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I suspect that I’m not the only one working on my taxes at this time of year and it’s always interesting to contemplate a simple flat tax rate with no deductions for anything. Charge me 15% flat, on income they way that they do in communist Hong Kong, or 10% as suggested in the Bible — and then leave me alone. We could get rid of 985% of the IRS overhead — but then what would all of those parasitic tax attorneys do for a living? Maybe they could find honest employment for a change. And all of the unemployed IRS drones would be out there competing with jobs super-sizing hamburger drive-through orders. I’m sure that some of them would qualify for the jobs now taken by illegal aliens – mowing lawns, trimming trees, etc.

(Fox News) The IRS estimates that it paid $5.2 billion in fraudulent identity theft refunds during the 2013 tax filing season 2013, according to a Government Accountability Office report released in August 2014. Identity protection specialist IDT911told that identity theft cases rose 135% between 2013 and 2014.

Piling Insult upon Injury

(Fox News) Hundreds of former Internal Revenue Service employees who had a history of misconduct and poor performance on the job were rehired by the tax agency, including some who had committed fraud or falsified documents. 
The previously cited IRS staff included 141 employees who had problems paying their own taxes, the agency’s inspector general said in a report made public Thursday. Several had “willfully failed to file their federal tax returns,” the report said. 
Rev. Al Sharpton – beneficiary of
US Tax Policy, and advisor to
Pres. Obama on race relations.
Wow, some of them qualified to be Secretary of the US Treasury in the Obama Administration. Who knew? I wonder if Rev. Al Sharpton is their poster child?
In fairness to IRS employees, there was a day, apparently pre-Obama, when IRS employees were heavily scrutinized when it came to their taxes to keep the system squeaky clean. As with so many things, that seems to have passed with “radically transforming America”.
No matter how much I excoriate the IRS, it is CONGRESS and the lobbyists that run them who are responsible for our unwieldy tax code. They broke it. They can fix it. A flat tax, no deductions is the only fair way to manage it. OR even a graduated flat tax with a special rate for the poorest 10% Americans (47% of Americans currently pay NO federal tax at all). 
Illegal aliens are currently encouraged by President Obama to file for “earned income credit” so that they can qualify for “free money” instantly even though they never paid a dime in taxes and didn’t work in the USA. What a country…

Deficit spending for the purpose of obtaining “social justice”,  carried out at the obscene level that we now witness can not last forever despite what the government thinks.

13 thoughts on “It’s Taxing

  1. I could support a flat tax.

    But not a graduated flat tax. Cutting slack to a portion of the population is a slippery slope that got us where we are in the tax code today.

    And obscene deficit spending absolutely can't go on forever, or as Ben Stein's daddy put it: "if something cannot go on, it won't.' I paraphrase, but you get the drift.

  2. America's income tax is the thing that many people love – because they "get money back". It's all about social engineering through taxation – and giving huge breaks to niche segments of society.

  3. Yes, the current tax code is the fault of the gutless Congress which has either abdicated its power to the president, or considers itself to be an oligarchy of elites. Funny thing how much our situation resembles that of Rome near the end of the Republic.

    What follows will not be pretty.

  4. Coincidence? I think not! Think about it. Nero also blamed the Christians for Rome's misfortunes.

  5. It has always amazed me when friends crow about getting "money back"…
    Nice of them to let the gov use "their" money interest free…

  6. It's like me robbing $10K from you at gunpoint and giving you $100.00 to make you feel good about the theft.

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