Hijab – The future of American Women?

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We start with the Miss Muslim Beauty Pageant (not a joke)

I have been among those following the development of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque in New York City — you know, the triumphal fifteen story monument to Islam, to be constructed adjacent to the hole in the ground that they take credit for. And surprisingly enough there are a number of women who seem to be in favor of the mosque. If there were more Muslims in America than non-Muslims, this is how you’d be forced to dress. If you choose to go to many Islamic countries and decide not to dress in hijab, you can be killed for your conduct.

The Imam below discusses how if a woman is seen in public without her head covered, her hair should be cut off as a mater of political and religious doctrine within Islam.

He also expresses his feelings that if a woman is seen outside hijab, she is setting herself up to be raped (because Islamic men can’t help themselves).

Pat Condell weighs in:

Islam has always been a ‘religion’ of conquest (convert or die) – and therefore is a political movement every bit as much or more than it is a religious movement. I am not suggesting that Islam not be allowed to be practiced in the Free World, however, the treatment of women, the wisdom of banning the burka/hijab, etc. is a logical first step in our response to their horrible treatment of women.

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  1. I love Pat Condell's idea at the end, that we should start asking Islamist men to wear burkhas. We women could say that they are so sexy we can't control ourselves. It is not fair to put us in such a situation. They simply must wear burkhas so we don't sexually attack them.

  2. THANK YOU for posting! Your blog is a Must Read!

    Common Cents

  3. Burka – They need to assimilate into the cultures they choose to move into, so yes, ban the burka.
    Or move back home.

    And I didn't find it hard at all to read All the captions..

    You know, it is worth mentioning in regard to the idea that these women seem to favor the burka or their way of life in general and that this is the direct result of the human mind able to find a way to enjoy practically Any environment where there is no other choice for you.
    The people of India who literally spend their lives clearing human waste from sewers find a way to scratch out some kind of happy life.

    They are a class of people in India and are usually born into the profession.

    This is their life

  4. With the uncontrollable urge Islamic seem to have toward rape, perhaps a mass dickectomy might be in order.

  5. Thanks for posting this! I always like visiting your blog!!

    Common Cents

  6. The women wear the burqas because they fear retribution from the barbaric men that control their lives.

  7. The burka is not a sign of a people who are free. And it comes back to the question of what sort of bondage the burka represents. And what sort of men would wantonly rape a woman because she's not covered in a tent?

    Is it telling in regard the nature of Islamic men? Or of the religion itself?

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