Advanced Wide Area Motion Imagery System Platforms

USAF 427th Special Operations Squadron flies the CN-235 from Pope Air Force Base. It engages in specialized surveillance in addition to its mission of infiltration and exfiltration of US troops in one-off style activities. Will it only be used in Syria, or will it also deploy over the USA?


Army RO-6A

The US Army also has its entry in the current lineup through the Blue Devil Program. (more here)

The US Army Special Electronic Mission Aircraft (SEMA) Product Office manages aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance programs such as the Enhanced Medium-Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System, Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Enhanced and Guardrail/Common Sensor.


US Army Gray Eagle

The General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle (previously the Warrior; also called Sky Warrior and ERMP or Extended-Range Multi-Purpose) is a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

It was developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) for the United States Army as an upgrade of the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator. The Army ordered 154 of them – in addition to the Predators and Reapers flown by the Air Force and the CIA.


The aircraft below isn’t a Predator or a Gray Eagle or a Reaper, it’s an Avenger… one more evolutionary leap.


They’re flown in Africa in support of the French mission in Niger, they’re based in South Korea in support of the ROK mission against North Korea.


Maybe they are also flown in America’s war against the weather? The Biden White House (or whoever is actually calling the shots) boldly declared that America had a new set of enemies.  You have heard him, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff tell you who and what the priorities are.  There are people who don’t agree with the agenda put forward by Jo/Ho… Does that make you feel that there is a sense of balance in the Defense Department and the Military-Industrial Complex?


  1. Drove by Warren AFB yesterday while in Cheyenne, didn’t see any of those sitting out on the tarmac, so maybe they’ll fly them up from Buckley near Denver…you know, to “check” on us rural reprobates who believe in The Bible, The Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

    • Paul M, FE Warren, alias “Frankie’s Rocket Ranch” is strictly a missile base and is one of the few AFBs that do not have a flightline so you are probably right. Buckley might very well be the launch/recovery site.

      • One half of the Cheyenne airport (five miles away) is a National Guard facility. Mainly you see transport aircraft but two hangers are off limits enforced by the same airman guarding the silos, not National Guardsmen.

          • It’s not YOU that they’re watching WSF, it’s Banner. What happens when he turns into HULK-DOG?

        • And there’s been some interesting air traffic in the last few months. It might be routine training stuff as I’ve only had the ADS-B thing running that long, but it’s interesting to me nonetheless.

  2. All of this surveillance tech can’t seem to beat illiterate tribesmen into the ground. What will they do against an educated tech savvy population?

    Is the Armenia – Nagorno/Karabakh a foretaste?

    • Against a tech-savvy population they’ll freeze all your assets, track you by the numerous spy devices you own, and the big one: go after your friends and relatives (that you’ve so kindly documented in detail on standard social media, and by commenting on blogs such as we’re doing now!), that sort of thing.

      There were ROEs in Afghanistan (though I’m the furthest thing from an expert on what/when). I’m not optimistic that there will be similar ROEs applying to those they already consider (if not yet officially designated) domestic white supremacist terrorists.

      • That’s 100% correct. As I mentioned a week or so ago, for most of us including me, being frozen out from banking would be devastating.

        Since most of my friends and relatives are at least if not more militant than me, I’m sure that they’ll be lumped into the 100 million people who (also) need to be turned into Soylent Green. And at that point, do you really WANT to live through it?

  3. Concur 100% with Mike. Having dealt with ROEs going back to Vietnam, to say they are ‘fluid’ is putting it mildly… The .gov will skew to whatever will allow them to ‘manage’ us reprobates/clingers…

    • I don’t think that their eyes are on us, meaning you and me. Recall Hillary Clinton’s lament that we all need to die off before the plan could work.

      If USGOV went full monty on us, cutting off banking to Republicans, for example, the reaction would be horrible and there aren’t enough people under arms to handle it. The life expectancy for people like Pelosi, Secret Service notwithstanding, would not be long. Weeks at best. It’s not conspiracy talk, it’s cause and effect. They are playing a multi-generational game. Kids in schools wearing masks, the big push against home ownership, the “men can have babies” bullshit, the whole thing impacts the youth. Not us.

      • And youth are very impressionable because they haven’t seen enough Real Life to properly calibrate their bullshit detectors.

        • The Russian Marxists (the Chinese Marxists have a very different culture so it manifests differently) and thus the European Marxists and the American Marxists have always had a propaganda campaign at the young (and inexperienced) to indoctrinate them. Barack was influenced heavily in this way by his mother, maternal grandparents, and their communist associates.

  4. Our government has never had a problem using more extreme ROE and measures against its own people than used against its external enemies.

    If we did to a bunch of goat-herders and their families what we did to the Branch Dividians, heads would have rolled throughout DC.

    Or what was done at Ruby Ridge.

    Or at the January 6th ‘Insurrection.’

    Still can’t believe that this person (me) who used to pshaw at all government conspiracies is now a ‘conspiracy nut.’ (Though all the JFK shooting proved was the Carcano was a pretty good short-range rifle after all.)

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