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Welcome to your Sunday Sermonette.

These days, the GOP and Democrats alike within the Washington Beltway feel like slavers on a slave ship hearing the pitter patter of bare feet on the wooden deck overhead at night. Clearly BREXIT and the parallel rise of Donald Trump has caused disquiet among the ruling elites who feel that he won’t play ball with the scam they’ve been running.

Because sovereignty and borders an issue that’s in the news, let’s take a step back and see how violations are handled around the world.

1. If you cross the border illegally in Canada, you get a $5,000 fine.
2. If you cross the border illegally in Iran, it is 8 years in prison.
3. If you cross the border in North Korea, you get shot.
4. If you cross the border illegally in the USA, you get a drivers license, medical insurance, subsided housing, the privilege to vote, career training, a job off the books,  a tax “return” (earned income credit) even if you earned nothing and contributed nothing and an opportunity to run for president.

Trump is not a great campaigner in a general election, at least not so far, however, if he does better than polls now indicate, it won’t be so much due to Trump as to the latent political strength of the forces he represents. It is that latent political strength that keeps the Beltway elite in our society up at night these days. 
Robert Kagan
Politics makes for strange bedfellows as Republicans and Democrats team up to demonize Trump. Robert Kagan and Fareed Zakaria (on either side of the spectrum) claim that Donald Trump, would be a “fascist president.” In a reasonable world, it would seem curious to label someone a fascist who seems uninterested in putting together even a competent national campaign organization, much less a disciplined mass party. Probably Kagan is using “fascist” in the manner Orwell described, as a word having “no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable.’”

Insofar as Kagan’s own policy preferences are concerned, Trump is surely not desirable: a President Trump would risk not global war over Ukraine, nor attempt to establish American “benevolent global hegemony.” What is telling is to see Fareed Zakaria join with him—the two symbols of a kind of united globalist intellectual establishment that can tolerate no legitimate dissent—in the Trump demonization project.

Fellow blogger, Fredd, discusses the compass needle here on his blog. His thesis is that knowing the right thing to do simply consists of watching what Barack wants to see happen and doing the opposite. That has clearly become a reliable litmus test over the past 7.5 years. Since Barack and his coterie oppose a Trump presidency so violently, it must be a very good thing to work toward. As a result of this calculus, the #neverTrump crowd need to consider their positions far more closely.
It’s either Trump and Constitutionalism or Hillary/Barack and globalism. The choice is just that simple.

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15 thoughts on “Unease – Profound Unease

  1. Well, here we go. Torches and pitchforks are flying off the shelves at Home Depot and Lowes. I prefer my .357 Magnum over a pitchfork, but that's just me.

    And I appreciate the recognition above, LL.

    Who knew I was a populist? Feels kinda right.

  2. That's been our litmus test for many, many years. And we watch not just Odumbo (he is, afterall, nothing but a sock puppet), but all the NWO shills, mountebacks, and other sleazy, and untruthful people. Surely anything a Nancy Pelosi deems good, is not.

    I like Paul Joseph Watson.

  3. Adrienne: yes, you are of course right. Substitute Nancy Pelosi's world views, or Harry Reid's or any liberal leader, and you can conclude that those views are extremely harmful to freedom. Every one of their views, without exception.

  4. I prefer the term Constitutionalist to populist, but they SHOULD be the same thing, right?

  5. I don't mind "new ideas" but those put forth by Harry, Nancy, Barack and friends are nothing but a rehash of old ideas that didn't work and were scrapped for that very reason. The progs swallow them whole.

    And it's time that I got on my Ducati and went for a ride.

  6. Progressivism has become "establishment." Liberalism is anything but liberal. The only thing defining these folks is the absolute ability to be 180 degrees wrong on any issue. I'm sorry to say that the Republicans have also drunk the Kool Aid.

  7. I'm not sur that enough of the population understands the Constitution to equate the two terms.
    But I sure agree with your post.

  8. The mainstream Republicans and the Democrats are both rats. People get confused because the color of the fur is different.

  9. Since the education system in the USA almost TOTALLY avoids any meaningful discussion of the Constitution, it's not surprising that people are ignorant of the founding documents and the law of the land.

  10. Weird, isn't it, how all of a sudden wanting to live in a country with borders is "fascist." I always thought that fascism was about a borderless global superstate, ruled by unelected officials. Orwell was prescient.

  11. "Fascist" is quickly superseding "racist" as the favorite word progs use. That they have no concept of what fascism is, makes it amusing, just like when they call Islam a race.

  12. Fredd's thesis is the best rationale I've heard so far for supporting Trump… sadly. (That and Hillary would be leagues worse.)

    I like the comparison of border crossing consequences. 😀

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