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It seems that the president of the US is unhappy with people opposing his healthcare plan. Have any of you READ WHAT THE PLAN WILL DO? It’s a staggering change – designed to wipe out the healthcare infrastructure in the US. No, I’m not exaggerating.
The President’s plan calls for a system which will eliminate private health care insurance within a few years. We’ll all be going to government clinics.
Are any of you veterans? Have any of you visited VA Hospitals and received VA treatment? I heard it improved under the Bush Administration but historically they were BUTCHER SHOPS. Government health care. Well stand by sports fans because if our vainglorious leader and messiah gets his way, things for all of us will be going the way of the Veteran’s Administration.
  1. I don’t want a bureaucrat in Washington deciding what sort of care I need.
  2. The government bankrupted Social Security – Do you think it will be any different with health care?
  3. Once destroyed, the health care infrastructure will take a generation to repair.
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