. They already control you. You (and I) may not necessarily have been aware of it 24/7 – until recently.

What to do about it from a practical sense is something else all together.

War and the American Arsenal (for Democracy) is something that oligarchs care about. Spending trillions on weapons doesn’t work well if there aren’t legions of young, healthy, intelligent people to pay for the weapons with their taxes and man the ramparts for the sake of …what? Oh yeah, mom, apple pie and all that.

There is always nation building. How do you build stable markets for Amazon and Alibaba (Chinese tech giant) unless you’re building a belt road or spending a spare trillion on aid? Naturally the trillion doesn’t come from Amazon’s pocket. Other people’s money spends far more easily.

That’s what we’re up against. Communism? That’s dead. The Norks have a dynastic one-party system that sort of sounds like Communism. Cuba has the Castro Crime Family (far more ambitious than the Biden Crime Family with the drug-addled son dragging the sack from place to place in a pay-to-play scheme.


Biden Theme?

Yes, it apparently, all joking aside, will be America United. If you disagree that the theme is a good idea, you’ll be censored and declared a domestic terrorist. Unite under Jo and Ho or you’ll be sent to the work camp (arbeit macht frei), stripped, deloused, clothed with prison garb and re-educated.

Censorship is used when the lie loses its power.

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  1. I wouldn’t call China a true capitalist country. Bu then I wouldn’t consider America one either……at least not anymore.
    Chinese government has a VERY big say, at times complete control, over what any business there does. Ameri a too has massive control of all businesses but it’s done with a different approach. Here almost ALL control over private business I’d done via taxation, regulation, inspections, lawsuits etc. In China I believe it’s quite a bit more direct.

    1. Dan, it depends on the business. Some private businesses in in the US that run on government contracts have massive government oversight including security oversight. Others, as you point out have far less oversight.

      In China it works differently. If you have a high social score (you’re a good little slave), you have far less scrutiny than if you had a lower social score and were on the point of being shut down because you have criticized Pres. Xi – for example. The USGOV moving forward wants to put the same social scoring matrix into effect. If you criticize Big Brother, you’re on the no-fly list, no passport for you, etc. They have a lot of sanctions. However in most businesses, you’re free to prosper in China, to earn a profit – and that’s a no-no in a “communist” system.

    2. America, as of the rise of Obama, was basically National Socialist light.

      Trump did a great job of dragging the country, sometimes kicking and screaming, away from Naziism.

      But, as we’ve seen, as of November 3rd, the National Socialists are large and in charge.

      China, a supposed communist country, is really National Socialistic. Government control of profit and every aspect of the subjects’ lives.

      Though, really, international socialist vs national socialist….

      The rule is “Ugly uniforms = international socialist. Snazzy uniforms = national socialist.”

      Anyone else notice the ChiCom uniforms actually stopped looking butt-ugly about 20 years ago, and now are quite snazzy? Hmmm… by the Rule of the Uniform… National Socialists…

      1. I won’t argue that China isn’t running a national socialist model with oligarchs at the top of the pyramid who roughly compare to Adolph, Hermann, Himmler, etc. It’s obvious.

  2. It is so frustrating for all the smart people, smarter than us, for us not to recognize they have our best interests at heart. Their problem is educating us great unwashed as to what is our best interest.

    In the immediate future, the elephant in the room is the military. What, if anything, will they do?

    1. We know that the four stars all seem to have greater allegiance to the military industrial complex than they do to their chain of command. Then again, maybe the just know which side of the bread that the butter is on.

      President Trump committed the cardinal sin of not promoting war. How will the Beltway bandits eat if there is no war??

      1. I heard once to never trust anybody higher than an O-6. Or maybe it the O-6’s and under are the ones that get all the fighting done.

        WHO would Biden order to go out and collect guns? The Military? The local PD’s?

        When does the “I’m sorry sir, I can not obey an unlawful order” start getting heard?

        1. They will try to tax them into oblivion. That’s the plan. If you have a registered firearm, it will be taxed.

          1. Florida doesn’t have a firearms registration program. Yet.

            Though the CCW system could be used as one. And the CCW program is run by a Marxist-Socialist anti-farmer who got elected as the Florida Agricultural Commissioner. Get that? Anti-farm marxist-socialist in charge of food creation and distribution.

