No More Drones?

Russia has run out of the Iranian-supplied Shahed-136 kamikaze drones (think of an updated German V-1). They’re fired from racks (see captioned photo).

Despite no markings, experts believe the munition uses a computer processor manufactured by the American company AlteraRF modules by Analog Devices, and LDO chips by Microchip Technology.

Inspection of captured drones used by Russia during the 2022 Ukraine invasion revealed that the Shahed-136 electronics were manufactured from American- and EU-made components, such as a TMS320 processor and a Polish-made fuel pump on behalf of UK-based company TI Fluid Systems. It explains a great deal because a lot of what’s needed to make the guidance and other systems work is not available in Persia. 

The supply of components was stopped and the Iranians aren’t making any more of them. I guess that they could strap an iron bomb to a camel and walk it up to Ukrainian lines and use a pull cord to detonate it now that they’re out of western technology.


John Bolton

John Bolton (age 74 – almost as old as Pedo Joe and Pres. Trump), a creature of the permanent administrative state (Swamp) in DC is out testing the water for a presidential run in 2024. I received a call from a friend, not necessarily a Bolton supporter, who asked me what I thought. Bolton would crash and burn in the Oval Office within the first week. He’s an emotional and intellectual lightweight. His approach to this possible run in 2024 is to trash Pres. Trump rather than tout his own “enlightened message” or his tepid credentials. To be fair, demented old Pedo Joe had better credentials than Bolton, whose only position has been “let’s have a war with Russia, China, wherever.”



Actor, Mark Ruffalo

I find it equal parts amusing and depressing when useful idiots like this mid-grade actor feel they have the moral and intellectual right to lecture people on who and who should not have the ability to exercise free speech. How could someone with at least enough brains to parrot words written for him by someone else not understand that if he got what he was demanding of his government – censorship – that it is only a matter of time until HIS right to speak freely is cancelled? I guess it’s just basic garden variety stupidity…you’d have to be pretty dumb to beg for regulation on a platform that for the first time in years is trying to allow free speech for all. Or it could be evil, I don’t like to think that of a total stranger but it is hard to explain otherwise.



Bullet Points:

* Does anyone want to nominate me for an American Climate Leadership Award?  I’m not a climate nazi yet, but I’m willing to learn. Greta moved me. I mean,  my bowels.

* “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.” – J.R.R.T.

* How is it possible for a whale to breastfeed its baby in the middle of the ocean, yet there is no direct contact between the two?

The answer lies in the composition of the milk. You see, when this young whale is ready to feed, the mother releases her milk directly into the water while her child is near, but because whale milk has such a high-fat content, it does not dissolve in the water. Instead this thick and sticky form of milk just kind of sits there for the baby to feed on.




  1. Yer too late on the Climate Award…Grate-er Toon-Iceberg is out, they have a soft-spoken blonde babe now to sell the Climate Tax. Seems people were getting tired of being lectured by a child scold. It’s clear the Left is trying the oldest trick in the book to sell their brand of delusion. It’ll work on the weak-minded.

    Same mentality who say they are harmed by slavery despite not knowing who their Baby Daddy is/was. I WANT DNA testing on every recipient and uploaded into CODIS…might catch a few Cold Case criminals in the process (might reduce the number of no-shows).

    ‘Course, then there’s THAT ONE. Oy! Thanks A Lot first thing (eye rinse! eye rinse!). No one – other than Trans/Bi/Homo/Deranged/Legally Blind – who sees THAT and says “The Magical Mr. O is Sooo lucky!”. No surprise those types voted for a dead guy. Or a so-called preacher/greasy grifter. Or an impaired stroke victim who looks like someone in an Egger suit. Notice how the MSM dropped Fetterneck like an alien.

    Speaking of space aliens…new tech talk by Joe: “Nano-no-no…whatever”

    THAT’S IT!…The _Resident is actually Mork’s Weirder Uncle. No wonder we’re seeing all these Tik-Tac UFO’s in the sky, they’re checking up on their Manchurian to see how stupid voters were to support him, laughing all the way back to the 5th Dimension Space Base.

    • Same mentality who say they are harmed by slavery despite not knowing who their Baby Daddy is/was.

