Exotic Weapons and Political Thought

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Sowell Nails It
“What do automobiles, guns and home schooling have in common that makes the liberals hate them? These things reduce individual dependence on the government and on the grandiose schemes for other people’s lives created by liberals and imposed by government.” – Thomas Sowell
(link) I know, there are those of you who have been critical of my suggestion that COVID-19 was under development as a biological weapon in China. Fair enough. We all have the right to our opinion. However (see the link above), the South China Morning Post has some thoughts. Are they correct in their assertion that Coronavirus is far more likely than SARS to bond to human cells due to a HIV-like mutation? Was the “mutated” gene an engineered gene or did somebody just eat a bat or an armadillo? The COVID-19 (coronavirus) modification reminds researchers of those naturally found in HIV and Ebola.
COVID-19 has a more efficient pathway for infection than SARS does. SARS infected 8,000 people in China. COVID-19 managed that before anyone knew that they had a problem. 
The COVID-19 mutation could not be found in SARS, MERS or Bat-CoVRaTG13, a bat coronavirus that was originally speculated to be the original source of COVID-19. So it’s a big mystery as to why this popped into being in Wuhan, site of the Chinese bioweapons lab.
Russians Worry about SEALs
The DP-64 is the Russian Naval special purpose grenade launcher designed to fire a 45mm sabot depth charge style grenade. They are designed to sink to a depth of 100 feet (or so) before detonating. 
The are currently being manufactured by the Degtyarev weapons and munitions plant in Kovrov.
The over/under barrels allow for the operator to fire a ‘double tap’ to disburse the charges over a wider area.
They’re issued to crews of surface ships, patrol helicopters and off-shore installations and are also kept handy on docks where sensitive ships and equipment are kept. 
Stock swings down to reload
I suspect that it’s a lot more dangerous to fish and marine mammals than it is to combat swimmers, but the Russians wanted to have something to shoot, and who can blame them?
If I had one (and some ammo), I’d keep it for fishing during hard times, but that’s me.
Street shot of the weapons (and moped and sewing machine) factory where these weapons are produced (right)

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  1. Thomas Sowell is another of the things leftists hate, an intelligent blck man who made himself what he is through hard work rather than affirmative action. Clarence Thomas is another and they can't forgive that.

  2. Speculated on another site that the COVID-19 release was an accident caused by an employee having a really bad day because of a bad boss jerking him around. In the hurry to get a sanity break via an off-site lunch, he rushed through the decontamination phase and missed something.
    Seems to fit both Occam's razor, and human nature – but way to early to know what really happened.

  3. I think that could be the way that it got out, but what was the WIV working on before it took a ride?

  4. Yeah.

    How it specifically was released in terms of mechanics and accidents is another matter entirely.

  5. On the topic of hard times and weapons, I did not know about this until I saw this video–


  6. More and more, I am wondering if Red China jinned up Corona to use… upon itself. Here me out.

    Red China's One Child policy has been a disaster. It has stunted growth, produced a predominately male population of child-bearing age. Which has left…

    Lots and lots and lots of Old People who are no longer productive.

    Combine low birth rate and wonky male-female ratio with lots of old people beginning to really suck down some serious amount of resources to no end at all and what do you get?

    Governmental planning for huge enclaves of old people? Nah…

    Hey, let's create a virus that kills old people who are sick all the time and who have compromised lungs (well, as far as I can tell, anyone over the age of 2 in Red China has compromised lungs…)

    Giant city-wide nursing homes? Or… Create Old People Killer Virus?

    Seriously. So far we have yet to hear of any old high level People's Party members kicking the viral bucket. Only… mid and low level rank and file Party schmucks and peasants.

    I can think of worse conspiracies to believe in.

  7. And don't forget Walter E. Williams, another really great writer, commentator, and libertarian economist.

  8. Knowing nothing about being a combat swimmer,I'll take your word. Still, bet it would be unpleasant to be around any explosion.

  9. Another possibility – that's happened before in Chinese research laboratories using animals – is that a researcher sold one or more research animals to the local wildlife dealers in the meat market. If one or more of them happened to be infected with the coronavirus before being sold . . .

  10. I think that's a stretch.

    This has cost China trillions of dollars. They're ruthless enough to find cheaper ways to eliminate the unwanted if it came down to that.

  11. Some say it was just a hapless bat that ended up in a Wuhan soup bowl. Others point to the proximity of China's biological warfare lab and the weird coincidence of HIV splicing.

    I'm not a betting man but I'd wager the fighting monkey on the likelihood of the lab being the culprit. Not least because its poorly paid servants were in the habit of selling infected animals, not least monkeys, for badly needed cash.

    Don't say #vector

  12. Yes indeed — see below for "natural":


    Airborne HIV?

  13. I used to teach SCUBA back in the day.
    One of our students had been a UDT member who had spent some time in The Land of Bad Things.
    For some bizarre reason the civilian world, at this time, did not accept Navy training for SCUBA certification (this policy has since been changed), so he was taking our class.
    He related an incident where he swam up a river in Noth Vietnam and was affixing a C4 charge to a bridge piling several feet below the surface. He was spotted by the sentries on the bridge who opened fire with their rifles on him. The bullets were harmless after passing through the water for a few feet. What really worried him is that if they decided to drop a grenade the pressure wave from the explosion would have jellied his internal organs, so I can see where this depth charge device would work.
    At the very minimum I can see it rupturing eardrums.
    He was a happy warrior.

  14. Herman Cain also was shot down as an Uncle Tom during his presidential run in 2011.

    Wouldn't that be interesting? A full African American vs a Mulatto-American. But no… We got… Mittens Romney. Dangit.

  15. Yes, a stretch. But Red China's used some interesting ways to reduce undesirables before. And they've whacked the snot out of whole generations of people before for the party's good. Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, two examples of 'Let's find a new and unusual justification to whack our elders.'

    Or, well, it's just a new and interesting positive side effect. China's lost money before in order to consolidate and move forward in the future.

    Yeah, I know, conspiracy… Wife watches too much (not)History Channel so, well, my conspiracy is still more plausible than most things on (not)History Channel.

  16. That could be. I would be an interesting scenario. The wet market was eliminated as the source, but the scenario that you outlined would put that back into play.

  17. After going through BUDS, I had go get NASDS and later NAUI certified in the very process you outlined – weird.

    Yes, they used to drop hand grenades over the side to counter combat swimmers, but I think that the SPETZNAZ guys let them know that the grenades didn't drop deep enough before detonating and didn't have the range. So Degtyarev came up with their solution.

  18. I should clarify: divers trained by the US military and some other .gov folks are awarded Honorable Certification by NAUI.

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