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Bullet Points:

** I saw two hobos fighting. You should have seen the faces of the bystanders when I said, “My money is on the bum with the knife.” I reflected on the tragedy of one less democrat vote if one of them died, but then recalled that democrats vote from the grave.

** Keep that money flowing to big charity. The phone slammers and solicitors, thank you.

** Numbers, figures, charts, and graphs (that will be my epitaph) — Are you perplexed at the government’s representation of inflation? They’re telling you there is no inflation; it’s your lying eyes, aren’t they?

** Confucius say, “You can lose a lot of money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women chasing money.”

** What would happen if we had to institute a military draft of 18-25 year old men? Could they keep their man buns, or would it interfere too much with military headgear? Here’s my take on it too.

** Chappelle on the Corona Virus.   Chappelle – “There should be a white guy in every group of brothers.”

** Nobody judges you harder than your dog. He watched you eat your last bite of food without sharing, and was not amused at your selfishness.

** Big Pharma and Insurance – prescriptions.

** Closures – as we build back better. I don’t know how much of this is due to the increasing wage demands by fast food workers and how much of it is due to the crappy economy.

** VDH explores the Biden election strategy – His age advances by the hour. His voice falters, his memory fades, and his gait is reduced to short steps, with his arms, winglike and in tandem, offering balance. Biden is not so much an octogenarian as an unhealthy and prematurely aging 80-year-old. It is America’s irony that he is fit for almost no job in the country other than President, which allows for a 3-day-a-week ceremonial role while others in the shadows run the country.

So how does Biden become renominated and reelected, as polls show he is behind in almost every critical swing state on nearly every issue? Answer: not by campaigning, championing his record, and especially not doubling down on his neo-socialist and now unpopular agendas.

Instead, his campaign is focused on four other strategies to beat Donald Trump. (read the whole article if you’re interested).

** Movie Review: Atlas (Netflix) – PLOT – Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez), an analyst deeply distrusting artificial intelligence, searches for fugitive AI terrorist Harlan. 28 years ago, Harlan had led an AI rebellion that left 3 million dead before military forces of a new International Coalition of Nations (ICN) sent Harlan fleeing into outer space. After one of Harlan’s agents is captured and interrogated, Atlas discovers that Harlan has escaped to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy and insists that she accompany the military mission to find and capture it.

The film is stupid. Of a possible 10 points, I give Atlas a generous 0. It seems petty to give it negative points (below zero).


Commentary on the now Famous Hamas Floating Pier

Source relates: I want to comment on the “Floating Pier of Gaza.” As a former active-duty U.S. Marine, I was with the 2nd Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, the Marine Expeditionary Force responsible for amphibious assaults. We know a few things about what will and won’t float. No matter how much money you throw at something, in this case, $330 million, if it won’t float before, it will not float after.

Without pile drivers, you can’t build a floating pier over a shallow sandy sea bed in breaking surf. Traditional anchor systems do not hold in the sand; the constant wave action dislodges the anchors and is difficult to reset, no matter how much scope is paid out.

The barge decks that attach, creating the 215-yard pier, end in an area too shallow for large supply ships to dock; even if they could dock, there are no secure bollards to tie off the ship’s mooring lines. Essentially, the relief ship would have four sets of 5 pilings driven into the sea floor at the end of the dock and then an evenly spaced set of 3 pilings along the length of the pier that would hold all of the sections together. The pier would then be able to rise and fall with the waves and tides on rollers fitted around the pilings. That type of pier could conceivably last for years. Without those pilings, without enough deep water for deep-draft vessels, and with no fixed moorings for the ships to tie up at, there is no chance of success. And I’m not being critical; I’m just stating the facts.

The first fully loaded transports that receive aid from the ship’s berth to the beachhead will destroy the floating pontoon bridge. That’s not what the floating pier sections are built for; they connect one fixed bridgehead to another. It’s not a free-floating, heavy-cargo, high-traffic humanitarian corridor with no fixed anchorage, sea wall jetty, or pilings. It won’t work.