      Remember, all you have to do is self-identify as the great great great grandson of a slavery survivor and you are one. I think that black people should pay reparations to the families of white people who lost family in the War of Northern Aggression and freed them. It cuts both ways.

      The Obama girls are so lucky to have two daddies.

      • Maybe expand the DNA test pre-qual for public officials, verify they aren’t lying about their “gender” before presenting their children as theirs, or for that matter, getting an Admiral outfit. (hahahah)

        The “pre-Reparation payout DNA results loaded into CODIS”…other than the galactically stupid how many would shy away from the test? Then again, there I go thinking these history grifter people actually think or have a brain.

      • BTW, despite focusing on the rather elegant Mrs. PDJT the eye catches everything and for some reason only God knows, we gravitate towards the train wreck…then it’s too late. Cough!Gag!Wretch!

    • Grate-er Toon-Iceberg is out, they have a soft-spoken blonde babe now to sell the Climate Tax. Seems people were getting tired of being lectured by a child scold. It’s clear the Left is trying the oldest trick in the book

      Shame on you, Paul M. Shame! You seem to imply that the Best People are now trying to use sex appeal to sell the Climate Tax. What makes you think they weren’t doing that before? Just because YOU are not aroused by an obviously damaged teenager who looks like a prepubescent child doesn’t mean other people aren’t aroused. Some people (the Best People) are quite drawn to damaged children. How dare you de-value their preferences? Shame on you for assuming your preferences are universal. (Not everyone goes for smart, accomplished Scandinavian women, you ought to know.) You must be some kind of psychosexual imperialist or something. I bet you don’t like pizza either.

      • Sorry…I must be one of those misogynistic white male insurrectionist types..better get on the Self-ID as a poor black slave descendant to repair my warped mindset.

        (I do like ” psychosexual imperialist”…that’s a new one. h/t)

          • When you start demanding kale (and nothing else) on your pizza, I’ll know that you have arrived.

            By putting pineapple on your pizza, you’re culturally appropriating a native Hawaiian – for shame.

          • Philly bred and born, proper pizza is a religion, so am struggling to appropriate the Cali-style with leafy substances. BUT, I have an appointment with a food therapist in Boulder to get my mind right (they have a lot of those services down there). Might take a few sessions to undo an entire life of Proper Pizza Cult indoctrination, but it’ll be the new me in the end.

          • But do you love “Comet Ping Pong” pizza? [1]

            As it happens, I do like pineapple on pizza. I’m allowed since Asian/Pacific Islander is a class. This is like grouping Estonians with Basques or something, but what do I know; my guess is that they thought “miscellaneous” didn’t sound good as a ethnoracial designation.

            But I have not tried pineapple and olive.

            [1] Pizzagate is a Conspiracy Theory. It has been Thoroughly Debunked. Dee Bunked! Wikipedia tells us so:
            The conspiracy theory has been widely discredited and debunked. It has been judged to be false after detailed investigation by the fact-checking website and The New York Times. Numerous news organizations have debunked it as a conspiracy theory, including: The New York Observer, The Washington Post, The Independent, The Huffington Post, The Washington Times, the Los Angeles Times, Fox News,[75] CNN, and the Miami Herald. The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia characterized the matter as “fictitious”.

            CNN, HuffPo, AND Snopes? That’s like the Trinity of Truthiness!

        • If you shave your legs, wear a mini-skirt and start walking like a duck in Boulder, you’ll find that you’ll make a lot of new friends who also only eat kale on their pizza.

          • If that’s what it takes to fit in Boulder then we’re doomed. The patients are surely running the asylum.

            “Pineapple on pizza”…full disclosure, I have partaken in a said Hawaiin style pie, actually fine…but not authentic for us Philly boys. I draw the line at leafy greens on top unless it’s an Italian artisanal mozzarella brickoven one. Kale is for rabbits, or something.

            Next you guys will blaspheme and say pizza needs to be square cut. Unless it’s Chicago style I draw the line.

          • Mike_C…Pizza Gate: Wonder if they tipped the Domino’s driver – or – since…Dems – if they stiffed him saying they’d all forgotten their wallets but will happily pay him next Tuesday for the pizza’s today?

          • “will happily pay him next Tuesday”

            The Wimpy Maneuver would be a moral step up, I’m thinking.
            My money is on “You owed us that pizza because of your [racism/anti-X-ism/X-phobia]. And you owe us a pizza every week for the rest of your life.”

