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The Table

Juniperus deppeana ver pachyphlaea, cut (with a permit) on the Coconino National Forest. It’s now at the neighbor’s mill where it will be cut into planks and eventually it will end up as a dining room table at the White Wolf Mine.

Some people harvest the berries to flavor local gin. I don’t have a still, and I don’t harvest the berries, but there are some who do.

Finding old trees of this sort that are large enough, standing, dead, and not rotten, is not easy. The one on the right is about 3′ x 6′ and the one on the left is smaller. Felling them and getting them onto the trailer is no easy trick. Some of the bark on the left log is off because I had to drag it behind my 4×4 through very rough terrain for 50 yards or so before it reached the trailer. I hope that I can get enough wood from these two logs…or it’s back to the forest I go, in search of another one.



The West is “decarbonizing” but China is doing the opposite. Jo/Ho are pledging trillions to fight global warming, while Joe Biden’s paymasters in Beijing are pursuing a different course. The article cited below and excerpted by Virtual Mirage is worth a read.

(more here – h/t Claudio) The Chinese military build-up, culminating most recently with the achievement of fielding the largest navy in the world by number of ships, has been well-documented. What is less appreciated is the significant maritime and industrial infrastructure China has invested in to build such a navy, and in a remarkably short period of time. The advantage gained by the simple number of ships may be dubious in certain respects, but the industrial advantages China’s expansive maritime industrial capacity could offer in a prolonged, large-scale conflict cannot be understated.

The U.S. shipbuilding industry holds approximately 0.35 percent market share worldwide as of 2015. By comparison, Korea is still the world leader in shipbuilding market share with 43 percent but is followed very closely by China at 41 percent, where orders and market share continue to increase.

There are so many scams out there from the mask scam to the war on the weather that I have defaulted to my “there is no such thing as gravity, the whole world sucks” position.


Germany’s U-Boats

U-35 was performing a diving maneuver off the Norwegian coast when one of the four fins on its X-shaped rudder struck a rock. The damage was severe enough it needed to be escorted back to Kiel by the testing ship Helmsand. The fifty-six-meter-long submarine would have to miss an international exercise in the Skagerrak Strait, scheduled for December.

On paper, the Deutsche Marine has six Type 212A submarines equipped with advanced air-independent propulsion, allowing ultraquiet operations submerged for over two weeks at a time. They’re lucky to have one that is operational at any point in time.

The Deutsche Marine couldn’t deploy its full submarine force even if all six were in operational condition. According to Bartels, there are only three trained crews available to man the six Type 212As.

Since the end of the Cold War, the Deutsche Marine ceased maintaining a comprehensive supply of spare parts as a cost-cutting measure, instead of procuring parts on-demand they have looted them from nonoperational boats. The plague added to the problem because it was an excuse not to do anything.

They’re good boats. The Italians, Norwegians, and Poles either have them or want them. But somebody in the German government has to care enough to want them operational.


  1. Germany… Ah… Germany.

    Who used to have the best planes. Now grounded for the most part because of use of bio-aviation fuel.

    Who used to have the best tanks. Now non-functioning due to bio-diesel and not being able to train because training makes too much noise and trashes the environment. (Freaky that the Poles have 4 times as many German tanks than Germany, and the Poles’ Leopards work.)

    Who used to have some of the best ships. Now docked because of bio-fuel and political bullscat.

    And who were some of the world’s best submariners. Now docked because of… bio-fuel and cut-backs.

    All because they unified with East Germany.

    Socialism always wins… In the same way Africa always wins…

    • At least they have a million military-age Muslims to help them get through this crisis (in addition to 100 million Turks =/-).

  2. If cost cutting and environmental friendliness are the driving criteria, I can see the USN making models based on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. They would almost be as effective as the junk currently being produced, and would be much prettier to look at.

  3. 186′. That seems short for a modern submarine. Would the purpuse be landing Special Forces small team?

    As moisture content, specifically varying MC throughout the tree, is an unknown when harvesting a dead tree, I suspect consideration of controlled air drying after cutting slabs would be prudent. Finished bright, the table should be beautiful with the grain of Juniper. I prefer the wedged trestle as method of construction. Some butterflies instead of ‘breadboard’ ends. Thick slabs would go well for the castle.

    • They’re short-duration mission vessels and air-independent but not nuclear. If your mission is local defense, they work, they are very quiet, and they have good weapons (if the Germans maintained them).

      I’ll cure the wood before taking it further, under weight so that the planks don’t warp. It will have two leafs to extend the length when needed.

  4. Well, you motivated me to get out of my swivel chair and walk a little under a mile (each way) to the hotdog shoppe. First time there, but prices are up 7% over those listed on their website and printed menus. (Trust the plan, President* Biden will save us from inflation.) Had the “Cheddar and Chili Dog” which tasted fine, but literally a dozen beans (and zero meat) in some reddish-brown sauce does not chili make.

    This state apparently rescinded the “masks in public” mandate last week or so, but over 90% of people were still wearing masks while on the street. I stuck my head into Ye Ice Creame Shoppe next to the hotdog place and they literally had a 6′ by 8′ area by the door roped off for customers to stand. You are not allowed to approach the counter. Apparently you are supposed to use the QR code pasted to an outside table, order — and pay — via your phone, then wait for the staff to bring your food outside. The girls working inside were polite, but obviously agitated that a customer went inside their shoppe.

    Now that fact that I have not shaved since December and look more like a murder hobo than ever may have something to do with this, but they were also genuinely concerned about a person being inside the shop. The psychological damage caused by this ginned up hysteria will take years, minimum, to ameliorate. Our “elite” masters are truly masters of getting inside people’s heads and filling them with propaganda, poison, and paranoia. To be fair, the last two may be a function of “sharing the wealth” seeing as they have in their heads poison and paranoia excess to requirements.

    re the President* and the Carters. Is the photo op deliberately rubbing our noses in it? (Speaking of the poisonous malice of our overlords). Were I Biden’s handler, I would absolutely NOT want people talking about the President* and Carter in the same breath.

