Hedging Bets

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Let’s face it, folks, Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Party nomination to Barack Hussein Obama, a good campaigner and possibly a bigger liar than she was (though the jury is still out on that one). Now it’s Hillary’s chance, the year of the womyn, when the Democratic Party can slip the very first closeted gay woman into the White House as commander-in-chief and leader of the free world.
But wait…
Hillary has never demonstrably DONE anything constructive and her term as SECSTATE was not stellar. The e-mail scandal currently topping the news is only one. She is the Bitch of Benghazi too. I realize that doesn’t matter because Barack Obama never had a straight job in his life and he was elected to the highest office in the land consecutively.
The Democratic Party has all of their eggs in one basket with Hillary Clinton’s name on it — unless poor, senile, perverted, old Uncle Joe Biden and Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren are viable alternatives.
The dark horse Democratic candidates like Jim Webb are not liberal enough for the Big Tent and may not appeal to the Democratic Party’s base. SO if not Hillary? Who?

Biden‘s only claim to fame (besides groping women and being creepy) is keeping Barack Obama alive because NOBODY wants to hand him the nuclear launch codes.

Elizabeth Warren is known as being both a communist and a fake Indian…neither of which should bother the typical Obama/Democratic Party voter.

Here is a short list of the other Obama Administration’s luminaries:

Lois Learner, IRS maven, proven to be willing to take one for the team. Would she be a good president of the ObamaNation? She’d likely be willing to keep up Barack’s legacy of skulduggery.

Eric Holder, convicted of perjury and contempt before  Congress –sure– but when has that stopped a progressive vote? He’s from Chicago for heck sakes.

John (Swiftboat) Kerry, couldn’t get elected when he was up against George W. Bush, maybe it will be better this time. The fact that he’s dumb as a box of rocks shouldn’t deter voters from selecting him to be their leader.

Brian Williams, NBC Anchor, and war hero is looking for work. He is a Canadian, but the birth certificate thing would seem to be an easy fix.

9 thoughts on “Hedging Bets

  1. Soooo they will do everything in their power to tear down the Pubs, hoping to push the good ones away and win by default… It's all about the base (wonder how much more in entitlements they'll propose next year)…

  2. Unfortunately, we seem to have an electorate that is – in large part – too stupid to pour piss from a boot.

  3. Hillary is going to have to propose some LARGE give-aways to top Barack, the ObamaPhone, etc.

  4. It is Rumored that Algore is sending exploratory teams to the early primary states. Hot pants boy is at it again?

  5. He was rumored to screw like a "crazed poodle" by that maid that he raped in Seattle. That's on the minus side. On the plus side he and NBC anchorman Brian Williams invented the Internet and he has presided over global warming, which has caused thousands of pages of new government regulations to go into place.

  6. She is an elitist, sexless, sour old woman who reeks of corruption and has a long history as a tool of Big Business. She has never taken a controversial stance until it was no longer controversial, and even then she hedges half a dozen ways. She has no charisma, is gaffe prone, isn't telegenic or energetic… or particularly competent. In short, she's a perfect replacement for Barack.

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