Empires don’t often die in a blaze of glory. More often than not, they end in simpering apologies and excuses from poor leaders who put the wrong people in positions they have no place in, and when they fail, there is no accountability.

From CDRSAL: We—and whether we like it or not, it is Uncle Sam and his taxpayers—inherited stewardship of the global system that cannot prosper when its primary force continues to demonstrate abject incompetence—from Afghanistan to Gaza—all the while holding no one accountable. Our enemies are encouraged, and our friends are disheartened. It is almost as if humiliation and failure are the actual goal.


At the Press Conference

The alternative to creepy, pedo Joe/Ho:

The Trump train keeps a-rolling. Democrats, RINOs, and deep-staters keep trying to derail him. They rigged the election and then went for the throat. They imprisoned hundreds of Trump supporters on the premise that a visit to the Capitol is an insurrection. They impeached Trump over it. Then, they investigated the visit in the hope of finding a crime.

The DC dummies then raided Trump’s home and gave the FBI a license to kill him. That day, only a Trump trip to NYC spared the nation a Mar-a-Ruby Ridge.

FJB did not stop there. Democrats filed bogus civil suits that Democrat judges shepherded juries through. That was not enough to quench their thirst for vengeance for daring to win the presidency. Democrat prosecutors got grand juries to OK four indictments on 91 charges.

The public has had enough. The mugshot last August was just too much. Within three weeks, he took the lead in presidential polling, and except for a small State of the Union bump by FJB, Trump has not relinquished that lead. There is talk of him picking up black and Hispanic votes. We shall see. Single women — particularly baby mamas — are the only voting bloc that Biden dominates.

The trials in New York — one of them for taking out a loan and paying it back with interest — have turned him into a martyr. He drew 100,000 people to a rally in New Jersey, a state he lost by 16 points four years ago.

Then he went to South Bronx.


The War in Myanmar

Areas under control of the military junta and resistance groups in Myanmar, April 2024

The Myanmar Civil War, also known as the Burmese Spring Revolution, Burmese Civil War, or People’s Defensive War, is an ongoing civil war that has followed Myanmar’s long-running insurgencies. It escalated significantly in response to the 2021 military coup d’état and the subsequent violent crackdown on anti-coup protests.

In the second half of 2023, Chinland Defense Forces in the state of Chin had captured most of the state, with a few holdouts in urban areas and along the India–Myanmar border remaining. In October 2023, the Tatmadaw began facing manpower issues, with desertions and low morale extremely common.

Claudio asked how I saw things recently. Concerning the dead and the destruction that comes with war, the People’s Republic of China comes out as the largest loser. Their divide and conquer strategy to bring the country into their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) backfired spectacularly in the same way wherever they dipped their beaks.

Investments in factions in the ongoing war by China’s policy banks—China Development Bank (CDB), the Export-Import Bank of China (China Exim Bank), and the Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC)—made both overtly in the form of cash aid and covertly in the form of weapons and war materials to the military junta AND resistance groups have not bound any of the factions to China and in all cases, have lead to animosity toward Beijing, who would like to annex Myanmar through a bloodless (to China) indebtedness.


Global Thermonuclear War?

(PJ Media) (h/t Claudio)

After a recent summit between new partners China and Russia, General Secretary Xi Jinping and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin issued an odd one-sentence communique: “There can be no winners in a nuclear war, and it should never be fought.”

No one would disagree, even though several officials of both hypocritical governments have previously threatened their neighbors with nuclear attacks.

But still, why did the two feel the need to issue such a terse statement — and why now?

Rarely has the global rhetoric of mass annihilation reached such a crescendo as the present, as existential wars rage in Ukraine and Gaza.

In particular, Putin believes he is finally winning the Ukraine conflict. Xi seems to assume that conventional ascendant Chinese military power in the South China Sea has finally made the absorption of Taiwan practicable.

