Looking Backward

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Where was I a year or so ago?

There is always the desert.

The Top of the World (near Moab, UT). Big sky — very big sky. 
Camped on an escarpment.
’07 Toyota FJ Cruiser (The Scorpion) Driving up
Note rear articulation
Kokopelli Trail — Big sky, big country.

15 thoughts on “Looking Backward

  1. You need to go home, put your feet up, watch television and drink beer. This desert and mountain nonsense must stop.

  2. Some dirtbike friends met-up there and rode the slickrock, kinda scares hell outta me but I wished I could have done it. I don't mind heights but the falling part… Awesome country.

  3. Slickrock holds traction very well and you can do things that you never thought that you could get away with.

  4. The trip might have been better if I had brought a blue dog along (whose name changes with my whim). Those Texas parsons do come up with great ideas.

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