Meanwhile, In Russia

Brittney Griner (31), a WNBA player plead guilty to drug charges in a Russian criminal proceeding and now faces 10 years in a Russian prison. The seven-time All-Star was detained in Russia on February 17 for carrying a significant amount of marijuana concentrate in her luggage. There are reports that the Brandon Regime is slow-walking a release from prison and repatriation to the US. A delegation from the Orthodox Church will be meeting with Griner on Sunday (tomorrow). It’s not in any news release. I’m following the matter with some interest. Should she be released at the end of this coming week, it is likely that she will be flown directly to Greece.


Bullet Points:

* We are all breathing 78% Nitrogen gas (it’s called Earth’s atmosphere), so the reason for the Dutch government attacking the farmers to give up their lands and bankrupt them has nothing to do with climate change, global warming, or cooling. Schiphol airport produces a lot more nitrogen gas than farmland, and that airport will absolutely not be closed anytime soon. We’ve seen similar assaults against different populations such as the Australian-none vaccinated, who were locked up in concentration camps. The freedom truckers of Canada had their bank accounts frozen, and trucks and assets Stolen/Confiscated by the Trudeau Regime.

* (Fox News) The Oregon Department of Education is spending $1.9 million to train teachers to fight against Western values. The article is worth a read. The total cost for the 23-month project will be $1,929,637.50. The fellowship will teach at most 600 educators how to create “racially affirming environments” in their classrooms. Affirming means that the teachers’ identities are “seen” and “honored” in classrooms, ODE told Fox News Digital. The fellowship will “deepen educators’ understanding… of the individual, the institutional and the systemic impacts of racism on schools and communities.” Fellows will create their own project “that disrupts a racist pattern/practice/policy, or works towards liberation/equity/decolonization.”  – What a load of Marxist crap.

* CNN: “What do you say to those families that say, ‘listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’” BIDEN ADVISOR BRIAN DEESE: “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.”

*  Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin sparked rumors that he is considering a 2024 White House run by making a speech at Nebraska’s GOP convention this weekend. Some political strategists speculated that the trip to Nebraska indicates a move to gather attention in the bordering state of Iowa, where the pivotal first nomination contests in presidential primaries are held.








  1. So Griner gets to walk and Whalen is STILL there (and has been since 2019)? Interesting… After years of blaming the Pubs for the “New World Order”, now the left is admitting they have a Liberal World Order… how… interesting!

  2. Oregon Idiocy- I suppose the $637.50 (50c?) on top of the 1,929,000.00 is for each attendee to get one of those special multicolor rainbow pens to take notes in their class coloring books. And the urban Oregonians allow these morons to run open loop. Reap-Sow.

  3. Everyone else is worried about WWIII; I’m getting more concerned that the entire Western World (I’m excluding Russia and its provinces – heh!) is on the verge of the First Global Civil War: Citizens vs. Bureaucrats.

    • Interesting point, boron. I’ve been pondering WTF is going on, and I tend to agree with you. “The People” vs “The Elite”, but on a global scale this time.

      • BIDEN ADVISOR BRIAN DEESE: “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.”
        Top of the list, or whoever his boss is?

        • Before his move to Public Service (if anyone can call what he does “public service), Deese served as the Global Head of Sustainable Investing at BlackRock, studying at the feet of Larry Fink, who is clearly a Globalist Shot Caller in the USA.

          The name “Fink” says all you need to know. His bio says this about him: Mr. Fink has been named one of the “World’s Greatest Leaders” by Fortune, and Barron’s has named him one of the “World’s Best CEOs” for 15 consecutive years.

          It’s better to own a politician than to be one.

          The shot callers in the White House don’t take a whiz without consulting Fink.

          • It’s an unfortunate name, but it doesn’t seem to have harmed his rise. I’m guessing that Fink was extracted from “Garfinkel” but have zero proof of this. Anyhoo, Fink’s a billionaire while the other benefactor of humanity whose ancestors became “Garland” is only a multimillionaire (estimated).

    • The New World Order seems to be having setbacks. They are trying a reset post President Trump in the US and it is not popular here either.

  4. Leave Griner in Russia. She is a sorry excuse for an American.

    At Schiphol I missed connections to destinations in SW Asia and the middle east way too often where I would have to stay an extra day or two. It used to be a fun city but they tried to change their image just over a decade ago. An all-nighter at one of the better red light establishments used to cost about the same as a room at the Hilton and the room was nicer especially on cold winter nights. I haven’t been there in 9 years.

    • Maybe after a long enough stint in one of Russia’s finest Jumpsuit Motels maybe Griner will start to appreciate her country and the freedoms and opportunities she took for granted.

      • Schipohl isn’t a bad place. I transited there with an agent in tow who was unable to mentally do it alone. The Dutch tagged him and me. He was strip-searched, I was only interrogated – “why were you standing next to a terrorist?” If you looked at him, he was the poster child for terrorism (Iranian) but in truth he wasn’t, hadn’t been and he was our guy. The Dutch did what they were supposed to do. We didn’t miss our flight to Istanbul.

        I’ve overnighted there too. but not for a decade or longer.

        I think that Griner will be getting out and reuniting with her lesbian wife. If that happens, you may be in a position to blame me personally. But there is a back story to all this that I am not sharing. If she travels to Athens, blame me. If she goes to DC, you can blame somebody else.

          • I don’t deny it. The people who are visiting her about as I type (looks at wristwatch) along with others have an agenda and are playing a long game. USGOV used to be able to do that but they can’t get it up these days. It’s unfortunate.

          • PS – Schipohl is not laid out like Denver International Airport, but they have one thing in common – leave a lot of time for layovers to get to your gate and when you arrive at the gate, it will have changed.

        • Couldn’t you have worked it out so that Griner got out from Russia, but at the cost of her US citizenship? A nice (say) Liberian passport would surely be better than having one from an oppressive, patriarchial, and inherently racist country, doncha think?

          Never had trouble at Schiphol. Kansai (Osaka) on the other hand ….
          But that was my fault (and I was able to catch my flight, even).

          • Griner has spent five months in a Russian jail for a crime that she would have not spent any time for in the USA. She may be a contemptible US citizen, but I doubt that she will spit on the American flag in the future.

            She wasn’t tortured to death like Otto Frederick Warmbier. She should be happy about that.

  5. I have zero sympathy for Griner, or anyone stupid enough to go take a job in Russia or any other shithole nation, thinking it’s like the West.

    If she was actually guilty of the crime, then that’s just double idiocy.


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