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Some Nigerian analysts persuasively argue with credible evidence that provincial Nigerian government officials are strong supporters of the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram. As France becomes more involved with the fight and taking into account the events of the past week, they might be witnessing the degradation of a key part of their constituency.
It would seem that the Charlie Hebdo murders in France have brought about a change of heart in the nation and their resolve to fight Islamic terrorism has been stiffened. 
A French army official told the press that a detachment of 10 military personnel had been stationed in Diffa at the request of Niger. “It is there to coordinate the armies on the ground in the fight against Boko Haram,” the official said. 
Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, French President Hollande said France also is providing logistical and operational support, such as delivering fuel and munitions to countries fighting Boko Haram.
To be fair about it, the French lack long range air lift capability and the US Air Force has been assisting with the relocation of French military assets to Niger under the NATO compact. I wouldn’t consider that to be a stiffening of American resolve since the President Obama still can’t bring himself to combine the words Islamic and Terrorism. (Though President Obama is strident in his criticism of barbaric acts by Christians that were committed 1000 years ago)
French tactical aircraft are also said to be involved in close air support of ground forces from Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria, fighting against Boko Haram.
Roundup of the fight in northeast Nigeria against Boko Haram: A French language news service devoted to African issues published a casualty count in the fight against Boko Haram during the first four days of February. 
Boko Haram: 1593 morts des deux côtés entre dimanche et jeudi(Translation: Boko Haram: Between Sunday and Thursday, 1,593 deaths on both sides.) The article said the casualty numbers were compiled from figures announced by the three armies and local sources. 
Maiduguri, Nigeria: clashes in the city of Maiduguri and its outskirts led to 461 Boko Haram deaths and 52 deaths on the side of the Nigerian military and the city’s civilian defense committees. 
Malamfaturi, Nigeria: 123 terrorist fighters were killed in the shelling of Malamfaturi and Gamboru, according to the Chadian military. 
Gamboru, Nigeria: Chadian forces killed 200 terrorists in liberating Gamboru. Chad lost between four and nine soldiers. 
Fotokol, Cameroon: The final casualty figure from the 4 February clashes at Fotokol is 397 civilians killed (throats slit, executed or killed by stray bullets); 327 Boko Haram fighters; 13 Chadian soldiers and 2 Cameroonian soldiers killed. 
In all, the death toll from four days of fighting is as follows:

– Boko Haram: 1,111 combatants

– Civilians: 397 persons
– Nigerian military: 52
– Chadian military: 26
– Cameroonian military: 7

The civilian death toll is understated. The Boko Haram numbers probably are inflated. Nevertheless, the fighting has been bloody.

Meanwhile, in the United States:

11 thoughts on “France Shows a Backbone

  1. I see obama – yo mama – is more popular every day. He thinks it doesn't matter because he can't get elected again.

  2. He's just the same filthy cur that he always was. Some people are waking up. Most aren't – but they can't find Alaska on a map.

  3. France has been showing quite a bit spine as of late, as opposed to Obama's mealy mouthed weasily indifference and leadership from behind, whatever the hell that means.

    Gotta hand it to the French, they are starting to get with the times.

  4. They either had to lower the tricolor and raise the crescent or get with the program. They chose the former (as did their ancestors). I hope they keep that strong spine and take back both their country and show some leadership in the void created by the American retreat.

  5. As much fun as it is to dump on the French, they have shown a lot of courage in fighting Islamists in Africa, especially the Francophone former French colonies. They've let their military degrade to the point where they need airlift help, but they've brought the fight to the bad guys in places like Mali, while we have broken our necks looking the other way.

  6. Part of the reason for that is one of necessity rather than courage for the sake of courage to fight evil. France is 80% dependent on nuclear energy for domestic power. The uranium that powers their reactors comes from Niger…

  7. I've worked with 2REP at Calvi, Corsica and in ops while a serving US officer and get along fine with the French. Their jungle training school in Guyana is second to none. But the Charlie Hebdo murders lighted the furnace for the nation in a way that I have never seen. They are now serious as a heart attack when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

  8. Watching the news talk shows, it seems that the Dems working for the government (and allies) have NO clue, just like their boss. obama-yo mama seems more than willing to destroy the country. His followers, somehow, expect free telephones, etc., to continue forever.

  9. I remember a former 2 REP Corporal (he'd gone AWOL and returned to Her Majesty's finest for punishment) who "got religion" and used to cuff squaddies for misbehaving on chapel parade….

    That regardless, well done France. More, please.

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