            Can you say “Homodor?” I know you can.

            Can’t make this crap up. Sadly.

    2. On other blogs, those by ex-enlisted and ex-nco-ed, the general mood is, amongst those past and current serving, “We remember our Oaths.” I foresee a lot of shot-to-the-back officers and commissars if things go sideways.

      The division is also between those who actually carry a gun and those who, like Bradley Manning, are leftist anal orifices and outright traitors. Expect them to discover lots of bleeding little holes if things go sideways.

      It’s a little bit different amongst occifer types. Most blogs by past-officers are in the same line as the enlisted and nco’s. They remember their oaths of allegience.

      Then there’s some, like one blog by an ex-naval steam engine officer, that make the wordings of Stalin seem positively MAGAish.

      I’ve read that the lower ranks have been quietly asked if they will follow orders or follow their oaths. From what I’ve read, the answer is, basically, “If you have to ask, you’d better get your will or a first-aide kit ready.”

      The military issue is not the regular forces, or the reserves. It’s the Nat Guards. That’s the real question. Political officers and political NCOs in charge of potentially politically squishy units. Potentially.

      Though I think that our political betters will discover that the lower level NatGuardsmen, many who are ex-regulars, have the same belief in the Oath as the regulars. And many of the supposedly squishy officers will have a strong backbone, too.

      This reminds me of the Maple Sugar War in John Ringo’s “Live Free or Die.”

      It’s going to be interesting in a “HOLY SHITE, HUNKER DOWN” way if the military gets involved.

      Especially since we’ve heard that the Pentagon basically told Nancy Pelosi to go “FOAD” when she raised the question of denying Trump the nuclear option in case we’re attacked. Notice that that line of questioning got shut down damned quick. And expect a host of upper military types to be fired or forcibly retired come January 21st. Either way, that is, as too many upper military obviously support the Biden/Ho administration, if somehow, from my hands to God’s eyes, Trump doth prevaile after all.

      My sincerest prayer? That we don’t find out. That things get settled. My prayers don’t get answered very often.

      1. The National Guard is penetrated by police officers and deputy sheriffs who do guard duty for extra scratch. By my reckoning, they’re 80% Constitutionalists. And I think that the officers will follow their oaths to defend against ALL enemies, including those political leaders on the PRC payroll.

        During the years of Obamanation, a lot of general officers were required to kiss Barack’s ring if they wanted a star or more stars, and a lot of the curs did. Some of them are hold overs now. Many accepted that the eagles were as far as they were likely to go.

  3. Sigh, intelligence gold mine in that picture… dammit…

    The problem with silencing speech is that it drives it underground. When that happens, you get lone wolves…

      1. Which is why I’ve been believing that the fun will truly begin when some family-less widower decides to say ‘feck-it’ and goes lone-wolf.

        Someone like, oh, LL, but without any family or support.

        Maybe someone who just lost everything in a bad divorce.

        I’ve known a few, that after losing everything, would have taken out a sitting president, if given the opportunity.

        1. There are many trained people. Think of how many went through SERE school, as but one metric, over the past forty years.

          When the donkeys take away everything of value, the lone operator simply makes a list, liquidates assets, takes his or her time.

          There are donkeys who know this. Whether they will be in a position to hold back the communists or not is another question. The “Long March” burns in the heart of every Bolshevik.

  4. The mask’s really coming off the demon and it’s snarling for blood. I don’t see how this is going anywhere good.

    1. What good may come is the normals and sheeples are seeing, finally, what we have been seeing.

      My own mother is actually now believing Trump isn’t the evil orangutang that the media portrays him to be. And the threat to our very rights is real. Though she still thinks I’m a reactionary loon… Sigh.

      1. President Trump will go down in history as a patriot.

        I find the smearing of President Trump to be a particularly despicable thing.

  5. WSF the military will not do anything. I believe I read on FOX that the Joint Chiefs have already recognized Mr. Biden as the President Elect. Agree with LP though, we are headed no place good.

  6. Uh…..that thing about Hunter dragging his sack around. Considering all the….um…..unseemly things found on his compooter, I’m not so sure that was an image appropriate to a family establishment.

