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  1. He was a superior driver and motorcyclist though he didn't make the jump in The Great Escape like many think. I understand he wanted to, and I think he could have done it, but was too valuable to risk.

  2. Jim: Yes, that is what I have read also. The company which was insuring ( McQueen/the movie? ) would not continue the insurance if he did the jump; so a stunt man made the jump in the film. It would not surprise me to learn that McQueen later made a similar jump just because of the insurance company's ruling. LL is correct, they broke the mold after he was made. His character in the movie " The Great Escape " was ( I believe ) type casting.


  3. There were a lot of men from that era who were the epitome of rugged individuals. Today's "tough guys" don't hold a candle to those from that era. They won WW II and built America into the most successful and powerful nation in history. Now that they're gone the week kneed wussies that came after them are destroying that legacy at breakneck speed.

  4. He was learning to fly late in life.
    His instructor, midflight, began to talk to him about Jesus.
    He full blown came to Christ, before the diagnosis of cancer.
    A real man.

  5. Great to know, just made my day. Real men understand Jesus did not wear skinny jeans or sport a man-bun.

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