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While I’m out and about making the world safe for democracy, you can read and enjoy. Feel free to comment.

Barack is going to the UK to offer pearls of wisdom. Why they let him land in the UK is a mystery to me, but they did. Those calling for Britain to leave the European Union are not happy at that news, with UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage saying Obama should stay home.  I don’t take a position on whether or not the UK should stay in the European Union – officially. Unofficially, I think that they are better off on their own.

Progressives will ignore you if you bring  any of this up.
Then there are people feeling the Bern, who wants government to manage EVERYTHING.
Start warming up for Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)

10 thoughts on “Times and Seasons

  1. The photo of Hill & Bill reminds me that the former SECSTATE hasn't been indicted yet. Could you sort that out? Thanks.

  2. I know that i said April…and April isn't over yet. I have heard that the FBI is interviewing the Bitch of Benghazi next week.

  3. Given the Clinton's track record, why would anyone expect that pair to stay "bought"?

  4. The European Union was always a horrific assault on national sovereignty which is as sacred and necessary as basic individual freedoms at the personal level. The sooner it vanishes from the face of the Earth, the better. Now, officially, I will not say that the UK should have shot down Air Force One before it could land for Barry's Interference Tour, but unofficially, that's exactly what I think they should have done.

  5. The Brits said that they wouldn't allow Trump to ever set foot on their islands, but they welcome Barry? Somebody needs to take another sip of tea and re-think that one.

  6. Not surprised at Nigel's comment! How about a blog post on the pros and cons of Brexit, Larry? Help me decide. In the meantime, I need to practise my taco eating!

  7. No fan of cinco de mayo, but tying it to taco tuesday is funny.
    Our ability to butt into other peoples business, while letting our own be destroyed from within, is positively monumental.

  8. The Scots and Welsh will vote it down, the English don't have enough support to override the desire for EU welfare. If the mob screams for bread and circus loud enough, Caesar will listen.

    I'll write something up on my views of pro and con but it comes down to Britain being Britain or surrendering themselves to continental folly. They've surrendered so much of who they were. Why give it all away for a few glass beads and a kiss on the cheek?

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