They both believe the only impediment to their victories would be an intervention from the U.S. and the NATO alliance. This conflict could descend into mutual threats to resort to nuclear weapons.

Thus, there have been recent warnings from Xi and Putin.

Almost monthly, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un continues his weary threats to use his nuclear arsenal to destroy South Korea or Japan.

A similarly monotonous, pro-Hamas Turkish President Recep Erdogan regularly threatens Armenians with crazy talk of repeating the “mission of our grandfathers.” And he occasionally warns Israelis and Greeks that they may one day wake up to Turkish missiles raining down upon their cities.

More concretely, for the first time in history, Iran attacked the homeland of Israel. It launched the largest wartime array of cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and drones in modern history — over 320 projectiles.

Iran’s theocrats simultaneously claim they are about ready to produce nuclear weapons. And, of course, since 1979, Iran has periodically promised to wipe Israel off the map and half the world’s Jews with it.

Most ignore these crazy threats and write them off as the braggadocio of dictators. But as we saw on October 7, the barbarity of human nature has not changed much from the premodern world, whether defined by savage beheading, mutilations, murdering, mass rape, torture, and hostage-taking of Israeli elderly, women, and children.

But what has radically transformed are the delivery systems of mass death–nuclear weapons, chemical gasses, biological agents, and artificial-intelligence-driven delivery systems.

Oddly, the global reaction to the promise of Armageddon remains nonchalant. Most feel that such strongmen rant wildly but would never unleash weapons of civilizational destruction.

Consider that there are as many autocratic nuclear nations (e.g., Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, and perhaps Iran) as democratic ones (U.S., Britain, France, Israel, and India). Only Israel has an effective anti-ballistic missile dome. And the more the conventional power of the West declines, the more in extremis it will have to rely on a nuclear deterrent — at a time when it has no effective missile defense of its homelands.


Identify the Wheeled Armor





Identify the Aircraft


This aircraft was developed to specification 23/25 for a single-engined day bomber operating at high altitudes. They only built one.


This aircraft had an appropriate nickname.




Parting Shot


44 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Identify the Wheeled Armor:
    1. LAV 6
    2. BTR-4
    3. Skoda PA-II Zelva
    Identify the Aircraft:
    4. Westland Witch
    5. Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck
    6. Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire
    7. Sukhoi Su-17 Fitter

      1. I disagree. The wing structure looks not at all like a delta, Fishbeds do not have wing fences or wing root guns, and there are too many auxiliary inlets on the right side of the fuselage.

        1. I’m with Surly and OAFS as only Sukhoi could make planes almost as ugly as the British planes. The wing is in the forward sweep position with slats extended showing the two huge fences well. The barrel nose with the nose cone recessed showing the targeting rangefinder/radar (depending on the mod and my display isn’t good enough to see which) all indicate Fitter. The giant tube fuselage and all the warts say Sukhoi.

  2. Yesterday we saw some interesting theater at the Trump Courthouse (think of a steam calliope playing in the background). The trial has gotten so bad, the Biden Administration has sent actor Robert De Niro and other crisis actors down to the courthouse to do some textbook jury tampering. For Biden, desperate times now call for desperate measures.

    1. …while Biden met with Hallie Biden (former wife of Beau turned lover of #1 son) DAYS before she is to testify in Hunter’s gun trial…”a surprise nighttime visit to the Delaware home…just before she’s due to serve as one of the most important witnesses at first son Hunter Biden’s federal trial for [-] gun crimes…she dated Hunter during the time of his [-] gun crimes…”
      Nah, no witness tampering there.
      * [-] I took out “alleged” because it’s fact according to paperwork and his own “Not Russian Disinformation” laptop data.

    2. you mean robert dezero? what is with that guy? trump tagged his ol’ lady or something? damn, let it go bobby.

