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Everybody has an opinion – and some are based more firmly in fact. This is Larry Sabato’s view of things:

I’m not betting on outcomes since Adrienne beat me in the primaries (yes, I think that I still owe her dinner – but I bought that glass cleaner that she likes on Amazon and it’s not my favorite – so we may be even). 
Florida is leaning for Trump, maybe it’s a toss-up, and Pennsylvania is a toss-up these days as well, so I’m not sure that the map is in line with reality. The map is more of a hopeful wish for the progs and Hillary, the most openly corrupt politician in American history.
But for the FBI being co-opted, Clinton would have been indicted by now…then again, she’s corrupt and has a lot of corrupt friends that want her to succeed, so how can I be surprised?

23 thoughts on “Look at the Map

  1. I don't think Sabato is right. I think it will be a Trump landslide.

    Just exactly why don't you like Jaws? I'm not real super fond of their degreaser since I've found the glass cleaner does it all. I can spray it on the inside of my convection oven window when it's all greasy and nasty and within minutes wipe it off and it's spotless. I also just used it on my inside car windows, which are usually a pain in the rear patoot to get clean, and they were spotless in record time. I do miss a product with no smell.

  2. It doesn't work as well as other products with more ammonia. I have it out in the garage and still use it on my motorcycle, but it's "average". I wanted to like it. I really did.

  3. LL – What's the matter with you? I just put up a video explaining rule number one in dealing with women: "Never guess weight." Do I need to explain rule number two? "Never, NEVER disapprove of their product choices." I violated that one with my mother once 20 years ago and she's barely started talking to me again!

  4. I think that the map has been done with a Dem Party bent to it, but the race is close all the same. There are a lot of Americans who want "free stuff" and Hillary will saddle us with another $20 trillion to get elected.

    (note, HRC won't spent her hard-scammed Clinton Foundation funds – it the bill will be made out to the American Public.)

  5. That's better! LOL! Blessedly, for us, Adrienne is beyond the usual rules, so she can take the honesty. Not so with everyone. I've been banned by my share of blogger girls for violating Rule #3: "If they are pissed at someone, or really hate a public figure (like Trump, Martha Stewart, Giada DeLaurentiis), NEVER try to talk them out of it." It always causes you to become the hatee.

    I once tried to convince my wife that Giada wasn't really that "slutty," after all, and I was buying expensive dinners for months!

  6. Since I expect massive voter fraud, forecasts have little appeal. In an honest election Trump will win. When has the word "honest" been applied to the Clintons? The Democratic Party?

  7. How on earth could you take the position that Giada is not slutty? She has the least modesty of any Food Network personality out there, and that includes some pretty slutty gals.

    Man, Grunt. Open your eyes. When it dresses like a slut, moves like a slut and exudes sluttiness…..do the math.

    Geez. You really missed the call there, Grunt.

  8. I suspect the 'Bradley Effect' has Dr. Sabato horn swoggled. I would put forth a bold wrench in his calculus: New York is not reliably Democrat. Not this time.

    They are getting hammered by ISIS attacks. DeBlasio, Gov. Cuomo and former Sen. Hillary Clinton are all of the mind that these attacks are a mere nuisance.

    New Yorkers don't think so. I am projecting all of New York's 29 electoral votes going to the Donald

  9. Freddo – I know! That was one of my worst calls ever. Gruntessa was totally right about that one. Don't tell her I said do… But it was like a game for us. She'd say: "Grunt, come in her and see what slutty top Giada is wearing today." I'd come look, and it wasn't that bad. Then she'd say: "It was worse yesterday. Her blouse was so low-cut, she was getting food caught in her belly button." Next week I'd go look, and she'd be wearing a turtleneck or something. She was always dressed conservatively when I happened to look. Then, of course, she ended up cheating on her stay-at home hubby with, like, six other dudes. Total slutorama. Boy was I fooled.

  10. The only thing that I can say is that I need to watch more television cooking channel shows. I think that I've been missing out.

  11. He needs to win so overwhelmingly that it exceeds the fraud.

    That might happen if she has a full blown seizure during the debates. But most progs wouldn't care – she'd be the "first demented, brain damaged woman president" and they'd vote for her because it would be novel. As it is they are voting because she's the "most corrupt candidate" in history.

  12. She could shoot someone in broad daylight on a New York street and not loose a supporter.
    Or was that Trump?

  13. The media's fawning admiration for HRC and their rabid hatred for Trump is more the issue.

    Hillary Clinton is corrupt. Very corrupt. And she engaged in her corrupt practices while in office. That would exempt her from the presidency in a normal world. But we're not living in normal times.

  14. In suburbs around Cleveland (notoriously deep blue), there are more Trump signs being seen than Hillary signs. I've even seen some Trump signs on my required forays deep into the city.

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