    • Jimmy Carter seemed thrilled to get past the “worst president in history” marker and to pass that Baton to Creepy Joe and the Doctor.

      The hot dog didn’t sound good. I must admit that I am a bit of a hot dog snob – must be all the privilege that I’ve been exposed to in my life. If I had to live in New England at this point, I’m afraid that I’d be continually upset at the plague insanity. I can’t say that I’d take a hostage, but I can’t say that I’d rule it out. All honor to you for being tolerant, level-headed, and willing to explain the error of their ways to the progs.

  5. Good to see you’re getting a dining room table. I have one but rarely use it, somehow the kitchen counter seems easier. Hmmmm.

    Germany’s clearly betting on never having to fight another war again, a bit like the UK. Now I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t go long on that position.

    In the meanwhile, glad that J didn’t die from his vax. Only ended up in hospital.

  6. The new table will be stunning. Your shop or made by another woodworker? Remnants will be great for smaller projects.

    The lying is getting so rampant that they either have no clue they are doing it anymore or simply don’t care. Biden today: “The pipeline hack didn’t come from Russia….pause…bumble…stumble…but we do know the hackers were in Russia.”

    Then in her best official panderer voice, some CDC nimrod who believes people think she’s important has stated that we are now allowed to walk around without a mask…if you got vax’d. Like I’d listen to some moron. Why are these clowns pushing this vaccine so hard? Propaganda is reaching a fever pitch.

    It has become crystal clear that officials at all levels don’t give a damn about the people they supposedly represent. Move that concept to the Oval Office and Congress and it gets exponentially worse.

    At some point it’ll get ugly and directly personal when “the ignored” have had enough. This regime is pushing us towards a civil war..the only bright spot is they fail to understand our resolve and skillset.

    • I don’t have a full woodworking shop, so will be working the wood at another guy’s shop, local to me. He’s a friend and we both cut firewood as well. It’s easier and quicker with two people on the project, feeding the splitter and operating the controls, etc. If you lived in AZ, I’d bring you in to consult.

  7. When her farm in Africa failed, Karen Blixen sold all her household stuff but in the end had to go buy back her crystal because so many friends had drank from them. I feel the same about our dining room table. it’s seen many good friends, so much good food and so much good conversation take place around it, will be tough to let it go.

    • My current dining room table is 36 years old and is falling apart. I’ve tried to breathe life into it but it’s too small to seat my current family when they visit with grandkids and when I have people over, it’s also too small. I end up breaking out the Costco picnic table. This will be a leap forward and the kids can fight over it when I die.

      • Trust me on this, try to avoid creating more fights than absolutely necessary over breaking up your estate when you pass. Nothing spells family feud better than a badly written Last Will and Testament. There will be fights. The tricky part is to contain them so as to allow rifts to be temporary. Family unity will be everything soon enough.

        As to the 212, Italy was one of the original purchasers with four units and is now getting four more updated boats. These are intended to kickstart, or rather breathe some life, into Italian submarine shipyards as a slew of components from structural steel to electronics to weaponry will be italian made.

        The current U-212 are used to track illegal migrant gangs, with much success. This must be a training mission, in order to keep the edge for bigger things. One ship and I suspect multiple crew rotations were loaned to the USN for about a year a while back for green- and bluewater ASW training. Much satisfaction was had from all sides, but not much else came out in public.

        • There has been talk about the US building air-independent conventional boats, but the missions that are generally undertaken require more range. The German concept was patrolling its sea lanes of supply and communication, same with the Italians. who can dominate in the Med, but don’t need to sail to China on a regular basis. The 212 boats are very quiet and very effective if you have spare parts and can keep them operating.

          As to who gets what when I am no more — I will try to work that out before the time comes and have tried (past tense) to do that and set those things up, but I don’t know how you really think of everything and avoid conflict.

          • All you need is to hang on until 2030, at which point you will have nothing to disburse. Because by then We Will Own Nothing, And We Will Be Happy. I have the assurances of the wise, kindly beings running the world on this one.


            We’ll rent everything we need from the Lizard People who own us mammalian cattle. Benevolent, dispassionate beings whose only goal is to repair this fallen world, beings such as Klaus Schwab.

            Schwab is German, so it is not a hate crime to suggest that he might be a hyperintelligent reptiloid with lofty goals above mere human passions and desires. Not only is Anti-Teutonism is no crime, it is strongly encouraged. (c.f. yesterday’s talk of the parlous state of the German Navy; let us meditate not on the what and the how, but the why.)

      • Mrs. & I were not granted children, but we have a couple each “adopted” nieces and nephews that some of the stuff will go to. They say you can’t pick your family. They’re wrong.

  8. Still have the oak dinner table that my dad re-finished when I was in diapers. It has six leaves for expansion. For every day use, we keep one leaf in. I bet your finished juniper will be stunning.

    • That’s what I’m going for. Daily use, 6′, no leaves, but two inserts to take it to 9′. I haven’t decided what specific configuration to use for the legs. I wanted the wood itself to make suggestions. And it’s not as if I couldn’t go back into the forest to harvest more if needed for this or that leg/trestle/support element.

  9. Grab the berries – bottle of cheap vodka – sugar – put in Demi jar and leave. Shake periodically. 6 months later – rocket liquor. You’re welcome.

  10. Look forward to watching your table project come together.
    Going to be interesting to see those once you get them milled.
    Are you doing just the table, any benches/chairs?

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