        1. Trump wouldn’t take DiNero’s seconds. When in Vegas, he had the Mayor’s (Mouthpiece for the Mob) people procure for him. He wanted the most rancid, dirty, doped up, tatted-up black whore they could find. Truth.

  3. >democrats vote from the grave

    So. After my mother died, I gave my number as hers on a bunch of paperwork. This was a matter of convenience, since I was handling the estate. This also means that I (still) get political texts from campaign operatives (or bots). This came over the transom last week:

    Hi Laura! In [xxx] we cherish our freedoms. But MAGA Republicans want to *end* our abortion rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. FIGHT BACK! Register to vote for Democrats, like [redacted] for Senate, who will protect our freedoms!

    As a woman of color (with advanced STEM degrees, yet) I was conservative and voted Republican my entire life. But now that I’ve been dead for about a decade it looks like I’ll be voting for [redacted] and Biden.

    Thank you for being a voter! Please vote for [redacted] for Senate and Democrats up and down the ballot in all elections! Share with 3 progressive friends so they can register and vote too! Thanks for saving the world with your vote! For help voting, try BlueVoterGuide.org.

    That was either a bot or an idiot who just doesn’t care. Sometimes you get an actual human response from a person.

    1. The democrats have gone all-in on A.I., which means that the robot may be parroting a human OR a human may be parroting a robot, reading from a script. I always yearn to get a video of the person on the other end (e-mail or phone) soliciting me for my vote, money, whatever. It’s strange that they never actually offer me a dozen one ounce Krugerrands for my love. At least they could drop the gold into an insured package and have it hand delivered to me in exchange for the possibility of receiving my devotion. It’s not as if Black Rock couldn’t afford it.

      1. Four years ago I’m pretty sure it was a human being. To wit:

        Hello Laura, I’m Elizabeth a volunteer with Field Team 6, on a mission to end COVID-19 with science by registering Democrats to vote. The registration deadline is TOMORROW. Can I help you make sure you are registered in 2 minutes? Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

        Hi Elizabeth,
        I’ve always voted AGAINST Democrats. But now that I’ve been dead for seven years, it looks like I’ll be voting Democrat. Anyway, I was an analytical chemist, so don’t come talking about “science” to me with your gender studies degree or whatever nonsense is on your CV. Bless your heart and have a nice day.

        Ok I spilt my coffee a little at your response. I feel we would get along if we ever met ! You have a good day as well !!

        1. Guess that little tiny detail “by the people for the people” has no bearing with The Marxist’s Among Us”.

          “Comrades, you vill vote for who vee tell you”.

          Scumbags who think they are better than everyone else simply by their ill-gotten position…and the rules don’t apply to them.

          Watch what happens in NYC today. If the jury has been bought/threatened – or simply has TDS, if they have any scintilla of character (hahahah) will acquit from the not stated crime that isn’t a crime but were told by the Activist Judge to find guilt of unsaid non-crime/charge…we shall find the result very telling.

          1. I’ll add: Their reverse psychology is backfiring and hard to tell if they know it or simply don’t care…because…and I say this with full cynicism…in the Dem’s demented brains ‘they know they are going to win”, like HRC in 2016…until she didn’t.

            God moves in big ways sometimes. Time for a SISU MAGA reset.

  4. Atlas: 0/10
    Simu Liu plays the rogue AI Harlan. Why the hatred for homosexual chinamen, LL?

    Spoiler below: This sounds like horrible SF. Giant solar panels over LA? (From what I’ve read about this floater of a movie.) A civilization that has the tech to travel to another GALAXY in hours or days uses freaking solar panels? And then there’s this:
    “Atlas brings Harlan’s CPU back to Earth, and the day is saved.” Why on earth (or “planet GR39” — I am not making this nomenclature up) would an AI bind itself to a single piece of physical hardware? And I’m pretty sure “CPU” is a terrible descriptor for whatever the entity would reside on, but that’s complaining about the color of the drinks coasters on the Titanic.