    But it does kinda fit that crew, don’t it?

    1. Team Biden only cares about cash from despots. Hunters conduct doesn’t matter. By the way, Hunter is an artist of some renown. Talent oozes out of his pores…oozes.

      1. Dad, aka the Big Guy, called him “the smartest”…that’s code for “he’s better at being a corrupt grifter than I am.”

      1. She’s going to need a new hairdo with all the worrying currently presented as impeachment fierceness…no amount of blow dry and heavy duty hair starch can match the fear Trump creates.

        1. She’ll wear a wig. It may be politically the time for her to wear a fro to show support and solidarity with inner city people. She won’t see it as mocking them…

  7. Boxer was just outed as another Dem reprobate in bed with the Chicoms, and with a surveillance company no less, in an official capacity. Can it get anymore obvious the Chinese infiltrated every level of American government and the DC scumbags are willing players?

    America United…yeah right, while they go after half the voting public and a President who put American First. More smokescreen to hide their destructive intent. Then again, there might be 3 hot’s and a cot and construction jobs in the new reeducation camps.

    1. Shame on the CCP for setting up nice Jewish ladies such as Feinstein and Boxer. That’s gotta be some of hate crime right there, you betcha.

      Learning Mandarin won’t necessarily help. (But it IS good to know what they’re saying about you.) I was sitting at lunch with two Chinese pharma execs after an all morning meeting with about a dozen people from our team. It being only the three of us at lunch, I switched to Mandarin (because one exec was shy about his spoken English, despite understanding it just fine), but I don’t know technical terms in Chinese and kept having to supplement with English. I apologized for that. The “shy” exec said (in Mandarin), “Oh don’t worry about that, you’re an American. We don’t really consider …” He stopped abruptly, turned bright red and looked like he wanted to slap his hand over his mouth. He obviously had been about to complete the sentence with “you a real Chinese.” He was frozen, staring at me with wide eyes. The other exec looked alarmed, then stricken, and would not meet my gaze.

      For those not familiar with the culture, telling a person of ethnic Chinese ancestry that they aren’t Chinese is a deadly insult. I was struggling not to laugh because I knew what had just happened. (Which also proves the first exec was right ;-) I pretended I didn’t understand and the crisis passed. Anyway, we got the contract.

      1. Overseas Chinese have had that stigma for a long time.

        Being a barbarian, I have the ability to say things with maximum innocence such as suggesting that a Han Chinese person may be part Manchu or some other ethnic minority. The subject of the insult trying to hide shock and disgust are met with innocence and a lack of evident guile on my part. You can call me a jerk if you must.

        A public official I knew had an assistant, female, Korean, heavy political cash juice. She was an attorney who never practiced her craft – the degree was a vehicle more than a license. I wasn’t fond of her because of the way she treated the clerical staff. I recall congratulating her on her upcoming baby (without guile) and was met with, “You think I look pregnant?” She didn’t look pregnant but it disturbed her because my congratulatory statement was so sincere. I expressed remorse at having confused her natural condition with that of a pregnant woman. I’m sure that it bothers her to this day.

        1. Oh, you are soo damned mean. You big meanie.

          I loved, when working on the campus of the University of Beijing in Gainesville, FL (yeah… guess who made up about 75% of the advanced degrees in non-medicine in 1988? Hmmmm.. all that money) learned not to question the genetic makeup of the Han.

          So, of course, being just another dumb barbarian, I did. Regularly. To the ChiComms who were behaving poorly to us dumb barbs.

          South Koreans? Call them Japanese. Japanese? Call them Garlic-Eaters (a bad insult in that you’re calling them Koreans…)

          Laotians, Cambodians, and other SE Asians (not of Viet stock)? Call them Vietnamese. Do it so innocently that the Anglos around you don’t see the insult.

          Ah, good times, goood times.


          Never call a Mongol a Chinese. Or Vice-versa. The one time I got almost attacked by a wuss of a ChiCom was when I called him a Mongol. The actual Mongol I was talking to at the time just kicked my ass for insulting Mongols, in a good natured, “Haha STFU, you funny” way.

