Goodbye to the eight miserable Obama years. In 73 days President Trump has promised to undo all of Barack’s executive orders. Yesterday’s election win means a repudiation of the Obama policies and an end to his “legacy”.
Goodbye Hillary. I hope you enjoy your retirement from political life. The same goes for Bill. I suspect that they’re going to seek a home outside of the US, in a country without an extradition treaty.

Goodbye Sanctuary City funding. I suspect that enforcement of US laws will cause some in the nation illegally will cause those people to voluntarily relocate back to their point of origin. 
Goodbye to the War on the Weather. President Trump will take a very different approach to the hoax than his predecessor, the feckless Barack did.
Goodbye to ObamaCare. One of the dumbest taxes that Americans have ever had to shoulder. It killed jobs and was dead on its feet before the victory yesterday. Hopefully Congress and President Trump will work together to repeal the tax and to put in place an approach to healthcare that makes better sense.
Goodbye to Energy Restrictions. Drill baby, Drill! America can be totally energy independent and while we in this country will still pay ‘market rate’ for energy, coal won’t be put out of business and we should be able to export – which will help pay down the $21 trillion in national debt that we’ve been saddled with.
Goodbye to Trade Agreements that are detrimental to the United States. China is going to have to come to terms with balancing the trade we have with them. The ships won’t return to China empty anymore… We will enter an era of “fair trade” rather than “free trade”.

Goodbye to Hillary’s promise to allow the right to kill a baby minutes before it’s born, just on a whim.

Goodbye to a Weakened Military. Rebuilding the military, taking care of veterans, etc. is a core interest of the USA.
Goodbye to the specter of Refugees from Muslim nations who pose a potential threat to Americans.
Goodbye to a number of Hollywood Celebs and possibly to mainstream media personalities as well. Here is a representative sample.

Bryan Cranston “Absolutely, I would definitely move. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t.” 

Cher showed up at the Democrat’s victory party in NY, saw everyone crying and promptly left. She has been promising to leave and it’s time for her to make good on the promise. 

Samuel Jackson – “If that motherf–—er becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.” 

Miley Cyrus – “I am moving if he is president. I don’t say things I don’t mean!” 

Whoopi Goldberg – “Maybe it’s time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go.” 

Ali Wentworth, wife of ABC newsman George Stephanopoulous, said that “If Trump wins, we’ll start looking at real estate in Sydney, Australia. No crime, no guns.” 

Al Sharpton has plans for destinations unknown and says he has been “reserving my ticket out of here.” As with Hillary, he needs to find a place that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the USA. 


  1. All of that makes me happy. Lots of Scotch drinking and tobacco smoking today. I think I'll even buy a box of ammo – celebrate!

  2. I'm with CW. I'm going to grab a big ol' Churchill gauge cigar, and smoke it like there's no tomorrow. First the Cubs win their first championship in 108 years, and now Donald Trump beats the evil old crone, with some electoral votes to spare. God is good, I'm here to tell ya.

    And all of these idiots who promise to move to foreign shores better start reachin' for that Samsonite.

    We'll see how The Donald's first 100 days go. I suspect he will make good on his Manifesto and as his future Sec. of State, Larry the Cable Guy would say, 'git er done.'

  3. I hate to gloat, but I am reminded of a quote about winning: "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women."

  4. I am warming up my waving hand. And my pickup truck. I'm giving free rides to the airport. Let's move.

  5. "Gloat" is number one on today's to-do list, Eruipides. No gracious winner at my house. I've been demonized and shunned by my own family. It is worth it to see a Trump victory. When he says he will not let us down, I believe him.


  6. And goodbye to the MSM. They no longer have one bit of credibility. I predict that in 6 months places like Huff and Puff will cease to exist.

  7. He's a successful CEO. He knows that he owes the people for his win. There are a lot of expectations for those first 100 days. With the right team, he'll do it – git 'er done.

  8. They need to get rid of the progs and get in touch with America. That's the problem.

    And we need to stop the cash hemorrhage. Trump understands that and I trust that he'll hold everyone's feet to the fire. No more borrowing. Time to start paying our bills.

  9. I'm with Adrienne. I did the end-zone booty dance at 2 AM this morning, no graciousness here either. Nuts to that. I also seem to recall Rip's quote as coming from another Republican from days gone by, namely Arnie Schwartzenegger in his role in 'Conan The Barbarian.' Delivered of course in his Teutonic accent for effect.

  10. I would think that as a businessman, one of the first things he would do it to stop spending more than we take in. First order of business: no deficit spending, starting on Jan 20, 2017. That is the first foot towards fiscal discipline, is stop the hemorrhaging.

  11. One more comment, if I may: the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, are toast politically. This was it for them. And as far as their 'charitable' foundation is concerned, it will never get another dime from anybody – there's no longer a return on investment.

  12. My first husband (RIP) was a brilliant business man in the mold of Trump. He asked me early on what I knew about business. He then proceeded to give me a short and concise definition. He said business was about money coming in and money going out, and what was coming in better be higher that was going out. Simple.

  13. The will be charged under RICO for their foundation. And they will lose. They will probably be spared actually jail time, but their personal fortune will be wiped out.

  14. God, I hope so, Adrienne. It would be marvelous justice to see them actually wind up 'dead broke.' Poetic justice, actually.

  15. Adrienne and Fredd, it is simple, but turning off the spigot will require some spines to be grown in Congress because Ways and Means needs to take some of the heat as well. Then there's the Federal reserve, but I'm not going to start that rant (yet).

  16. If you believe Hillary, they were dead broke after Bill left the White House. Then Her Satanic Majesty began to sell US secrets and peddle US influence. That Clinton Cash needs to be fully investigated and managed (through 18USC1962 – RICO or by some other means). It's clearly all taxable and all the people who donated should not be able to take a tax deduction. That flashback alone will end Slick Willy and the Witch.

  17. It's racist that they don't want to go to Mexico, where there are draconian firearms laws that keep everyone safe.

  18. See what happens when you call folks deplorable bitter clingers? They don't get mad, they get even…lol
    Or, maybe, they get mad and even!!
    Either way it really worked for me.
    Now, DJT needs to fix this mess we call Obamacare!
    Maybe he would like a shredder as a congrats present…to take care of all the executive orders Obama is leaving behind. I'd scrape up enough pennies to buy him an industrial strength one.


  19. Whoopi has been promising to leave since Bush was reelected. Didn't happen then, I doubt it will happen now.
    Ali Wentworth doesn't pay much attention to Australia, if that is what she thinks.
    Personally, I would love to see them all gone, though.
    Maybe Jessi Jackson will leave with Al Sharpton.
    God bless America!

  20. I'm sure that he'll go to someplace like Switzerland. Africa is too black for him and I don't think that he'd impress anyone there.

  21. Jessi (who is senile these days) has not expressed an interest in leaving. Sharpton will flee to avoid prosecution. Wentworth married a dwarf…enough said there, and Whoopi needs to go to Africa to learn a bit of humility.

  22. On my route in Southeastern Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle today there were many smiling faces. An ad on one of the local radio stations was from an oilfield company seeking applicants.

    Great day for the Deplorables.

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