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Compare Venezuelan currency by value to one dollar (right).

North Korea Update

USGOV confirmed North Korea has transferred the remains of soldiers from the Korean War to US custody. The Associated Press reported that a US C-17 transport aircraft carrying the remains of soldiers who died in the Korean War left Wonsan, North Korea, and arrived at Osan Air Force Base in South Korea on 27 July.
The transfer was made on the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice. Chairman Kim visited a monument dedicated to the North Korean soldiers who died in the “Fatherland Liberation War.”
North Korea is acting to ensure that the peace dialogues continue. In light of Chairman Kim’s personal assurance to the US President on 12 June, a transfer of remains was certain to take place. They will be taken to the central identification laboratory in Hawaii for processing.
North Korea has now kept two commitments to the US President – dismantling the rocket engine test stand and transferring remains. It needs relief from sanctions and expects some resolution of the issue of a declaration of the war’s end. In a commentary on 24 July, the North Korean leaders said they want a bold move towards peace.
Footnote to history: Defector sources provided a possible explanation for Chairman Kim’s failure to meet the US Secretary of State on 6 and 7 July in Pyongyang. Their sources in North Korea reported that Kim’s VIP aircraft experienced an inflight problem that forced it to make an emergency landing at Hyesan, a remote mountainous area on the Chinese border. 
The official story was that Kim was on an inspection trip to Samjiyon. The defector sources reported that the real story is that his aircraft was stranded at Hyesan City. Kim also missed an inter-Korean basketball game which was scheduled in the same time period and which he first proposed.
How does the former First Family feel about these big wins?

12 thoughts on “Friday Follies

  1. Gag me.

    Thanks for the NK update. I was just asking hubby if he had heard anything about repatriation of remains.

    God bless.

  2. I think that the Norks are trying. The word "trying" brings to mind the way an earnest American might try. But we're not dealing with Americans. We're dealing with North Koreans and it's a different thing. Will we find peace with them and verifiable elimination of nuclear weapons? The runes are silent.

  3. I'm seeing Photoshop because I can't believe bo and the first wookie would jump onboard the MAGA train.

    Yes, the word "trying" is culturally relative. Verify, verify, then maybe trust.

  4. Barack's legacy is a legacy of ruin, corruption and total incompetence. There's not much to put in his presidential library – and he's sealed his presidential records for like 100 years, so there's nothing for scholars to study. He wanted to radically transform America and We The People elected a Republican legislature and then we elected President Donald J. Trump.

  5. It would be nice to see a formal end to the hostilities of a "war" that began before I was born.

  6. The 4.1% growth in GDP for the 2nd quarter made David Muir's ABC News Tonight's lineup, but it took four or five stories of significant importance before the clip showed up. And the explanation of how it happened was attributed to advance purchases/sales of soybeans in fear of Trump's vicious trade wars. The 'soy bean bump,' so they say. Not sustainable. No siree Bob.

    An economist in October of 2016 (before The Donald won the election) predicted that we would reach 4% GDP growth only when pigs fly. Looks like the skies are lousy with flying pigs now.

    Barry's legacy is complete garbage. And in the fullness of time, he will eclipse Jimmy Carter's administration as the most hapless and ineffective period in American presidential history. I already know this, but it will become common knowledge down the road.

  7. Barack Hussein publicly claimed that the good economy is a dividend of his enlightened administration. If I could toss my cookies on his size 15 wingtips, I would.

    And now we're selling LOTS of soybeans to Europe and LOTS of LNG. China trembles at the thought of the EU and the US working in concert against THEIR best interests.

    Build the wall now, and lock Her up while you're at it.

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