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Selling art, especially the art of questionable quality is a time-honored way of transferring funds and laundering money. This technique has been used for many decades by intelligence services, organized crime, cartels, outlaw regimes, and totalitarian dictators. Selling such art “anonymously” while sounding like a safeguard, actually just makes transfers of illicit funds easier with less reliable paper trails.


Am I Reading This Correctly?


The CDC is saying that we had no cases of flu in the past year because the PCR test used by governments across the world couldn’t tell the difference between COVID-19 and the flu, so they called it all COVIC-19.

Yeah,  color me surprised. Who could have guessed?


May 11, 1745,  Fontenoy

With the French infantry shattered by British volleys, and needing to buy time and slow down the enemy advance, Saxe had only one card to play and that was to throw his cavalry brigades at the Anglo-Hanoverian column. If the troopers could break into the enemy formation it would be all well and good, but the priority was to delay the redcoats and prevent them from exploiting what was seemingly an inevitable victory.

After several unsuccessful charges had been made against the Anglo-Hanoverian column, and the battered cavalrymen withdrew, it was now the turn of the Regiment Royal de Carabiniers, the elite of the line cavalry, to take their turn in the attack.

The Carabiniers were truly an elite unit, re-formed by Louis XIV in 1690, at Fontenoy; they comprised ten squadrons organized into five brigades and mounted on coal-black horses. The rank and file carried a rifled carbine and bayonet. They stood outside the normal purchase system,  being promoted based on merit.

Believing that the British line was on the point of collapse, the French cavaliers charged “en fourage”, a slightly open order, intending to force a breach in red-coated ranks with pistol fire.

Coming up against the Royal Scots, the senior line infantry regiment of the British Army, the result was a one-sided affair. The French were forced to retire and re-form.

Aware that they need to maintain their cohesion or face disaster, the officers of the Royal Scots push men back into line, ensuring that no gaps open in the line. The enemy was always presented with a threatening rank of bayoneted muskets.

To the right of the Royal Scots, the corner of the open square was occupied by the men of the 2nd Foot Guards, who were from the Bois de Barry.

The trolly went off the rails for the French and the entire 1 st squadron of the Regiment de Noailles were killed,  wounded, or taken prisoner.


Or should I go back to the food blog theme?


Or posting photos for RIVERRIDER & WOODSTERMAN?



26 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. There’s plenty of sites that have pictures of food or pretty women or both. I don’t know of any other site that presents history or the military political spectrum as well as you do so my druthers are that you stick with that format. Of course the occasional break to cover other subjects is a good idea as well.

  2. I recently made the acquaintance of a local law officer who told me he knew of two instances because he was friends with a coroner from a different county where both a motorcycle fatality and a suicide were put down as Covid deaths. Surprised you say. 600k deaths? Sure.

    1. I’m sure that they had sinus congestion when they ended their tour, Hey+Booms. That qualifies.

      1. If you die with the antibodies or whatevers in you, and they can get the test to register as a positive, then it’s a Covid death.

        One wonders how many who died in the condo collapse recently died ‘with Covid.’

        1. I think that they all had it and on top of that the delta plague ate into the rebar – the new variant can do that. It eats steel, turns concrete into fine sand, and makes eels sterile. Bad stuff – much like Corn Pop – a bad dude.

          It’s time to close all businesses again, demand masks, and mandate a series of five booster shots or we will all die. You don’t want people to die, do you, Beans? Take your boosters, wear your obedience mask and accept your food ration card – Soylent Green. The delicious beverage will forestall famine as a result of global warming.

  3. Your mix is excellent…covers all bases and affords the occasional spleen venting over morning Covfefe.

    And the SARS CoV2 hits keep coming, like a rabid dog with a found bone. Its become a joke (not in a funny way). Every.Single.One of those pushing the narrative are liars. The Fowch Mengele lied straight-faced to Congress…and he’s just the tip of the rotting iceberg they’ve been using to rip a hole in America, and succeeding because far too many people are lemmings willing to run headlong over the cliff. Maybe too much Rec-Med being smoked.

