Hillary Lied Too

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It’s not a new story, but like NBC’s Brian Williams, it now out that Hillary Clinton lied about taking sniper fire in Bosnia. (LINK)
Sharyl Attkisson (CBS News): …Nothing else makes sense. I do a little research and discover Clinton is referring to the trip on which I accompanied her. She’s claiming that, as our military plane landed in Bosnia, we took sniper fire. She even says she had to duck and run for cover to escape the flying bullets. 
The idea is ludicrous. Yes, we flew into a recent war zone and were told it could be dangerous. We were prepared for the possibility of hostile fire. But it never materialized. And the fact is, had hostile forces fired upon our aircraft, our military pilot wouldn’t have just flown right into them and landed. Especially considering that accompanying us on the trip were the president’s daughter, Chelsea, and two entertainers who came along to perform for the troops: comedian Sinbad, and singer Sheryl Crow. If there had been any threat of our plane being shot at, we simply would’ve flown to an alternate, safe destination.
Sure, she was just looking for some street creds so that she could claim that she had been in a war, just like so many (other) US Veterans in the hope of getting a few votes. It won’t matter, though, because she is the Democratic Party’s only candidate and they’re stuck with her…and the media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, so there isn’t anyone to point out the lie to the generally clueless American voting public.
I, for one, want the old woman on the campaign trail so we can hear more tall tales from the Secretary of State who screwed up everything that she touched. Will she end up filling Barack’s size 13 wingtips? She is in the lead for the US Presidency based on every poll out there.

15 thoughts on “Hillary Lied Too

  1. We gotta get Brian Williams and Hillary together, just for the comedy. They'll claim they were the parents of Moses.

  2. She's an Alinsky accolite, therefore she's bound by the progressive code for radicals to lie. It's part of the cult.

  3. I love the new GOP campaign with the "missing Hillary" signs. Maybe she's done the world a favor and has flown to Syria to help the poor rebels with a strong chance of being captured by ISIS.

    Just kidding. They'd just high five her and tell her what a great job she did as Secretary of State.

  4. I think that they'd light her on fire for not keeping her eyes downcast…which would be a pity. She doesn't deserve to be a martyr.

  5. You don't think they'd give her a medal for what she did by ignoring Syria, and Egypt, and Libya, and Iran, and Afghanistan, and…

  6. I think that they'd enjoy roasting her because she'd a woman, a lesbian, and because she has an attitude. They have no regard for her gender except as (1) cook (2) housekeeper (3) sexual consort. I'm sure that she can't dust or boil a five minute egg and they're not desperate enough to want a poke — so burning her for the pleasure of doing so would seem to be the default setting.

  7. I think that ISIS is PART of her enduring legacy but limiting her legacy to that particular F-Up is so confining in a field of spectacular failures. It's like only talking about ObamaCare in Obama's pantheon of pooch-screwings.

  8. You are, of course, absolutely correct on that count. ISIS, however, may be the legacy that comes back into the US to kill innocents because of Hillary's failure.

  9. Maybe I'm wrong, but Obama seems benevolent compared to Killary. of course her honest poverty is compelling.

  10. The same people run Hillary who currently run Barack. They didn't run Romney and he is out of the race.

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