He’s at it again – and again

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Apparently Obama is launching his re-election campaign. Which is really ODD, since he’s been campaigning since he was elected president. However, maybe that’s the cynic in me.
I have yet to find one positive thing to come out of the Obama Administration – with the exception of the Tea Party.
That same president who promised us (a campaign promise) that under his administration, gasoline prices would go up to bring us into line with the Europeans is now promising that if elected, he’ll drive down the price of energy.
He slammed the nation with vast debt and has no intention of doing a single thing about it – except perhaps to promise tacitly that he will continue to borrow against a dim future to bring us into line with Old Europe. What joy… Socialism doesn’t work, but don’t breathe a word of it around Obama supporters because they get very touchy at the “S” word.
The fact that Obama’s favorability and unfavorability is nearly even in this country is proof positive of the gullibility and foolish capricious nature of many Americans. 

5 thoughts on “He’s at it again – and again

  1. He's buying votes with the welfare system. He's working in the grand scheme of his administration's beliefs. My only surprise is the congress standing by and watching it happen.

  2. Odie – You're REALLY surprised?

    Opus #6 – He wants to "fundamentally change America" no matter who gets hurt.

  3. Dems tend to campaign instead of governing. Clinton campaigned his entire time in the WH. They don't seem to know, or care, a lot about doing their job.

  4. +1 on Odie's comments… AND we've been paying for his 'policy' speeches, which were nothing more than campaign speeches!

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