    The food posts are Kryptonite for me, want to try ALL of it (still salivating over your 07.23 post). Getting older I’ve become “more efficient” with food intake or else it shows up in the wrong places that for a lifetime used to be lean. Not complaining…keep ’em coming.

  4. re — ‘unfair’ portraits
    Black© felt-pen… satisfying the demands dujour.
    (did I mention mulattos called me ‘niggah!’, probably a result of too much televisionprogramming (blond/blue, my heritage is primarily Irish and Neanderthal))

    1. People of African descent have called me ‘niggah’ before, but as a term of endearment, as in, “you my niggah”. And I’m white as a fish’s belly. I didn’t take offense, but if I’d said it, there would have been injured feelings. It’s all in the context. Walking up to a group of at-risk inner-city youth, sitting, drinking from cans of malt liquor, and asking, “So how are the porch monkeys today?” didn’t phase anyone. It’s all in the context and the audience.

      1. Heh. Got some Boer blood deep in the background, does that make me African-American?

        No. No it does not. It just makes me American.

        As to being called ‘nigga’ and such, well, okay, can I respond with ‘nigga’ or ‘nig’? If not, don’t use those words. And some ‘nigga’ calling me a ‘cracker’ is very much a ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ statement. Why? Because I wasn’t born a native north-central Floridian of old ‘Cracker’ stock, since ‘Cracker’ comes from the old term for Floridian Cowboy, which, curiously, included Seminoles and Blacks. The crack of the Cracker being the whips used to drive cows in the Florida palmetto scrub.

        1. What if I throw a cracker into my soup as a symbol of solidarity with BLM? Doesn’t that count for anything?

          Can’t I get some free government cheese to go between slices of brown bread?

  5. Re Wisconsin, YGTBSM… sigh… And what did you do with my biscuits? I had biscuits with breakfast! THAT EXACT breakfast! Yes, pretty young ladies are always appreciated too!

  6. As to the school writing shtuff on my face? Best be holding me down hard because I’ll come up to kill you. That’s assault on the writers’ part and there’s only one way to respond to being assaulted.

    Been there in elementary school, been there in junior high and high school. Lotsa bastards out there with scars almost as bad as mine because I just refuse to go down quietly.

    Then I grew up and lost the care over my body. One of my trainers said that I was the perfect example of the berserker, get stabbed and keep going and then afterwards die due to running out of blood. Or, well, like Michael Myers – not very good looking, slow but for some reason I always get to the target and generally win.

    Touch me, you’d better touch me hard enough to stop me.

    1. I wonder what the professor responsible for writing on faces would think if he had a “kick me hard” sign taped to his back? It would be a pleasure to follow directions and allow him to wear his ass as a hat band.

  7. As to the “Not Flu Flu,” well, gee, a test that tests for a flu can’t differentiate between the flu and the flu.

    Which is what people started saying back in… MARCH 2020. That the tests were bullcrap and the actions taken by the Governments because of the bullcrap tests were bullcrap.

    How much more do we have to hear about ‘mistakes’ before even the dumbest Branch Covidian realizes it’s all a scam, bunko, humbug, hoohah, bogus, bogosity, fake?

    Lessee… CDCs say only 6% of the ‘active Covid cases were actually, you know, Covid cases.

    CDCs say the tests are 30% inaccurate for positive tests… and 20% inaccurate for the negative tests.

    CDCs say… yeah, the COVID was manufactured in Wuhan labs, after they said the COVID was from natural sources outside of labs.

    And now this. That the tests were pert near 100% inaccurate overall

    1. You still need to take the shot, and the boosters, and wear an obedience mask, and close your business. Just because it’s complete and utter bullshit doesn’t mean that you are somehow exempt from government mandates.

  8. I have to admit I don’t particularly care if you include the women in bikinis or not; but but I like everything else. Especially the eggs and bacon.

    1. I think that it needs a side of sourdough toast. Old NFO had biscuits with his this morning and I’m fine with that if they’re hot and fresh.

  9. Bacon and Eggs!?!


    Then there’s the Scots.


    Forgive all caps, this is an exciting post.

  10. Guns , food, and beautiful woman,, the only thing missing is fine wine and bourbon .

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