Why Wait?

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The Democratic National Convention begins next week in Philadelphia and will attract the standard fare of freaks, the mentally ill, welfare queens, the Black Panthers, and elite Wall Street bankers who are paying to play. I realize that many of you are waiting to hear what Hillary Clinton (the un-indicted) will have to say. But you don’t need to wait to have that wisdom showered on you. Go to the nearest greasy spoon restaurant, walk into the washroom and punch the button.
I hear that FBI Director James Comey will be delivering the keynote address. That makes perfect sense to me.

6 thoughts on “Why Wait?

  1. I was shocked that he didn't make the cut for vice president, but yes, AG would seem to be in the cards as his reward. Loretta Lynch for Supreme Court Justice…for cutting that most excellent deal on the runway apron there at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

  2. I will not be watching a single second of the Dem convention, not a millisecond. I already know their platform: screw those with money, except those with money who will give it to them to assist their cause in screwing people with money.

    I get it. I don't need to watch them articulate this evil in tedious detail.

  3. I will miss it too, but out of necessity – because I think that I'll have to feed the goldfish.

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