Elements of Naval History

Boarding Pistol of the K.K. Kriegsmarine dated around the late 1860′s on display at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna. It’s a particularly clean design.

Though the navy was never a priority for Emperor Franz Joseph and was not as popular in the Austrian press as the army. With the development of naval guns and ironclads in the late 19th century, naval boarding became uncommon. Though many navies, all over the world, still trained marines and sailors for boarding and repelling boarders.

The Emperor & Arch Duke

Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, at the age of 22 in 1854, was appointed Commander in Chief of the Austrian Navy. With the patronage of an Imperial Prince, the Austrian Navy went through a series of modernizing reforms for the ships and the soldiers of the navy. He also instigated large-scale scientific missions such as the Novara Expedition in which the SMS Novara became the first Austrian ship to circumnavigate the globe. It later ferried Maximilian and his wife to Mexico for his ill-fated reign.

These reforms aided the navy during the Third Italian War of Independence in 1866 specifically at the Battle of Lissa in the Adriatic. This battle is famous for being one of the last naval battles to have wooden ships using ramming attacks (and boarding with the pistols, above).


Self Renewal?


Those Kiwis

Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps (RNZAC) NZLAV of Kiwi Team One on patrol in northeast Bamyian, Afghanistan. 2011

The Kiwis loved to bolt extra stuff onto their LAV’s, and sling stuff from every hardpoint, such that they looked as if their rides belonged in a Mad Max film. They were always headed for Thunderdome.

Then there are the Dutch.

Dutch Fennek armed reconnaissance vehicle in Mali. Yeah, I guess.

And the Israelis.

Merkava Mk IVs at a staging area near the Gaza border, a year ago 14 May 2021.




Third Obama Term


USA Elevation Map


Radar in the nose of a B-18B Bolo 


Webley-Fosbery M1903 automatic revolver

Manufactured by Webley & Scott c.1901-24 and retailed by the Army & Navy Cooperative Society Ltd., .455 Webley six-round cylinder, short recoil semi-automatic, top break action, manual safety.

The Army & Navy CSL was a cooperative shop set up by British officers in the 1870′s to provide their less wealthy colleagues, who at the time probably still had to pay for their own swords, with basic groceries and more military-orientated supplies, like this sidearm.

Webley Fosbery…


    • Trash pandas work at sentience, but they just can’t round the corner with a brain the size of a small lemon.

  1. Every firearm I may ever carry is “Condition 1” with one in the pipe, yes… even my dreaded Colt Mark IV Series 70 Gov’t Model. I wouldn’t ever want to find myself calling for a “TIME OUT!” when facing a bad guy to stop and rack a slide. Learn and practice Cooper’s 4 Rules of Gun Safety, and my 5th rule “Don’t Drop Your Gun” and you’ll be 99.999% safe.

    • But the sound of wracking the slide is to drive lesser men into fits of fear. And they’ll skulk away. Just ask the avatar, her knows what’s what.

      • Worst thing in movies: constant slide racking, even of guns that have already been racked.

        2nd worst: all the bizarre clicking and clacking noises that guns make every time someone touches them.

        3rd worst: the stupid schwing noise, every time someone draws or waves a knife.


        • Next in line:
          – the 100-round revolver, the 1000-round pistol and the 1-zillion-rounds SMG/rifle/machinegun ensuring we will all get the correct idea about the true capabilities and capacities of firearms
          – the constant explosions for the most ridiculous reasons: not every car is a FAE cannister!
          – when the hero finally corners the bad guy and gives him a melodramatic speech instead of dispatching him right there and then without any further ado
          – squealing tires on gravel
          – endless fistfights where a normal human being would have succumbed from the first hit … but the fight goes on and on

  2. “Halla Sven!”
    “Vad Olie, I’m in the middle of making some kringel.”
    “Ya gotta come see what’s on the vej, Saab has a new commuter jet.”
    “Oh ya, heard they were comin to town…for some Swedish meatballs and knackerbrod at cousin Nils kroer.

    Could use one of those driving around Portland, clearing out the anarchists.

    • Beware jet blast. Does it come out of the pilot’s pay for any loose shingles tossed about when transiting through neighborhoods?

  3. RE: the Novara Expedition. I seem to recall that after the German botanist dropped out, one Sir Joseph Banks was consulted as to who should be the replacement. The one and same Sir Joseph who recommended William Bligh as Master.

    Or, maybe I have my voyages of discovery mixed up. Anyway, that would be impressive to travel unhindered (hands off) as the various nations honored such, in time of hostilities no less. I think this is different than laissez faire doctrine, as that is commonly in the realm of economics. Among the many discoveries of the expedition, the coca leaf was found to have amazing medicinal benefits.

    • Okay, certainly I have confused the scientific voyages. Sir Joseph was long in the grave by the time of the Novara ecpedition. Swing and a miss.

  4. The Army & Navy was once awesome, but no longer. Just another rubbish department store, not that Brits are allowed to leave their homes and shop because they might die. Even from the useless A&N.

    • I heard a rumor that the Brits will be able to leave their homes in June, if they wear masks and don’t congregate.

  5. The US Elevation map is impressive, and explains a lot. Should valleys be relatively short and narrow, the West would not be tank country, but ambush opportunities should be plentiful.

    Ah, Lissa. It took the Italian Navy clear, unblemished victories in the Turkish war in 1912 and WWI to wash off the shame from that defeat. It did not help that Austrian RADM Teghetoff was very competent at the least, and that Italian ADM Persano was an incompetent, indecisive fool.

  6. If I had the dough, I would love to have a Webley-Fosberry for the coolness, and a Mateba for the less coolness but more usefulness.

    Gotta love answers to unasked questions.

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