          One of these days my big mouth is going to get me killed. And the last words on my lips are going to be, “What did I say wrong now?” Because most of the truly deadly insults that drop from my lips do so without any real forethought. I am, as one of my good friend says, an asshole. A good asshole, but an asshole.

          Who just loves pissing off easily offended East Asians.

        2. (Apparently) guileless, sincerely expressed anti-compliments penetrate most deeply. Looking confused then hurt when the recipient rounds on you gives bonus points.

          I work around and with a lot of highly intelligent (if you go by SATs, MCATs etc) people, and a surprising number are quite oblivious. There are a couple of Ukranians in the office, and they get mistaken for Russians all the time. This does not make for happy happy, needless to say. Danes of my acquaintance are not pleased to be mistaken for Swedes, though they don’t mind being misidentified as Norwegian. Mistaking a Finn for a Swede may get you a “Mongolian response” — though a person stupid enough to truly confuse a Finn for a Swede probably deserves a beating on general principles.

          I once shared an office with an Irishman (very smart, but riddled with poorly hidden deep-seated insecurity and therefore difficult) who was a self-proclaimed “typical European liberal”. At least once daily this man would try to goad me into a (pointless) political debate. A slip of “you Brits” was guaranteed to make him furious. Intra-country rivalries and hierarchies make for interesting times also. A Greek friend is tall, slender, fair haired, and has the facial features you see on kouroi (those ancient statues). Most of his Greek friends are dark and somewhat rotund, with different features. We were close enough that I could comment on this. My friend smirked a bit and said, “My family is from the hills. We remained pure. No raping by the Turks.”

          1. Ah, yeah, never call a Greek a Turk or vise-versa. That joke in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” about grandma sleeping with a knife under her bed isn’t really funny at all.

            Fracking turks.

            I always love pointing out to the more ‘energetic’ Irish that the Irish-Irish are actually Scots-Irish, as Ulster the High King was only the High King because, after leaving Scotland, he chopped his hand off right before they all landed on Ireland and tossed it forward of the boat, therefore ‘He’ landed first.

            That, and St. Patrick was English.

            That most of their greatest lords and warriors after the 12th Century were… Norman French.

            Same goes with Scotsmen. They get all uppity and all you have to tell them is that, unless they are truly Highlanders, which pretty much equates to ‘hick uneducated moron who doesn’t know what soap is for,’ then he’s Norman French as the Norman French took over the lowlands and midlands by the 13th Century.

            Robert the Bruce? That’s Robert de Brus, bub. Yup, he’s a Frog!

            That’s like when your local uppity Englisher gets too uppity about the Queen and such, and you just drop the whole “You mean the Saxe-Coburn Gothas Queen?” And when they try to tell you the last name is “Windsor” politely remind them that, as of King George III, the English Royal Family has been Krauts, including Vicky and Lisa (to use mundane nicknames for Victoria and Elizabeth II,) which really gets their crumpets.

            Being well-read allows me to insult just about everyone openly.

            Don’t even get me started on popping the bubble of America’s high-borne, since I am a descendant of a bunch of religious socialists who got disinvited to remain in Holland…

      2. Didn’t consider you a human being.

        That’s what he was about to say.

        They really think they are still the Middle Kingdom, full of humans (that only look, suspiciously, like Han Chinese.) Above them is the Celestial Kingdom, full of spirits and gods and stuff. The lower kingdom? The kingdom of sub-humans and animals, where there isn’t much difference between an animal and a non-Han Chinese human.

        Yes, they are THAT bad.

  8. Korean professional women can be ruthless, manipulative, conniving people. My best college buddy’s older brother ran a successful “Slip-and-Fall” legal practice in Hermosa Beach, and one of his partners was a Korean woman lawyer. Quite fetching to look at, but good gravy was she aggressive. Had to go to their office to troubleshoot a laser printer, and couldn’t help but hear her on the phone.

    Creeped me right out that such a lovely package had the soul of a rabid alley cat….

    1. Well, in their defense, Koreans have been on the wrong end of Invasions for a long time. They tend to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about certain things…

      1. The rich and fancy ones don’t like to be called “looking pregnant” when they aren’t. That’s for sure.

      2. Also in their defense is that 99% of the Koreans I’ve known are good, decent, hard working people.

        That lady lawyer, though……

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