    1. Why did the homosexual Chinese AI travel all the way to the Andromeda Galaxy to hang out and plot? 2.537 million light years seems like a long way. I’m not Andromedaphobic by any means. What do you have against solar panels to power the intergalactic spacecraft? I am sensing an anti-green-in-space agenda. It’s as if you think that the sun isn’t bright enough to shine and impart power two and a half million light years away. Couldn’t he/she/it find a place just a little closer for the sake and convenience of J-Lo if for no other reason? Maybe my questions are rhetorical. The score is still zero of a possible ten…

      1. Thinking, reading these exchanges I’m voting for a once a week post of hilarious sparing between you two…could add them to your “Shorts” anthology…with a Mike_C glossary at no charge.

  5. I live on a lake with a sand bottom and high winds. All floating docks flip, sink or break apart eventually. I just keep adding raw cedar fence post to my old wooden dock. The post were on 10 foot centers, as I add doublers they are now on 5 foot centers. I scab in runners. I started with hot dipped bolts, but have moved to hot dipped lag bolts due to cost. The post are as strong as nuts. The post are only$8 the country.No one wants them. $5 for culls I use for mats under rocks for erosion control. The rocks will just sink into the sand with out mats. Cement walls also break apart and washout quickly. Ì no use cement on the post. Wet shifting sand is a powerful thing. Be the sand.

    1. Understanding the soil compaction coefficient and calculating wind/wave strength used to be taught to all Amphib planners. Collecting actual sand/soil from the seafloor and beach let them know if they could run an LST up on the beach, etc. I guess we don’t teach that anymore.

  6. Q-“So how does Biden become renominated and reelected, as polls show he is behind in almost every critical swing state on nearly every issue?”
    A- They count the votes.
    Keep in mind that today, it’s Trump vs the Uniparty. The way the system is set up if Trump loses the whoever gets in will be part of the Uniparty.
    “It is almost as if humiliation and failure are the actual goal.”- When you look at everything associated with America today… that is a pretty accurate statement.
    #6, I’m not used to seeing sharp right angles on aircraft.

  7. Big Charity—I’d expand that to “most charities”. Back in my backcountry travel days (I was a lot younger then) Backpacker and Outside were my two main magazine reads…some really great writers like Krakauer, Cahill, and especially David Quammen. I knew about The Sierra Club. Nope, never gave them a nickel…not a joiner. I looked into them and found out – like many a college and university, and unlike what they present publicly – TSC was a total corporate entity hiding behind a Green Social Justice Veil, total grifter anarchists.

    Every large charity today is a scam, no different than Televangilists, or even Osteen, Meyers, or pile of other charlatans “preaching” (preying on) the Gospel to the needy.
    GTW?- We have 6 months to stop the tyrannical few from their open-loop run into a World War under this feckless group of useless amateurs who think they are the smartest people in any room. PDJT will prevail in November unless they off him (that’s next as these so-called cases are falling apart at their dirty seams)…especially if the Weak Jury (likely bought/threatened/etc) returns a guilty verdict on a crime that wasn’t a crime with no actual crime being presented to them as a charge…BUT – per this bought activist Judge – MUST find him guilty of the aforementioned unstated not-a-crime. SISU MAGA ™

  8. I want one of those Skoda armored cars – doesn’t look particularly effective, but wins on style.
    I am always amazed at the Human propensity to want to be the Dictator of Shit.
    Burma has always been a godforsaken hellhole AFAICT, but here are all these
    people butchering each other to lord it over the place. Geeze.
    – Kle.

    1. Decades ago, Analog’s Science Fiction Science Fact or Asimov’s Science Fiction magazines had a story about driving in the future which involved armored cars and remotely controlled weapons. The dad was writing the story and was on the freeway blasting bad drivers and complaining about his son who was killed driving a lightly armored VW. The dad had a family sized vehicle with heavy armor and weapons. He told his son to leave the VW at home and drive the car with more armor and weapons.