            (Or you owe the professional victims because of something your ancestors might have done to their ancestors. Or more likely, something that someone who vaguely resembled your ancestors might have done to someone vaguely resembling their ancestors. Or because your ancestors failed to prevent some bad people from doing something bad to some other group of people. Even though your ancestors were on the other side of the planet at the time and HAD NO IDEA that the bad thing was even happening.)

            In more cheerful news, I put my debit card where my keyboard is and ordered a pineapple & black olive (Black oLives Matter) pizza from the Greek place down the street. Not bad. Not bad at all. And I didn’t have to whack some dude in the forehead with a pistol.

  2. i see they traded jarjar binks griner for a rooskie arms dealer that tried to kill americans in columbia. great trade, seeing as how jarjar took a knee and was famous for saying “she” did not want to come back to trump america. meanwhile they left a marine to rot…the switch was made in saudi, reportedly. was that your doing? biden even trotted out “her”/ it’s wife to speak at the presser. i want to puke now…..iranians, funny how just yesterday tptb tried to war us the iranians were planning a summer attack that even uncle sugar might not withstand,lol….bolton, EGAD! he never sawa possible war he didn’t love. like rummy, he has been wrong on everything for forty years and still keeps popping up. at least weathermen get it right once in a while…….what’s up with the gird attacks, ll?

  3. I think that pix on California and what they want to do about slave reparations is perfect. No money in this country should go to slave reparations since no person that was a slave under US Law lives today and we fought a war to settle it.

    • Everybody wants reparations now. Illegal aliens want amnesty. Every grievance for events generations past can (conveniently) be settled with taxpayer dollars. At the same time, the woke don’t know what a woman is and have no idea which restroom to use. It’s a brave new world.

    • Think of the 8th generation Antebellum Slavery Survivors in Ukraine. They are facing starvation, if they don’t freeze to death first. Donate generously and often to The Cause. Do you think that Kholomoisky and Bogolyubov are made of money? Zelenskyy needs OUR support.

      • Or you can skip the middleman and just donate to the Fetterman re-election campaigns. Come to think of it, Beto is going to need all the support he can get for his next run if he doesn’t die of monkeypox first.

    • JG as you think of slaves from the 1860s, you are correct in saying that none are alive today. As regards slavery in the US today, there are plenty of slaves being tafficked across our borders, both in and out. Pelosi told us that we needed the illegals to pick our crops confirming that truth is stranger than fiction.

      This video shows a tiny bit of the illegal slavery in the US today. It is mostly about how the cartels are taking over Northern California, but the labor is forced.

      Epstein didn’t hang himself and while the courts only released names of those placing charges, the courts did not release Epstein’s client names because too many fancy pants are involved. Unauthorized slavery does exist in the US today.

      • in the US today, there are plenty of slaves being tafficked across our borders, both in and out.

        Sadly true. Also de facto slavery within the borders. It’s not all stoop labor or toting dem bales either. I recently spoke to a victim of sex trafficking here in New England. At age 17 “the guy I thought was my best friend” took her on a “weekend trip” to an adjacent state. Turns out he had sold her for $10k USD to sex slavers. This now-woman was able to escape after several weeks of being forced to work as a prostitute. “I saw a Greyhound bus stopped across the street out the hotel window. Fortunately I had $600 in cash from ‘clients’ I serviced that morning so I ran down the stairs and across the street to the bus. The pimp almost caught me, but the bus driver wouldn’t let him on the bus. And so I got away. But he still had five other girls.” [MC: I never found out who was really behind her ordeal, but the pimp was “a squat Mexican guy with tattoos all over his back”. Also, $600 in one morning? She reports that she was in high demand because of being underage. Remember this was pre-Bidenflation; at that time $600 was real money.]

        Did she go to the police? “I was a drug addict. People like I was don’t go to the police.” This woman has a college degree in therapy/drug counseling now and has been sober for years. Not everything is right, but she is working on it. She has my respect. But I’ll bet that for every girl like her, there are literally 9, or 99, who come to a bad end.

    • The unflappable Frank the Tank is disturbed?

      The world pretty much sucks and if you can find a day in a pleasant corner of the world where it doesn’t, you’re lucky.


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