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It’s said that Civil Wars are the nastiest. I can’t disagree. America’s War for Independence, and the War of the Roses are discussed below. In many quarters America is still fighting the War of Northern Aggression/Civil War.  A simmering ‘cold war’ between globalists and nationalists – between advocates of huge government as a socialist arbiter and nationalists advocating smaller government, dare we say, a Republic,  plagues us today as the national government barricades itself behind razor wire and armed troops in the capitol.

′′ Neither laying wolf gets his cut, nor sleeping warrior, victory “.

Rome fought a number of civil wars during its history. Are they inevitable?

Of course civil wars are fought for the benefit of the rich and powerful – to hold power, often legacy power, or to seize that power, authority and privilege. Today we have oligarchs in the shadows in a very similar way to the oligarchs during Roman and later, the Byzantine Empires, who push the pawns and bishops around the chessboard.

Turning in a Patriot

Most of us know that someone who knew Nathan Hale turned him in to the British. There were informers then as now, as always in history. In this case it may have been his cousin, Samuel?

Nathan Hale was a descendant of John Hale, first minister of Banby, Massachusetts. He was the sixth child of Richard and Elizabeth Hale, and was born in Coventry, Connecticut. He graduated at Yale College in 1773, with distinguished honors. Of his private history little is known. The subjoined account was published sometime after his execution in New York City.

You have to wonder if Captan Andre, the British intelligence officer gave Samuel thirty pieces of silver. Or if Samuel did it for shits and giggles.

There is a message in this account for us today. I’ll let you work that one out. The statue (pictured above) is at CIA Headquarters.

Major John Andre

People like Captain Andre exploited sources, former wives, scorned lovers, envious relatives, and business competitors.

Before Hale swung from the rope he said, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” Who would he have become had he lived?

Footnote: John André was a major in the British Army and head of its Secret Service in America during the American Revolutionary War. He was hanged as a spy by the Continental Army for assisting Benedict Arnold’s attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York, to the British.

This week in History, The Kingmaker was defeated by Lancastrian forces at the Second Battle of St. Albans in 1461.

In an effort to block the Lancastrian forces from marching on London after their victory over and the death of Duke Richard of York, six weeks earlier at Wakefield; Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (called “The Kingmaker”), gave battle at St. Albans (site of the first battle of the War of the Roses).

Outnumbered half-again by the Lancastrians, who were commanded by the Duke of Somerset (accompanied by a force of young nobles and Scottish Borderers), Warwick’s army was routed. The mentally ill King Henry VI was freed from Yorkist captivity, and reunited with his family.

The Lancastrians were denied London by the wary townsmen, mindful of the Lancastrian’s reputation for pillaging.  Out of frustration, Queen Margaret executed several ranking Yorkist prisoners, including two knights who had decided to stay by King Henry’s side to protect his person, instead of fleeing to safety. One of these was Sir Thomas Kyriell, a hero of the Hundred Years War who had led the English forces to victory over the French at the Battle of Formigny in 1450. There wasn’t much gratitude for loyalty or respect for past glory.

The Lancastrians returned to the north. There, in Yorkshire the following month, they faced the new leader of the Yorkist faction, Edward of March (the future king Edward IV) at Towton, and fought the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil.

15 thoughts on “Historical References

  1. Truly hope our current differences don’t lead to a violent civil war but it is possibly a vain hope. The Democrats think they control Antifa and do…as long as Antifa allows it. That could change at anytime.

    With luck we will be able to get along with an Irish democracy for a few years but I worry about my grand kids.

    1. Three couples, belonging to a church that my daughter attends in Southern California – a traditional conservative Christian congregation, had a visit yesterday. I don’t recall the name of the church.

      They FBI executed dynamic entries at each of their homes in Temecula California, flash bangs, broken door, taking down parents and children in their beds at gunpoint at around 5:00 am. Their crime, as listed on the criminal complaint – they attended the political rally in Washington DC on January 6. That’s it. They didn’t enter the capitol building, they were (1) present and they (2) posted on social media.

      They were booked and released because of the plague, but they are on the no-fly list, and are considered to be domestic terrorists. They’re white, they’re Christian, and they supported President Trump. And they will be faced with the full force and fury of the law. The FBI took their cell phones to aid them in their search for other terrorists of that ilk.

      FBI=Secret Police in America today.

      A friend of mine will represent them legally in the proceedings.

      There is no freedom of assembly, there is no freedom of speech, the republic is dead and has been since November.

      1. I am truly sorry to hear that.

        America has been an ideal to hold high for a long time and to see it struck down this was is terribly sad. Unfortunately I suspect this darkness will fall across the entire western world.

        May we live in interesting time indeed.

        1. The oligarchs are on the move and it won’t work if there is one shining beacon of light anywhere. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.” – Orwell

      2. Meanwhile, can you imagine what kind of email server Hillary is running these days, now that she doesn’t have to hide anything anymore.

      3. Larry ,I have an older acquaintance who lives near Temecula , says he isn’t seeing any news of fbi raid. If they can keep this out of the news , that makes it worse by an order of magnitude.

  2. We have more people now, and less cohesion, so this alleged CW-Two that some idjits are lusting for is gonna be worse than CW-One. These morons think all they’ll have to do is shoot twice and go home to wide acclaim and the rewards of peace and prosperity. I can’t think of a single time in history where a civil war has proceeded thusly.

    I should change my alias to Moriarty, because as Oddball said, I’m “always with the negative waves.”

  3. “There is a message in this account for us today. I’ll let you work that one out. The statue (pictured above) is at CIA Headquarters”.

    Courtesy of funding by taxpayers, many different government agencies, federal, state and local, have well developed systems for spying on their citizens. Effective resistance won’t come from groups; amateurs at the game. Lone wolves and small tight knit groups need to lead the way.

    Those in government service aren’t all in for the elites and their elected stooges. Why is the Biden administration taking away ammunition from the National Guard in D.C.? Maybe they know just how precarious their hold of the reins of power are.

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