A Lapse in Judgment

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Caption: Pedo Joe has been in a lapse of judgment mode for his entire life, afflicting us from Delaware and DC. Now, he wants to be the vehicle for Barack Obama’s fourth term of office.


The Trump Trials

President Donald Trump: “I’m fighting for 300 million people… I have no choice. It’s not that I like doing this. Sitting in an ice box all day for 7, 8, 9 hours… But I’m doing this because our country needs it. Our Constitution is under threat. Our country needs it. So here I am.”

If the plurality of polls is accurate, America will elect President Donald Trump to a second term. But wait. The democrat party has weaponized the justice system and has manufactured cases against the former president by all accounts. What will happen if the Biden regime imprisons President Trump as he is poised to win the presidency? What will Pres. Trump do? What will YOU do? The question is hypothetical and does not require a response from this blog’s readership.

The Swamp is terrified of another Trump Presidency, but the American people appear to want it. Who runs the country? You should know the answer to that question by now.



The Upcoming Debates: (Gateway Pundit) The White House has refused to confirm or deny whether or not Joe Biden plans to use drugs to enhance his debate performance.

President Trump has repeatedly called for Biden to be drug tested before each debate, claiming that he was “high” during the State of the Union.

“I am going to demand a drug test. I am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union,” Trump said during a speech in Minnesota on Friday. “He was high as a kite. I said, ‘Is that Joe up there, that beautiful room? And by the end of the evening, he’s like” — Trump made a guttural sound — “He was exhausted, right? No, we’re going to demand a drug test.”

“He can’t talk, he can’t walk, can’t find his way off a stage. Can’t put two sentences together,” Trump continued. “Although he has agreed to debate, so I don’t know, maybe they know something. You watch he will be so jacked up for those debates.”

Pedo Joe responds!

Re-electing Joe Biden would be like backing up the Titanic to hit the iceberg again.


The Drone Carrier

The People’s Republic of China’s Army’s Navy launched a catamaran (twin-hull) -style drone aircraft carrier, and there’s a lot of buzz in navy circles about it. I think that CDRSAL has the proper take on the development.

Will the drone carrier be able to launch a lethal strike package with enough weight behind it to justify the construction expense? That’s not the right question to ask. China’s naval weight exceeds that of the US, and it is pulling ahead quantitatively. Quantity has a quality of its own. As the US struggles to meet enlistment quotas and stresses DEI over naval competence – persecuting white male officers of command rank for being white males, it will be interesting to see what the American Navy looks like in ten years.

(above) This is the US Navy’s San Antonio Class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) interior configuration. Would following this design be more valuable than the drone concept the Chinese trotted out? Yes, it would be far more helpful from a naval operational sense, but that wasn’t the point.


The Decline and Fall of the American Navy

(Link) Despite rising strategic threats, the Navy and its shipbuilding partners have struggled in the post-Covid economy to ramp up submarine production. The Defense Department announced recently that it would procure only one new fast-attack submarine in the fiscal year 2025 budget. Additionally, of the submarine force already in commission, sixteen of those forty-nine boats—or nearly a third of the Navy’s premier offensive force—are in drydocks or tied to piers, lacking required dive certifications. Due to a three-year maintenance backlog in the U.S. Navy, these submarines cannot get underway.


Bullet Points:

** (ammo.com) Illinois’ candidates are graded based on their previous 2A voting records, public statements on their constituents owning firearms, and their willingness to focus on 2A issues. Given our research on these criteria, we’ve assigned the following grades to those running for office.

** Slave reparations in California are discussed and explained. It’s an obscene exercise in vote buying.

** Methadone is offered without charge to addicts because they have a disease.

Chemotherapy is not free to cancer patients, nor is insulin free to diabetics even though they have diseases…

** Many people tell young people–especially those heading into college–that they should “do what they love.” And they’re right. You should do what you love.

There’s a world of difference between doing what you love for you and doing what you love for a paycheck. 

** “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” –Attributed to Voltaire

** Virtual Mirage is not closing down. The Mirage Resort in Las Vegas is closing its doors. There’s a subtle difference between the two. One is impossibly small and makes no money, and the other is massive, drains Lake Mead for a water show and apparently loses a lot of money.

** Ramsey on the National Debt – it’s a good, brief summary. Everyone is on the take – there’s no such thing as gravity because it all sucks.

** The new feature film (see left) should make Disney a bundle.  Audiences will pour into nearly empty movie theaters to watch men dressed up as women.  I’m sure that it will be popular with the ladies who tolerate men invading their restrooms and pretending to be female. Will Big Mike Obama make a cameo appearance? We’ll have to wait for the trailers.

