The elements which were emplaced to save the republic from corruption, namely the FBI (and in a larger sense, the Executive Branch of Government) have failed us all. There is no government standard of integrity that can be called on to vet Hillary Clinton, a liar and perjurer – though those can be said to be some of her more benign traits.

Here is one more analysis of what is likely a chronic health issue that would preclude Clinton from ANY sensitive job in government.
(H/T Daily Timewaster)
Dr. Noel cites a PATTERN of personal health ‘crisis events’ that Clinton has experienced in public. It’s a lot like the Bill Cosby pattern of behavior in that the problem was common knowledge – but was not discussed. 
Will a chronic neurological disease that impacts judgment and the capability to hold public office be disclosed?
Don’t expect the mainstream media to engage in journalism. That ship sailed a long time ago.


  1. Interesting video. I think it's pretty obvious that she has some major, degenerative disease and I think she has a duty of responsibility to disclose this to the American people.

  2. Jules: it's her duty and responsibility to the American public as a publiic servant to not be a scumbag. And she has proven over and over (and over…) that she is derelict in this duty owing to a never ending decades long record of malfeasance and skulduggery, scandal after scandal (after scandal…).

    Johnny's right: God WILL cut her down.

  3. I saw this doctor's first video which was excellent. In this one, he's not telling us anything we haven't already figured out. Which brings me to Hillary exiting her daughter's apartment building. I do not believe that was Hillary. I think Hillary was spirited out of that building by the back service entrance and was taken to her home. There is no way in hell the secret service would have allowed the real Hillary to exit that building all by herself and wander up and down a New York city street. The people who appeared to possibly be secret service were not the same ones that were at the 9/11 memorial. Why? Because they left by the back entrance also. Exiting by herself is suspect in itself. No friend, family member, or member of her entourage with her? I doubt it.

  4. There's a lot of discussion about that, but she has NEVER seen honesty as a duty, so it's not going to happen.

    More here

  5. The Colin Powell e-mail (hacked) is now out from Wikileaks, and he discusses how she F-s up everything she touches in his private e-mail, now public.

    Then, she conveniently "forgets" about it when asked, by the FBI or Congress, citing health issues.

    And wants to be president.

    That is one dangerous candidate.

  6. I hate to speculate about that because I wasn't there. She is usually flanked by a small army of handlers including her medical staff who we now know are there to catch her if she seizes and falls.

    In this case she might have done what she did to convince the public that "it was only pneumonia, I'm fine now." Which makes it even more suspicious, but that's how her mind works. And the Secret Service detail will back off to let her kiss the child then whisk her away.

    Or it could be a body double. If it's just about her fits/seizures and her brain disorder, these things can pass, and under that theory, she could walk out, tell everyone that she's ok and do it for the optics.

  7. Gotta agree with Adrienne, WAY too much crap to suit me. She is a congenital liar, and her whole campaign is based around covering her ass, and never telling the truth.

  8. Once she has her seizure meds, apparently she's ok. I've seen the difference between people "on their meds" and "off their meds" and it can make a big difference. In Hillary's case (as with the 45 minute bathroom break during the primary debate), she rebounds once she's pumped full of drugs.

    But no, if somebody has pneumonia, they lay flat, and are attended to. They don't bounce out the door waving and kissing children.

  9. Larry: it baffles me that Obama and Bill Clintin think it's OK to support her/ hide facts but then… Oh yeah- politicians….
    Fredd: skulduggery is now my word of the week!

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