      It was an interesting short story that is starting to intertwine with today’s real road rage.

  9. “Television Will Carry the Mails”- This came to mind:

    “When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles, and the instruments through which we shall be able to do this will [fit in a] vest pocket.” Nikola Tesla, 1926

    Watching Outer Range got me rethinking the concept of time travel, those pictures one sees here and there of people holding what look like modern devices, in the 1800’s or the 40’s. OR S2 interestingly unfolded the concept of a time loop…which is weird (and not unlike Denzel’s “Deja Vue”).

  10. The pier boondoggle was/is indicative.

    And the war drums beat louder.

    Nice club photo at the end. The “topper” suits you!

  11. The pier was screwed from day one. The current condition is no surprise. There were multiple people warning it would turn out this way.

    So disastrous has been the entire evolution that I submit it was planned to be just as it is now.
    Why? Because the half hearted effort was made to appease … someone.
    Who? Iran? Hamas?
    Yes and no.
    To appease, yes. But not Iran nor Hamas.
    Well, sort of.
    Anyway, to appease Americans. To get various interests in fragmented America to reign in their vitriol.
    Also, to provide further distraction for the great gobs of ‘aid’ given to Iran.
    There’s an election coming. Demented, depraved, feeble team Biden had to look Teddy Roosevelt tough.

    If the pier had not failed, they’d have to follow through. That is too much a liability.

    1. One of mine is insistent, stares you down with the pitiful “I’m hungry” look…and I fold like a cheap umbrella in a Wyoming breeze.

        1. I’m weak and in need of serious intervention. Might have to go to Boulder for extensive pet-friendly counseling as – according to them – I am only my dog’s “Guardian”.

          1. You wouldn’t want to be accused of being a Mazza.
            In other news, I’ve heard that there are no more master bedrooms in homes. They’re now primary bedrooms. Nobody wants to be accused of being a Mazza.

          2. Do “Guardian’s” use their hard-earned shekels to purchase – not one but three – high-end Orvis canine (“dog” is so pedestrian) extra large fluffy nap perches, ceramic bowl set, feed them on time everyday, do their DNA to determine siblings, and let them take me for a walk? (“Hey little buddy…what, you want a cookie?”)
            Ok, I need help…clearly I am not the (now socially offensive) “master”.

  12. Two things.

    First, the spherical ship. Landing legs aren’t strong or wide spread enough. Should be 6 for stability, spaced out wider, and landing feet to support that much weight would have to be heavier and the struts much heavier also.

    I like spherical ships, maximize the interior and minimizing the exterior, but, come on, use some frigging common sense.

    Second, the floating pier. So in 1943 and 1944 and 1945 we were able to build floating piers and harbors in way worse places than the Mediterranean Sea and have them last through some pretty severe storms and rebuild those that were torn apart. But now, in the 21st Century, we can’t build something that would handle winds on a friggin lake let alone the Mediterranean Sea. How friggin far we have fallen.

    Of course, if the Powers-that-Be ordered the pier and those in charge of it were quietly sabotaging it by not putting in proper anchors and stabilizers, then that could explain why it failed so quickly and spectacularly.

    Still, what a friggin waste. Anyone knows if you want to build a pier in those conditions you use the waste from all those crumbled and bombed out concrete buildings as a base and then pound the living crap out of it and keep it up. You should be able to build quite a nice pier using, oh, say, about a quarter of the rubble found in all of Gaza. Would also make for really clear views for the Israelis…

    1. The problem with spherical ships is they’re a pain to arrange the furniture…Buckminster Fuller might have been a genius but clearly he never consulted his wife. His geodesic, while interesting, did not create a warm and fuzzy home. And don’t get me started on roofing the dang thing, 100x more cut waste than the Winchester House.

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