** May 23, 1843 The first major wagon train to the northwest departed from Elm Grove, Missouri, on the Oregon Trail.

Although U.S. sovereignty over the Oregon Territory was not established until 1846, American fur trappers and missionary groups lived in the region for decades, to say nothing of the Native Americans who had settled the land centuries earlier. Dozens of books and lectures proclaimed Oregon’s agricultural potential, piquing the interest of white American farmers. The first overland migrants to Oregon, intending primarily to farm, came in 1841 when a small band of 70 pioneers left Independence, Missouri. They followed a route blazed by fur traders, which took them west along the Platte River through the Rocky Mountains via the easy South Pass in Wyoming and then northwest to the Columbia River. In the years to come, pioneers came to call the route the Oregon Trail.

In 1842, a slightly larger group of 100 pioneers made the 2,000-mile journey to Oregon. The next year, however, the number of emigrants skyrocketed to 1,000. The sudden increase resulted from a severe depression in the Midwest, combined with a flood of propaganda from fur traders, missionaries, and government officials extolling the virtues of the land. Farmers dissatisfied with their prospects in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee hoped to find better lives in the paradise of Oregon.

On this day in 1843, some 1,000 men, women, and children climbed aboard their wagons and steered their horses west of Elm Grove, Missouri. The train comprised over 100 wagons with 5,000 oxen and cattle trailing behind. Dr. Elijah White, a Presbyterian missionary who had made the trip the year before, served as a guide.


Leonardo Painting Leonardo

Imagine your dismay if you finished your masterpiece only to learn that you painted the wrong ninja turtle…


A Story From Jules

I recently mocked Jules’ discussion of fish head pie (a delicacy in the UK). She defended the pie, and this is what she wrote-

The story dates back to the 16th century and revolves around a heroic fisherman named Tom Bawcock.

According to local lore, during a particularly harsh winter, the village of Mousehole suffered a severe storm that prevented the fishermen from going to sea. With the villagers facing starvation, Tom Bawcock bravely ventured into the tumultuous waters and caught an abundant haul of fish. To celebrate his bravery and the much-needed food he provided, the villagers created a unique pie with the fish heads protruding through the crust, appearing to gaze at the stars.

This dish, named Stargazy pie, is traditionally made with pilchards (sardines), eggs, and potatoes and covered with a pastry crust. The distinctive feature is the fish heads poking through the top, symbolizing Bawcock’s miraculous catch and the sustenance it brought to the village.

Every year on December 23rd, the people of Mousehole commemorate Tom Bawcock’s heroic deed with Tom Bawcock’s Eve. Stargazy pie is baked and shared among the villagers during this festival, accompanied by festive activities and celebrations. This tradition not only honors the historical event but also preserves the cultural heritage of Mousehole and its reliance on the sea.


I will take a hard pass on the pie; your tastes may differ. This explains Bawcock’s triumph and why fish head pie is celebrated and consumed in Old Blighty.

The whole country doesn’t have enough HP Sauce to make it taste good.


Meme of the Day


Identify the Vehicle



Not German


Identify the aircraft




ID the foreground aircraft. Background aircraft are an Arado Ar 96 trainer in Hungarian livery and a Siebel Si 204



Parting Shot

The power of sauerkraut…


30 thoughts on “A Lapse in Judgment

  1. Off topic
    Local radio news on the way home said the Australian Defence Force could not meet its recruiting for last year and this year. 10 000 target out of 26 million population. Did not say how many they did get.

    They did comment that my state Queensland (19% of population) has provided 28 to 30% for the last five years. To friends I describe Qld as being the closest to Texas in USA (lots of rural people with similar views), just 260% bigger.

    I have worked in Texas by the way.

    1. It’s not just people who can fog a mirror, but the quality that I worry about in the US with the standards dropping from where they were twenty or thirty or forty years ago. Australia is big and once you’re away from the coast, it’s incredibly empty.

      1. LL
        Yes there are big spaces.

        It’s only 30% desert and 40% arid (lol). Lots of large, scale dry land farming. One cousin runs a cow per 160 acres. West of him (drier it’s about 300 acres)

        Where I was in the 1980’s for a while the local football team could drive 250 miles one way for a game.

        I can remember the late 1990’s when they lowered the army PT test requirements as most women failed. The current basic standards are even lower. Higher for combat arms still.
        Ok old person rant over.

