General George S. Patton’s dog, Willie, on the day of Patton’s death on December 21st, 1945.


The Electoral College

If you don’t like it, you have to re-draw the map of 50 US States.

America, divided into 50 states of approximately equal population. Arizona would stay “Arizona”.


Some People Call this Obscene

I say that it depends on what the racks look like.


Europe, 238 AD: Year of the Six Emperors: Gordians I & II (2 April 238)

To pay for his military campaigns, Maximinus Thrax extorted money from the Roman populace. In 238 the province of Africa Proconsularis revolted, proclaiming its 80-year-old governor Gordian as Emperor. Believing rumors that Maximinus was dead, the Roman Senate recognized Gordian and his son Gordian II as co-emperors in early April.

But the Gordians didn’t last long (either). Being an emperor meant that you had a big target on your back. Things haven’t changed all that much.


Properly Captioned Photo


BMW 600

Still not nearly wimpy enough to fit in with the “Green New Deal’s” car of the future.


  1. The BMW 600 brings back memories. When I was a kid playing in my first garage band, about 14 years old, the girl who wanted to be our manager had one of those. Funky little car. Who would have ever thought of putting the door there?

    And an engine that looks smaller than some lawnmowers.

    • At least they didn’t have a pull-cord to start the machine, which does look smaller than a Briggs and Stratton.

  2. I remember seeing those cars occasionally when I was a kid. I thought they looked silly then and I still do.
    While my home would not retain its identity like Arizona, it’s likely we would have rational folks in charge since we’d be in with Oklahoma and a bit of Texas. Now what to name the new state? Kasoklahoxas?

  3. Dog’s never lie about their owners or people they meet. Touching.

    Obscene? Nah. We’re all adults here. At least these two have confidence. Besides, how bad could it be with the chainlink fence obscuring the viewage.

    BMW 600 – A far cry from the M3…gotta start somewhere…but I like it. BBC’s Top Gear’s Clarkson drove one around, and he’s not short. Got it stuck, picked it up to turn it around.

  4. One of my sister’s friends had an Isetta. Our Father forbade us to ride in it. I forget exactly what he called it, but “Death Trap” comes to mind.

    The Isetta’s were four-wheeled cars. The two back wheels were very close together, giving the impression they were three-wheelers. Some of the early prototypes were three-wheeled, but they were prone to rolling over, so they put two wheels on the back, about 19″ apart.

    However, due to British tax and licensing laws, a three-wheeled version was put back into production for the Brits. There were also kit cars using modern Honda motorcycle drivelines, and they were three-wheeled.

    My favorite story about three-wheeled cars was the “road trip” Jeremy Clarkson took in a Reliant Robin.


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