    2. They should chat with Mike_W, he’d set them straight….but they don’t want to hear the truth or solutions.

  2. “What kind of man” One who knows (or at least his handlers do) what side of the aisle his bread is buttered on. And I bet it is more than 10%.

    Methadone. Hmm maybe more graft available dispensing methadone. Does seem kinda strange don’t you think?

    National debt has become unpayable because it is just so darn huge. Don’t know what will happen but hyper-inflation to the extent that it will decrease the national debt appreciably will destroy what is left of America. As I think the esteemed Beans mentioned yesterday the Constitution hasn’t existed since Woodrow Wilson, or maybe even earlier. Without a Constitution that is the guiding principle of the country America as the founders envisioned it hasn’t existed for well over a century. Now it is all about how much you can squeeze out of the system.

    1. The thugocracy isn’t spread evenly. There are areas where it’s more parasitic and at the same time rabid. The Beltway and the permanent Washington establishment (the Swamp) seems to coordinate it.

    2. Methadone: here is one story. I’m not saying that we can generalize from this, but here it is. Friend of mine got caught with Percocets as a teen. Given choice between “diversion program” vs criminal record. Thought the diversion was a better deal (which it sounded like). Turned out to be a month of (forced) residency in basically a dorm full of drug addicts. At the time the pathway was mandatory methadone for all comers. (Sounds crazy, I know.) So she ended up with an opioid addiction probably more from the methadone than the percs which she didn’t even take regularly. Also, in addition to the frequent fights, there were people doing IV drugs in the “dorm” while under de facto lockdown. It was a hard drugs education for her. And that led to almost 20 years of opioid use and other unsavory stuff to support the habit. Now she’s mostly got her life together, but still on Suboxone (and OF COURSE there’s a street market for this “rehab drug”).

      Despite her faults, this person takes full responsibility for her screwups (which is one reason we are friends; I respect that), and I don’t think she’s making it up. I’ve also heard corroborating bits of stories from other addicts (totally separate from my friend). We were supposedly “taught” the basics of narcotics treatment in med school, but apparently the reality is almost nothing like the clean flowcharts we were shown. It’s very disheartening. Yet another thing where it looks like we were fed BS under the warm glow of gaslighting. Is there ANYTHING official we’ve been taught or told by “authority” that is NOT a lie?

      Anyway the TL;DR is that I’m beyond starting to think that so much of the “war on drugs” is a racket (too).

      1. The government plan was to addict opioid addicts to methadone rather than heroin. My ‘field research’ while not comprehensive, showed that they’d take methadone at the clinic and then geeze heroin. The war on drugs is a scam and opioid addiction is horrible. All drug addiction is horrible. I extend that to alcohol addiction and addiction to nicotine. The withdrawal from alcohol addiction kills people. Heroin, usually not.

      2. The billions spent on the war on drugs, just like the NEA, EPA, Dept. o’ Energy…et al…were wasted. NOTHING has changed, in fact the problem has gotten so bad Gubmint Lefty’s now give actual drugs and paraphernalia so the addicts can shoot up “safely”. It’s on purpose…and yeah, it’s a racket. Pretty easy to find out the recipient shops grifting the system to line their pockets with drug money. A Jesse Stone Episode dealt with these “institutions” where – as your friend came out the other side worse off – they get you hooked then toss you out, while the director drove a Rolls.

  3. Identify the Vehicle:
    1. Trippel SG6
    2. OT-810D with 82mm recoilless rifle
    Identify the Aircraft:
    3. McDonnell XV-1
    4. Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu
    5. Henschel Hs 126
    6. Something French. Need coffee but have blood work in a couple of hours.

      1. Yes!

        There’s an upcoming candid photo of Surly socializing on VM. He’s a charmer. Stay tuned.

  4. I was very disappointed when I learned what Stargazey Pie is. Such a good name…
    Did that guy also invent the ballcock valve, and who had the speech impediment?
    – Kle.

  5. “Methadone is offered without charge to addicts because they have a disease.” … That’s because cancer & diabetic patients don’t rob & steal to buy their meds, drug addicts do.

  6. While I eat sardines, anchovies and such little critters, I’ve never had the Stargazy pie and never eaten them with their heads intact.

    But the highlight of my day has been learning there’s a city called Mousehole in Cornwall to this day.

    1. I don’t know who composed that song or what sort of weird cactus berries they were eating when they did it, but I want some.

  7. Fishhead Pie- And how is this any different that Ludefisk? Every culture (modern that is) has their depression era gross food…just like every culture has their version of Funnel Cake (yum).

    Speaking of that, Clarkson Farm S3…he starts growing mushrooms as part of the “unfarmed” area attempts to actually turn a profit while augmenting the Ninny Restrictions on his FarmShop…apparently one of the favorite Motherland sandwiches is mushrooms on toast…like A LOT.
    How can a man sign a bill…?- How can anyone draft such a thing and send it to their pen monkey to sign it?
    To the question of the day: What’s Ms. Soda drinker looking at to act so surprised?

  8. To be fair, most people I know wouldn’t want any Stargazy pie because it’s not unlike four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie; utterly atrocious. Now, if they’d chopped the pilchards heads and tails off and called it fish pie and served it with chips then, yes, proper job, as they say in Cornwall. Still, it’s about honouring tradition and remembering brave souls that fight for the people. Once you’ve had a few pints of Propper Job, a few box-eyed sardines aren’t going to cause you any bother. In fact, you’d be considered heroic and might get a lock in!

    Sig: Mousehole ( pronounced Mowzul) is a tiny little fishing village that is utterly beautiful and is famous for standing strong against Spanish invasion, famine, terrible sea tragedies and housed the last woman to speak true Cornish.

    Paul – Mushrooms on toast ( fried in butter, sometimes garlic- perhaps a sprinkling of mature cheddar) is the dogs bollocks, as we say round these parts.

    1. Dogs bollocks…thought that might mean really good…nope…means “the very best” according to my Colonies Grade translator of the Motherland Tongue. It did seem as much on the CF episode, everyone standing around with a huge smile on their collective faces enjoying their grilled mushrooms on toast. Looked good. Gotta give it a go.

    2. In China they probably say the literal dogs’ bollocks are also the metaphorical dog’s bollocks. Or so I imagine.

      @Paul. We are reliably informed by The Professor that hobbits also love mushrooms. And more so than even the greediest big person.

      1. My experience with dog on the menu was not in China (where they do eat dogs) but the Republic of Korea. I don’t think that I ever ate dog oysters per se…but you don’t really know what part of the dog is on the platter do you? The fish head in Asia is considered a more desirable part of the fish to eat. I never fully embraced the culture. Likely I’d have been excluded from polite society in Mouse Hole, England because of my refusal to eat fish head pie. It’s a cross I have to bear, isn’t it?

  9. We’ve had ‘that’ conversation about the Navy and its maintenance issues. Sequestration is STILL haunting the Navy, and it’s not going away anytime soon. They are getting ready to decom Leyte Gulf soon, too. Stupid…stupid…stupid… But we know the dems HATE the military.

  10. Concerning the Oregon Trail: If you overlay the western portions of I 80, it follows the old Oregon Trail quite well until the western border of Wyoming. Then sometime this summer when you have nothing else to do, visit Wyoming and look at the tracks through solid rock that the wagon’s iron rims cut. If you happen to go all the way to Oregon, there is a nice Oregon Trail museum in Baker City off I 84. Please do not visit Idaho unless you are willing to purchase lunch or coffee for me.

    If you care about the Santa Fe Trail, there are still portions of it in the sod west of Dodge City, Kansas.

    Concerning mind altering drugs: Our politicians are willing to legalize every drug they can, but they are unwilling to also write laws that protect the employer’s ability to pitch anyone out the door who is using those drugs. Additionally, the politicians are unwilling to mandate drug testing for themselves to prohibit voting on various bills while under the influence or mandatory testing and dry out for those living from the pockets of others who are working hard to support their own families.

  11. What I want to know is exactly how many Pedo Joe stand-ins there are. I have no doubt they use drugs when it is the real him, the few times I have been able to stomach watching him.
    We need to remember that he wasn’t elected this time…
    It makes me sad to think what our military will look like in ten years, let alone our Navy.
    Hahahahaha. Ex-Men. Pretty funny, even if it is sad.

    Jules’ story is very interesting. It did, however, make me think of the 1978 song by Barnes and Barnes (yes, I had to research the facts with the song playing in my head) which was a favorite on the Dr. Demento radio show – which we loved when we were stationed in what used to be California. “Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads…”

    Freddie beat me to it and shared the video. Still good stuff.

  12. It’s a bit like England/UK:

    Here we are, an island, dependent upon sea routes.

    Better get rid of the Navy then!

    And it gets stranger still. The same people baying for moar war want to destroy the forces that actually do war. Well, whoever said Satan was raitional.

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